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PlayStation 4's lead architect Mark Cerny doesn't believe that offloading processes to the cloud will help provide a major graphics boost to developers, despite Microsoft appearing to suggest otherwise.

In an interview with IGN, Cerny appeared sceptical about the possibilities offered by cloud computing, saying that, though PlayStation 4 will support it, "trying to boost the quality of the graphics... won't work well in the cloud".

"To the extent that it's possible to do computing in the cloud, PlayStation 4 can do computing in the cloud," he said. "We do some things today. Matchmaking is done in the cloud and it works very well. If we think about things that don't work well, trying to boost the quality of the graphics, that won't work well in the cloud."

Cerny's comments appear to conflict with those of Microsoft, which has previously said that developers will be able to offload non-latency sensitive processes to cloud servers to lighten.

Examples of improvements offered by the cloud include superior lighting, cloth physics and fluid dynamics. Microsoft claims that Xbox One is 10 times more powerful than Xbox 360, and even more powerful with the cloud.

Xbox One releases this November, with PlayStation 4 due to hit stores before the end of the year.


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BC_Animus's Avatar


My interest in the One box lies in two things - the controller and the cloud offloading. However the more I think about it the more I realised how gimmicky the cloud offloading processing feature is - a lot of devs won't actually use it since they can't rely on the consoles being constantly connected, or the cloud servers being up 100% of the time... so in essence the bulk of the games would be designed with offline in mind.

It also means unless the game is fully online only, the dev can't use the cloud offloading for any essential parts of their title. Just imagine the outrage from the players if their single player games starts crushing due to their internet dropping off for a few seconds...
Posted 00:53 on 18 July 2013
Los_VALOS's Avatar


Except that we all know it's complete marketing nonsense, and every tech-savvy industry critic whole-heartedly agrees. The Xbox One's architechture doesn't even suggest it's been much optimised for "cloud-computing".

Rehashing Microsoft's nonsense without even giving a seperate take/verdict isn't much shielding to the consumer though, is it? I like the "videogamer verdict" keep doing them, this is a far too sterile and forgiving format, some poor lad might actually believe that last paragraph you wrote.

It must be hard on Cerny not to stoop to slandering them, when his competitors are basically making ***** up.

Seriously, call them on their bull*****. This industry is never going to change for the better until people stop believing what they're fed from the hype-machine.
Posted 21:44 on 17 July 2013
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