xbox next gen -
xbox next gen -

Microsoft has discussed its plans for next Tuesday's Xbox Reveal event, confirming that next week's announcement will be about "laying the foundation" and taking an "inside look at the making of the new [Xbox] platform and the team that's brought it to life," before revealing "tonnes of exclusives" at next month's E3.

"We're really going to tell one story across two events," explained Microsoft's IEB chief of staff Aaron Greenberg on the latest episode of Major Nelson's podcast. "So we're going to start on the 21st, and really that's about revealing the next Xbox platform; our vision for the future of games, the future of entertainment.

"We definitely have a lot of surprises planned," Greenberg continued. "I know everyone knows the Infinity Ward team is hard at work on world premiering Call of Duty: Ghosts, so we're going to see what that looks like for the first time.

"People are going to get a great inside look at the making of the new platform and the team that's brought it to life. To be honest, it's really about the team, the people here. That's why we're inviting people to campus; we're going to bring them behind the scenes a little bit. We've never done this before and so it's really exciting to be able to do that. It's a lot of laying the foundation, probably the best way to describe it. And then just a couple of weeks later we go to E3."

Microsoft will use E3 to reveal more about the titles headed to the next Xbox, Greenberg says.

"E3 is all about the games," he continues. "At E3, I mean, if you're a gamer, it's going to be tonnes of exclusives, world premieres, and obviously even beyond that we have a lot to share between then and this holiday."

Microsoft will reveal its next-gen Xbox next Tuesday, May 21 at 6pm UK.

Source: Show 476: Video Gaming Industry Numbers and Star Trek Into Darkness

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s_h_a_d_o's Avatar


Given the American affection (and affectation?) for hanging onto outdated units of measurement, I would have thought they'd have said 'tons of exclusives'.
Posted 05:56 on 20 May 2013
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ Lumacx

Why does there have to be a first and second focus? Why cant we have both gaming and media in an equal and awesome package?

Personally I quite like the way Sony, and seemingly MS, are presenting their next generations. In previous generations, current included, it's all been about the hardware and pushing pixels. These days it's more about a multi-faceted entertainment experience that is more than just gaming. It's social, it's competitive, it's collaborative and user-generated.

Both Sony and MS are embracing and advancing their offerings by approaching things from a more emotional viewpoint, more gamer/user-centric. There's a lot of emphasis on the passion our hobby creates and making gaming a bigger part of our lives. Rather than further enforcing the perception that it's a destructive hobby where we sit in a corner or stew on a bed/sofa like some sort of mindless insular beast of habit and obsession.

I like it this way. Hardware first in a focused presentation. Then followed up by purely games. Sony's presentation was a bit of a mess in parts jumping around from platform to games etc. STill if the MS presentation is as good as Sony's I'll be happy.

They still need to scrap the Gold sub for gaming online though, without that change i'm heading back to Sony for sure.
Posted 23:55 on 18 May 2013
Lumacx's Avatar


Xbox can do with some exclusives. As a gaming console, gaming needs to come first, multi-media second. Although to bring in a wider audience, Microsoft need to appeal to a wider audience. Wait and see I guess.
Posted 19:37 on 18 May 2013
TheLastProphet's Avatar


Sounds disappointing to me. I don't think anyone really cares about the team that designed the new Xbox or how it was made. All we really want to see is the console and some games, but it seems we're going to be shown an Apple style presentation telling us how the new Xbox is the greatest thing ever and will make life worth living again, and we'll have to wait until E3 to see the most important thing - the games.
Posted 09:15 on 18 May 2013
dark_matter's Avatar


It better be good exclusives and not some kinect shovelware
Posted 23:36 on 17 May 2013
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