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SEGA has confirmed that it is planning to launch "several" new digital Sonic games and a new "boxed" Sonic game during 2013.

"Over the next year there will be a big focus on the expansion of [Sonic licensed] toy distribution across Europe," SEGA's European head of brand licensing Sissel Henno told Toys 'n' Playthings magazine.

"Similarly, we will also be growing the apparel, publishing and stationary categories. We will have several new digital titles launching as well as a new boxed game, so there will be plenty of opportunities to link marketing campaigns across games and merchandise."

The most recent boxed Sonic release was 2011's Sonic Generations. The game offered a blend of classic Sonic gameplay with that found in the newer 3D Sonic titles.

But don't go expecting Sonic Generations 2. Last year, Sonic Team producer Takashi Iizuka said that the mix of old and new was a "one-off event to celebrate Sonic's anniversary".

Beyond Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, which releases next Friday, November 16, SEGA has yet to officially announce any future Sonic titles.

Source: Toys 'n' Playthings | November 2012

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Endless's Avatar

Endless@ FantasyMeister

Funny thing is FM, there still IS nothing like what Sonic used to be. They just dont seem to be able to recreate it anymore. The most recent Sonic with the two different time zones was pretty damn good though.

They could make an F-Zero style racer with running in the Sonic universe, but ya know. A good one lol
Posted 22:11 on 29 November 2012
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ TheHindude

I'm guessing you've never heard of Sonic the Fighters.

This is hopefully good news. Sonic has been making a bit of a come back, in terms of 3D games anyway, so hopefully one of these 3013 titles are good.
Posted 21:12 on 08 November 2012
TheHindude's Avatar


I sincerely hope that one of the releases will be a "Sonic vs Tails" beat-em-up
Posted 15:35 on 08 November 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I remember when Sonic used to be a core title, but that might have been down to the fact there was nothing like it back in those days. It strikes me that if they chuck in something similar to Autolog it would help the franchise.
Posted 15:20 on 08 November 2012
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