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Update: After giving a no comment yesterday, Nintendo has now told VideoGamer that it will not be revealing new hardware at E3.

"I can confirm Nintendo is not revealing any hardware at this year's E3," reads an official statement from Nintendo.

Original report: Nintendo will reveal new hardware at E3, a third-party publishing source has told

Games compatible with the hardware will also be playable at the show, our source says, with the hardware believed to be linked to system specs leaked earlier in the year.

Those specs suggest that the hardware will be formed of two parts - a 'Fusion DS' and a 'Fusion Terminal' - and be a successor to the platform holder's struggling Wii U.

Our source's comments tally with those made by IGN earlier today who revealed that they had "heard rumours that Nintendo might be showing hardware at E3".

"They are absolutely going to show new hardware this year, there is no doubt in my mind..." said IGN's Peer Schneider. "I've heard it from multiple people now. I've heard it from someone who used to be at Nintendo, I've heard it from somebody on the third-party front."

The site then speculates that Nintendo could reveal a new peripheral or hardware revision rather than a new console.

Nintendo told that it does not comment on rumour or speculation when contacted about the story earlier today.

The platform holder is set to host its E3 digital event on Tuesday, June 10.

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User Comments

Woodfella@ MJTH

yeah that's what I meant. They didnt announce anything at e3 they had like a little nintyy diret
Posted 16:50 on 02 May 2014
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ Woodfella

Yeah they were, they just didn't have a staged press conference. Everything else was essentially the same for them.
Posted 16:21 on 02 May 2014

Woodfella@ alphafour

nintendo weren't even AT E3 last year so...
Posted 16:18 on 02 May 2014
Lalaland's Avatar


The Fusion specs were a fanboi joke, the BOM alone looked like it would have hit $600 before engineering and manufacture. Still the thought Nintendo was about to go all Don Quixote to tilt at the HD windmills was very amusing (also I mentally cast Simon Miller as Sancho Panza which was much fun)
Posted 16:18 on 02 May 2014

Grammartron@ Woodfella

There'll definitely be a Zelda. Would stake my kids on it.

Well, one of them anyway.
Posted 16:04 on 02 May 2014
alphafour's Avatar


Well they could just lie if they wanted to.

It could be a COMPLETE curve-ball.
Posted 15:30 on 02 May 2014


So it's twaddle then? Relieved?

What DO you want to see from Nintendo at E3?

For me, its FZERO! And I woudnt object to a Zelda. Best E3 ever
Posted 15:09 on 02 May 2014


Surely it will be something to combine the 3DS and the Wii U? So many people have 3DSs it could be the push that some need to purchase a Wii U. It'd explain why it's a 'fusion' too.
Posted 14:48 on 02 May 2014
MJTH's Avatar


My maim reason for not believing this is true is, if it were true, there would way more rumours flying around then just this one.

Unless Nintendo are strictly keeping this to themselves more there would probably be more developer leaks by now. You'd think the main reason Nintendo would make this new console would be to get the third parties back. So I think that there haven't been more leaks because, Nintendo is making a new console.
Posted 14:04 on 02 May 2014
addman's Avatar


It might be backwards-compatible with the Wii U so that developers can make games for both of the platforms at the same time...sort of. Just look at those leaked specs, an "IBM PowerPC 750 tri-core Co-CPU", that's the same stone-age CPU that's in the Wii U. Now, just the term "Co-CPU" sounds fishy to me AND expensive. Two multi-core processors on one and the same board, overheating and pricey are the first things that comes to mind. Still, it's the only way Nintendo would get away with it without having their most loyal fans lynch them. We'll know soon enough.
Posted 11:35 on 02 May 2014
dudester's Avatar


it's clearly the vitality sensor finally they found a use for it.
Posted 10:16 on 02 May 2014
9193bb's Avatar

9193bb@ pblive

I hope so but I don't know why they would replace the 3ds it's still selling very well, Probably more likely they are going to release a budget wii u or we will hear more about this fusion stuff. (Sega comment was a joke they are smarter than that I hope)
Posted 10:14 on 02 May 2014


New hardware is pulling a SEGA?

I don't think its a Wii U successor, not yet. That would take sales away from Mario Kart and Smash Bros and the Zelda in the works.

Maybe a Wii U version, similar to the Wii versions they brought out that were cheaper? Cutting the price a lot and selling the console cheap with a renewed push might actually work out quite well.

Or it might be another DS. How old is the 3DS now?
Posted 10:08 on 02 May 2014
9193bb's Avatar


oh dear they maybe puling a SEGA
Posted 09:44 on 02 May 2014
MJTH's Avatar


I'm not sure where this going, and I definitely don't think I can afford to find out this year either :s
Posted 06:50 on 02 May 2014
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