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Force feedback in 3DS?

New patent application reveals vibrating handheld

3 Publish date 11:43am at 12 Apr 2010

Vibrating stylus for next Nintendo handheld?

The platform holder revisits a 2005 patent.

3 Publish date 8:42am at 22 Feb 2010

Battlefront Online in the works - report

Online only 360 and PS3 game due 2011, according to rumour.

Publish date 8:39am at 29 Jan 2010

Larger screened DSi incoming?

Reliable Japanese new service says it's happening.

1 Publish date 11:31am at 27 Oct 2009

Nvidia to power next DS?

Follow-up rumoured to be built around the Tegra platform.

Publish date 11:44am at 14 Oct 2009

DSi out in the US on April 4?

$179.00 price tag also rumoured.

Publish date 10:29am at 14 Jan 2009

Sonic RPG named?

Could the BioWare DS RPG be titled Sonic Chronicles?

1 Publish date 2:10pm at 09 Jan 2008

Sequel to Sonic Rush on the way?

A trademark application by Sega alludes to what may be a mysterious new Sonic title.

Publish date 11:38am at 11 Apr 2007

Ace Attorney 3 coming to DS?

A computerised stock system may have confirmed details of the next Western outing for Phoenix Wright.

Publish date 10:43am at 11 Apr 2007

New Wii Zelda sooner rather than later?

Game Informer magazine reports that a new Zelda game for the Wii has already been in development for a year.

4 Publish date 2:20pm at 11 Dec 2006

Yoshi's Island 2 to feature online play

A packshot for Yoshi's Island 2 points towards the inclusion of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support.

3 Publish date 11:46am at 14 Aug 2006

Is New Zealand Story coming to the DS?

An anonymous source has revealed that New Zealand Story is coming to the DS and will arrive in Europe in the autumn.

Publish date 1:53pm at 05 Jul 2006
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