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2011 US NGP launch confirmed

Sony Computer Entertainment America 'reconfirmed' a 2011 launch at a recent analyst day.

2 Publish date 2:38pm at 13 Apr 2011

PSP gets Euro price cut

UK doesn't benefit due to exchange rate.

Publish date 4:13pm at 08 Apr 2011

3DS holds narrow lead on PSP in Japan

Weekly sales are neck and neck.

Publish date 9:49am at 31 Mar 2011

NGP games to get simultaneous digital/retail releases

Sony has learned a lesson from the PSP.

3 Publish date 10:32am at 21 Mar 2011

Survey suggests AC and Ghost Recon movies

Ubisoft testing the waters for films based on its biggest franchises.

3 Publish date 11:26am at 17 Mar 2011

Dissidia duodecim prologus Final Fantasy out March 23

Two days before the release of Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy.

1 Publish date 3:47pm at 16 Mar 2011

PSN gets exclusive Dissidia prologue

A new tale focussing on Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.

Publish date 8:48am at 11 Mar 2011

Sony NGP will come to Europe in 2011

Third-party licensees confident the handheld will arrive this year.

Publish date 8:48am at 10 Mar 2011

NGP performance has been misreported, says Sony

Handheld won't be able to run at its full potential because of battery and heat considerations.

3 Publish date 9:25am at 03 Mar 2011

ngmoco: 3D on 3DS is 'kind of gimmicky'

Mobile dev also reckons NGP is dead on arrival.

Publish date 10:43am at 02 Mar 2011

Angry Birds St Patrick's Day coming soon

Update to feature 'more pigs than ever'.

4 Publish date 9:04am at 01 Mar 2011

Final Fantasy IV Complete out April 22

Special Edition includes exclusive items.

Publish date 4:30pm at 28 Feb 2011

Unreal Engine 3 available for NGP

Developers may now license Epic's award-winning engine for Sony's new handheld.

Publish date 3:14pm at 24 Feb 2011

The 3rd Birthday given April 1 UK release date

Twisted Edition retail pack detailed.

Publish date 12:21pm at 24 Feb 2011

Okami creator interested in NGP/3DS

Platinum Games founder weighs in on new handhelds.

Publish date 12:26pm at 22 Feb 2011
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