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Satoru Iwata's reign as Nintendo president is once again believed to be under pressure with investors allegedly moving to remove the outsider from his position of power, the Japanese language Business Journal reports (retweeted by Nintendo analyst Dr Serkan Toto).

Iwata is the first outsider to head Nintendo, having come from HAL Laboratory. It's believed the first son of Iwata's predecessor Hiroshi Yamauchi is the favoured candidate to take over as president.

The report claims that Iwata is vetoing the board's demands to release titles on smartphones, instead remaining "fixated" with console development and the unified hardware and software future.

Source: Business Journal via Nintendo Everything

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dav2612's Avatar


Hopefully he is reading the web so it doesn't come as too much of a surprise if it goes through.
Posted 09:28 on 08 August 2014


Pretty sure smartphones are NOT the way to go for Nintendo. If anything, they need more support for Wii U and a larger number of good games to sell more machines while working on the successor.
Posted 09:21 on 08 August 2014
timidmeow's Avatar


I'm gonna weigh in as a nintendo fangirl who is also a business student by saying I don't know.
I'm not sure that smartphone capability is the way to go; sure there's a market for it, but there's also competition from everyone else. And younger children playing pokemon probably don't (or shouldn't) have smartphones anyway. The need to focus on the market they want to focus on first, but in order to do that, they need to sort out what that market is. Wii did great as a children/family/party game console. 3DS does great as a handheld thing (and tbh I wouldn't swap out my 3DS games for smartphone games, but that's just me being really hamfisted with my phone probably). WiiU... well that was discussed as a failed console in other threads for various reasons. Maybe it is time for Iwata to go, I don't know, but I don't think there's any one true good solution to Nintendo's problem at the moment. I'm also not sure they could do consoles, smartphone apps, and handhelds, and stay afloat; diversifying your product base is a fantastic idea... to an extent. Diversifying too much can mean that not much good development gets done for any product, and the company falls behind as a result. And I like the idea of them sticking with consoles provided those consoles are well thought out enough to sell well. WiiU was not well thought out, and I really wish they would just put that particular console to bed.
But I don't know. I'm just a business student, and I don't work for Nintendo or know much about them besides that they make cool games.
Posted 20:45 on 07 August 2014


I am just a consumer, I do not know anything about large conglomerates, business or the internal workings of nintendo. I am basically just a dunderhead, ignorant to all of theses things. With that in mind I am not about to give business advice in the comments section of a video game website...
Posted 20:18 on 05 August 2014
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Sack him and get support for Android and iOS. A pokemon game on mobile phones/tablets WITH support for wifi trading would make them a killing.
Posted 20:06 on 05 August 2014
Ephidel's Avatar


You can't focus on consoles if your console isn't worth supporting.

My solution : Make a better console.
Posted 19:27 on 05 August 2014
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