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Sony has revealed the PlayStation 4 hardware live during its pre-E3 press conference.

PS4 is due to go on sale later this year in Europe and the US, priced £349 and $399 respectively - £80 cheaper than Xbox One. Analysis

What do you think of the PS4 design? Do you think it's better or worse than Xbox One? Let us know below.

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User Comments

Foxlegend's Avatar


Its freaking ugly, Ps3 looks better, dont be bias to the situation, the xbox one looks better. But im liking the fact that Sony free up people to do what ever they want with their games that they pay their hard earn money on. I am a fan of all the systems and will be buy them all, Including Wii U, PS4, Xbox one. but i tell you Microsoft needs to change their online always nonsense policy or they will fail big this generation. Hate the nonsense, love the games though..
Posted 16:43 on 11 June 2013
romario's Avatar


the one time personality will mean more than looks!
Posted 15:55 on 11 June 2013
Maleedy's Avatar


as much as this is £80 cheaper than the xbone I don't think I could put up with the PS4 controller.
Posted 10:48 on 11 June 2013
reynoldio's Avatar

reynoldio@ alphafour

But that's the point alphafour, you won't always be playing it but it will always be sat there. If you don't like how it looks then it'll annoy you when you're in your living room doing other things. Aesthetics do matter.
Posted 10:45 on 11 June 2013
Maleedy's Avatar


looks pretty nice
Posted 10:40 on 11 June 2013
Karlius's Avatar


The looks are similar to the X1. The exclusive games and content were better on X1, The media elements better on X1, The social networking announcements were far better on X1. The infrastructure far better on X1. However PS4 wins on price I said it when the 360 arrived at £150 less than the PS3 and getting there first that Sony would be playing catchup for the rest of the generation and they never managed to catch up despite having arguably the better specified machine. Now MS has made the same mistake and other than a pricing rethink prior to launch the console looks sure to fall behind.
Posted 09:44 on 11 June 2013
dav2612's Avatar



But not on the looks... although I do slightly prefer it to the Xbox.
Posted 09:28 on 11 June 2013
reynoldio's Avatar


Not really a fan of the edgeyness, but I like it more than the slabby Xbox. Particularly like that it's not ginormous.

Contentment rather than happiness! It'll fit under the telly, so that's it really.
Posted 09:24 on 11 June 2013
Mentalist's Avatar


Hey Xbox this is what customers want ok well just ignore them then ps4 listens and smashes Xbox over the head with it lol
Posted 09:05 on 11 June 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I'm sold. PS4 here we come!
Posted 08:13 on 11 June 2013
Batmamerc's Avatar


It looks bloody ridiculous but it don't matter what it looks like I don't want a piece of art anyway, the price is a lot more reasonable than the XbOne so on that alone my choice has been made.
Posted 05:43 on 11 June 2013
alphafour's Avatar


I, for one, don't care very much about what it looks like. When I'm playing PS4 games I doubt that I'll have much time to stare at the box itself. What it can do (or more specifically what it WON'T BE DOING) has me extremely impressed and I am more than likely going to pick up a PS4 and totally skip Xbox One unless something huge happens (nothing will happen so..).
Posted 05:25 on 11 June 2013
soldier44's Avatar


Looks alot better than the crapbox, something from 2013 and not 1998.
Posted 04:22 on 11 June 2013


Not overly sure of the looks, but I like the insides!
Posted 04:10 on 11 June 2013
MJTH's Avatar


It looks a bit like the XB1, but slanty... Most importantly however is looks at least half the size (depth wize) then the XB1. A good thing.
Posted 02:53 on 11 June 2013
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