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GAME has become the first UK retailer to make Steam Wallet Codes available for customers to buy in store, the retailer announced this morning.

Steam Wallet Codes are available in £5, £10, £20, and £50 denominations.

Martyn Gibbs, CEO at GAME said: "This is the latest initiative offering unrivalled value, range and ease of obtaining digital content for our UK gaming community. We are delighted to be partnering with Steam as we look to grow our PC gaming communities together. The partnership forms a significant part of our increased offering for any PC gamer which will also include a full digital catalogue available on tablets in store to browse and new ways to pay for digital downloads, making the process easier and more secure than ever."

GAME is also offering an extra 33 per cent trade-in value on selected game trade-ins against Steam Wallet purchases until December 7. You'll also earn Reward Points.

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MJTH's Avatar


Well if you can't beat then join them I guess, or at least make money of the back of they're success. If these had come out years ago, I probably would of gotten into PC gaming a bit earlier, then last year.
Posted 16:28 on 30 November 2012
rbevanx's Avatar


Finally I can get more than just Xbox and Playstation codes when trading in worthless rubbish :)
Posted 11:12 on 30 November 2012
Mintyrebel's Avatar


THIS IS GREAT!! Finally I can trade in those rubbish old console games and get a decent PC game. *Chants Master Race to himself*
Posted 10:42 on 30 November 2012
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