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Microsoft is listening to Xbox One user feedback and passing on suggestions to improve the console's UI to the appropriate Xbox teams, Xbox Live's director of programming Larry Hryb has said.

Multiple threads popped up on Reddit over the weekend from Xbox fans voicing their concerns over particular functionality and requesting changes to the Xbox One interface., an entire website dedicated to discussing changes that users would like to see implemented, has also been set up, to which Hryb says he has passed on to the relevant team at Microsoft.

Some of the major complaints seem to be linked to functionality present in Xbox 360 but absent from Xbox One, such as the lack of online friend notifications, the inability to send voice messages or view recent players, and an overcomplicated party/game invite system.

Players are also unhappy about the lack of a visual indicator for the Xbox One controller's remaining battery level, the inability to manually manage storage space, and the removal of the Xbox Guide.

"I am watching this thread and sharing it back to the right people," said Hyrb in response to a thread titled 'Party chats, and game invites are... Awful'.

"I've sent this thread over the right folks," he later added. "If/when I hear something I'll share it."

Xbox One launched in thirteen territories across the globe last Friday, going on to sell over 1 million units within its first 24 hours on sale.


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shawnH's Avatar


I bought new xbox one would not eject disc. Company mailed a replacement now it grinds when disc is installed and wont load disc. Very disappointed with xbox one would not recommend to a friend. It is very disappointing knowing they just mailed me a replacement that is worse off than the first one that did not work. It seems that with the xbox one its one thing after another.
Posted 03:52 on 12 December 2013
Bravestfrank's Avatar


First of all I'm a huge Xbox fan, I've got every Xbox made since day one in 2000, all the crystal editions, down to the Steel Battalion joystick, every 360 ever produced as well, now Ive picked up the Day One Xbox, and have bein running it for a while now, and I'm not happy with this machine, its had to navigate through. And isn't that funny,. as I'm writing this blog, my Microsoft Surface freezes right up, and had to restart, So disappointed with Microsoft ability to produce any kind of quality now a days!!

Back to Xbox One, when running the machine, when playing games, it will just quit and put me back on the home screen, and won't reinitialize, the Kinect sensor is pretty touchy, and it picks up everyone's voice in the room which makes the machine freakout. Ive got the surface tablet as well to go along with the whole experience, which is a huge let down, it only works half the time, if not at all. Sending voice msg through Xbox One to friends on 360 doesn't exist. Also hooking the cable/sat though the system is kinda neet. But if you live in Canada you can not get the TV guide to come up on the Xbox system?? In Which I don't see a difference cause our TV/sat is american anyways!!!

I can say I'm one of the lucky one's that the disk drive works, anyways I can go on, but this is getting pretty lengthy, short and sweet, Xbox One has not lived to the hype, their compatibility with their Surface PC's is a joke.. NOT HAPPY!!
Posted 19:29 on 10 December 2013
verydisapointed's Avatar


if you are unlucky enough to be one of the many xbox one buyers who has had the disc reading issue from day one then don't threat as there are thousands of others like you out there with the same issue. However Microsoft is here to feed you lies as you sign up for the advanced exchange program I was quoted 3-5 days to get my brand new £430 device fixed. I waited like a kid at Christmas for my device to arrive however it did not arrive I rang up support who told me it would be another 3-5 working days due to there being a large backlog of orders.

so Microsoft is again failing to meet expectations about releasing a device that works and not lying about how quick its replacement service is . Even the promise of a free game has not made this experience slightly less sour. It seems like the figure for broken xbox ones has well surpassed 1% of all new devices and is probably around 20%. My advice buy a PS4 and never look at the lies that are promised by Microsoft.
Posted 17:51 on 06 December 2013


Aside from the Friends thing, I'm happy with everything else. It's a pretty neatly designed interface and the whole going home then straight back into a game thing is great.
Posted 22:32 on 01 December 2013
woodstar22's Avatar


complaining about the lack of in game guide? what?
Its much better with the guide gone, being able to quickly go back to the home screen is alot better adding the guide back will defeat the purpose of being able to do that completely, so i hope to god they dont add it back in. The console has already been changed enough from what it was originally supposed to do because of bitchy little "fans" who cant accept change
Posted 22:12 on 01 December 2013
ictmar909's Avatar


@djnicey As one of the redditors that helped to contribute there is no discussion about " disliking the metro UI". I really like the UI for the most part and like it on my phone as well. Maybe you should, you know, read what the actual complaints are. At any rate Microsoft has been extremely responsive to everyone from the beginning and are certainly listening to their customers. That's primarily the reason the site was put together because it was hoped that Microsoft would look into it, which they have. It's not to trash the system. It's to come together as a community to improve it. Take your vitriol elsewhere.
Posted 22:22 on 25 November 2013
djnicey's Avatar


The 'metro' like interface is disliked? What a shocker! That shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

MS always treat their customers like Beta testers, but this console is unfinished even by MS standards. It seems to be a few months away from a release quality console, the official xbox forum is full of all sorts of complaints.
Posted 21:12 on 25 November 2013
s_h_a_d_o's Avatar


"Microsoft listening to Xbox One user complaints"

Of course they are... the NSA gave them permission to do so. :p
Posted 19:34 on 25 November 2013
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