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Next iPad likely to start production in January?

Apple will begin producing the next iPad model in January 2012, according to a DigiTimes report.

7 Publish date 10:09am at 22 Nov 2011

iPhone 5 to cram in power of iPad 2?

The iPhone 5, expected to be announced next month, will feature the same A5 system-on-a-chip that powers the iPad 2, claims source.

5 Publish date 4:01pm at 26 Sep 2011

iPhone 5 given September 5 release date?

According to a senior executive at Swiss carrier Swisscom, Apple has set a US launch date of September 5 for the iPhone 5, with the device launching globally the following month.

3 Publish date 9:56am at 26 Jul 2011

iPhone 5 not a huge update over iPhone 4

Sources revealed that notebook maker Pegatron Technology is estimated to have landed a deal for 15 million iPhone 5s and that units will start shipping in September.

Publish date 5:15pm at 05 Jul 2011

PopCap being acquired for over $1 billion?

Rumours suggest Electronic Arts is in the process of acquiring the studio famous for Bejewelled and Plants vs Zombies.

Publish date 9:25am at 23 Jun 2011

iPhone 5 launch set for late 2011/early 2012

Production won't begin until September, claims an Apple component supplier.

9 Publish date 11:46am at 12 Apr 2011

iPhone 5 to feature bigger screen?

Apple inching its way towards the competition.

Publish date 9:05am at 16 Feb 2011
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