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Sony may introduce a hardware bundle containing a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita when the next-gen console goes on sale later this year, according to a new report.

Inside Gaming Daily claims to have been told by a "well-placed anonymous source" that a bundle containing the two consoles will release at "the end of the year" for "around $500" (~ £325).

Sony has yet to announce any form of PS4/PS Vita bundle, but has been keen to push PlayStation Vita's functionality with its upcoming next-gen platform.

PlayStation Vita can be used to stream all PS4 titles directly via Remote Play and as a second-screen device. Sony has previously described the device as a "PS4 in your pocket".

If true, the bundle may offer a healthy saving on buying the two consoles individually.

A PlayStation Vita currently costs around $249.99 (£169.99), with PS4 set to cost $399.99 (£349) when it goes on sale this Christmas.

Source: YouTube (Machinima - Inside Gaming Daily)

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Gaylord's Avatar

Gaylord@ Gaylord

Posted 01:29 on 07 August 2013
Gaylord's Avatar


If this is real, I'd buy the bundle. Even if it was a dumbed down version of a Vita, I' still buy it.
Posted 01:29 on 07 August 2013
timbob's Avatar

timbob@ FantasyMeister

Why would you replace a controller with a handheld, that is literally downgrading your experience.
Posted 23:06 on 06 August 2013
timbob's Avatar

timbob@ SH1ELD

They might offer a stripped down vita, with a tiny memory
Posted 23:03 on 06 August 2013
timbob's Avatar


This sounds all well and good with Sony saying you can play any ps4 game on your vita but surely that just means you stream from your ps4...which means you may a well play it on a big screen using your ps4. Its stupid, to be honest you may as well save your money, buy a ps4 and a 3ds
Posted 23:02 on 06 August 2013
SH1ELD's Avatar


If this would be true .We should expect the cheapest model that can do only streaming with the least amount of memory and accessories .
Posted 19:16 on 06 August 2013
jkb32341's Avatar

jkb32341@ MechaMew2

Yeah you are wrong. We had this thing on the PS3 with the PSP, but no one talks about that...
Posted 17:05 on 06 August 2013
MechaMew2's Avatar


"Remote Play" and "second-screen?"

I can't help but feel some OTHER company did that already, but I may be wrong.
Posted 06:47 on 06 August 2013


That sounds fantastic! I'm itching to get a vita, with the self publishing on the horizon it should be be an awesome little indie box!!! And there's some cracking titles on it! Got the 3DS already, so I'm ready to add some HD twin stick action to my collection!
Posted 21:19 on 05 August 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


They could bundle the Vita as the PS4 controller instead of the PS4 controller. Bit late now but maybe the generation after, but just think of all that extra functionality and the 'take it with you' gameplay options.
Posted 20:45 on 05 August 2013
Blind2Society's Avatar


PS4 plus Vita sounds like a bundle worth $500. Kinect on the other hand (especially since it's not optional), not in the slightest.

That's my opinion anyway.
Posted 20:40 on 05 August 2013
Mr_Arrogant_95's Avatar


If this turns out to be true then I'd definitely buy one. I've always thought the PS Vita looked rather interesting; especially now that it has been positioned as a "PS4 companion" but have never actually bought one due to my love for my 3DS.
If, however, I could potentially buy a PS4 and a PS Vita for the same price as an Xbox One then I would definitely buy one, bonus points if they chuck in one of their over priced memory cards (seeing as I could just use my PSN+ account to get Unchartyed and Gravity Rush for free).
Posted 14:22 on 05 August 2013
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