xbox one 3 -
xbox one 3 -

GAME has announced plans to open a dedicated Xbox Store later this week.

The GAME Xbox Store opens this Thursday, June 20, at Shoreditch's Boxpark shopping centre, and is described as a "one-of-a-kind concept store" that features "playable gaming pods, head-to-head challenge areas, a Microsoft Surface display and the latest and greatest in Xbox hardware and software".

The move suggests GAME is tightening its relationship with Microsoft ahead of this November's Xbox One launch.

The retailer told us earlier this morning that it would be working "hand-in-hand with publishers" over the issue of Xbox One's DRM and the handling of pre-owned sales.

Source: GAME

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AdesteFideles's Avatar


You have to visit the shop once every 24 hours or they won't let you back in.
Posted 20:14 on 18 June 2013

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CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ AdesteFideles

Posted 11:59 on 19 June 2013
IronMit's Avatar


Well this explains why my Local Game has a massive Xbone advert on the window but no mention of the PS4
Posted 10:05 on 19 June 2013
altaranga's Avatar

altaranga@ AdesteFideles

Posted 22:57 on 18 June 2013
AdesteFideles's Avatar


You have to visit the shop once every 24 hours or they won't let you back in.
Posted 20:14 on 18 June 2013


While the bottom line for console sales is almost negligible for retail stores, I wonder if the margin is just that tad larger for the Xbox One.

Though long-term, it makes perfect sense for them if they have a virtual monopoly on XBO used games.
That's where they make most of their money anyway, even if that margin will be reduced compared to Xbox 360 games.
Posted 14:22 on 18 June 2013
alphafour's Avatar


Weird that when I went into GAME the other day, I saw plenty of people asking about the new Xbox One but I didn't hear the staff even once mention anything about used game and game sharing restrictions or even about the 24-hour check in.

The attitude of "let them find out and we'll worry about it later" is really disgusting and they should be getting fined for it if it's happening on a wider basis.

This is just another move by Microsoft to control the messaging. I bet these Xbox stores will have at least one or two people there who work for Microsoft/Xbox and will control the messaging and marketing speak given by GAME staff.

Having said that, it is a very smart move by Microsoft. As always, their answer to any problems is to just throw more and more money at it.
Posted 13:50 on 18 June 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Seems obvious to me that GAME are one of the 'selected partners' allowed to deal with XBox One trade-ins, Microsoft probably gave them the software/hardware infrastructure to enable them to transfer licenses in return for this kind of support.

Because GAME can now practically corner the market on second hand XBox One games they can charge what they like, as they always have done anyway, and go into administration again for backing the wrong horse. When I told them to diversify by opening cafes in their shops, I meant diversify the product lines along with it. Muppets.

Meantime Sony won't have to lift a finger to have Sony specialist shops in every high street in the country. They're called indies.
Posted 13:35 on 18 June 2013
altaranga's Avatar

altaranga@ MJTH

Because they're getting a lot of money from Microsoft maybe?

In terms of the store itself it is an interesting idea. I wish I lived a bit (read: a lot) closer than 150 miles away, though. I reckon it'd be worth a visit.

I just wonder how much GAME are going to push the XB1 because of this; how much we are going to read in the press, from GAME, about how great the new console is. The lines between a news story and advertising are getting quite blurry these days.
Posted 13:28 on 18 June 2013
Im_Dave_Angel's Avatar


Very smart idea. As Innuendo says, taking the Apple Initiative, this helps to make the brand dominant on the mind of people that pass by it.

Everyone knows where their own Local Apple store is for example. MS/Xbox Centres is a smart move.
Posted 13:21 on 18 June 2013
Karlius's Avatar


This suggests to me that Game think this DRM stuff isn't so bad else why the hell would they sign up. Happy that this sort of thing could bring the trade back to the high street.

*Possibly for the trade in deals on older consoles
Posted 13:19 on 18 June 2013
MJTH's Avatar


This is a very smart idea. The way specialist retail has been heading, is give the consumer an experience they can not get online. Having a social place to play games, is the right direction for game store.

Why specifically Xbox? Who knows.
Posted 13:10 on 18 June 2013


An interesting idea, if a little Apple'y, with a smaller product line-up. The future of gaming retail is most definitely gaming/meeting/social (drinking?) areas which offer more than just a shop. Not sure this is quite there yet though.
Posted 12:56 on 18 June 2013
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