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GAME CEO Martyn Gibbs has warned people not to expect "millions" of virtual reality units to be available on day one, advising fans to grab a headset "quick" if they want one.

Speaking during the company's half-year financial results today, Gibbs explained that the sales opportunity for VR will rely on how much stock is available.

"We are very well adverse to dealing with products in high demand and low stock, and we would assume that virtual reality will fall into that category," he said. "So I don't think you should assume that there will be millions of units available from day one, and if you want one I would get one quick, because we're seeing some trajectory of stock input into the market will be as fast as they can be manufactured. But you're not going to see a build like Xbox One and PS4. There just won't be the stock available."

VR manufacturers Oculus, Vive and Sony all see GAME as being "pretty crucial" to the launch of their headsets, too, Gibbs claimed, before explaining that the firm was still under NDA when it came to discussing how VR content would be distributed.

"We know a little bit more than we can probably say at the moment," he said. "[We're] under NDAs with our supply partners. But however the content is accessed we believe it will be a significant opportunity for us. When you look at our digital sales as they are at the moment, and when I look at our sales of the likes of Season Passes and such, be it physical or digital there will be a significant opportunity for us within that space."

Oculus Rift is the first of the three major VR headsets to launch, debuting next Monday, March 28, with HTC Vive and PlayStation VR to follow in April and October respectively.

Source: GAME 2015/16 Half Year Results

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Would be funny if he was like 'Naaah we'll have loooooooads you can buy it whenever!' The other day (a month or so ago rather) a guy in GAME tried to persuade me to pre-order the new Digimon game on PS4 and I was like 'OK so what do I gain from it?' and then he picks up the box and goes, 'you can get X Y and Z!' and I'm thinking 'If you don't know...don't pretend you know because it looks worse'.... failing that he was like 'well you'll know you can get it on day one in case we're out of stock' and I'm thinking 'you won't run out of stock and even if you do... I can get it on Amazon....

I work in sales so I understand.. but still... hot piss...
Posted 00:18 on 24 March 2016
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No doubt to drum up pre orders!
Posted 19:15 on 23 March 2016
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