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Bethesda hasn't yet decided whether it will support Wii U, the publisher's PR and marketing VP Pete Hines has suggested, adding that the advent of a new generation "comes at a price".

Speaking in the latest issue of MCV, Hines said that Bethesda's "approach has been to put our games out on all of the platforms that will support them.

"So far the Wii hasn't fitted into that. Whether Wii U does down the road is TBD."

Nintendo has seemingly struggled to find third-party support for Wii U. Yesterday, revealed that Ubisoft had put its Wii U version of Ghost Recon Online on hold.

But regardless of whether Bethesda decides to support Wii U or not, the publisher thinks that "there is still plenty [it is] able to do" on the current generation of consoles.

"I don't think the current generation of consoles are holding us back," Hines continued. There is still plenty that we are able to do visually, technically and from a story-telling standpoint. And there's this huge built-in audience now".

Hines thinks that the jump to next-generation consoles could lead to "problems", however.

"For me the problems with new consoles are two-fold," he added. "The developers are trying to hit a moving technical target, because the platforms are being built. A new console doesn't just show up a year before launch and is exactly what it will be when it comes out.

"It moves and iterates along the way. And introducing something like that to games that are in development is always a bit tricky. And that is obviously an element of risk."

Hines is also concerned that the relatively few amount of people who jump onto next-generation consoles initially will "divide your audience".

"The second point is that your install base always starts at zero," he continued. "Then it comes out and suddenly a certain number of people buy it but it won't be the same number as the current gen. So you have divided your audience.

"It's then a case of: Are we just making it for the next gen? Or next gen and current gen? And how many people from the current gen that I'm targeting have moved over to the next gen? It does complicate things a little bit.

"Obviously the changes they are going to make technologically, in terms of the things we will be able to do, are exciting. But it comes at a price."

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Batmamerc's Avatar


If fallout 4 or the next elder scrolls were announced to be coming out on next gen (not counting wiiU) then ppl may buy a next gen to play them on, I personally got a PS1 to play GTA 1 upgraded for a PS2 for GTA 3 and again to the PS3 for GTA 4 also got a DS for GTA Chinatown Wars (trend ended with XBox 360 I was drunk and in asda but besides the point) the point been I don't buy a console for the console I buy them to play games I really want on it or will be on it, if GTA 5 is coming out on next gen I will obviously buy a new console for it and same if fallout 4 would be too. Bethesda do big games for big gamers big gamers buy the latest consoles and the biggest games so I don't see what Bethesda are worried about. Take the risk and give me fallout 4 already, with better graphics and a fully working game for a change you've always got PC to fall back on too.
Posted 10:03 on 10 September 2012
VG_Dave's Avatar


Oh, no offence taken! I was just a bit concerned by your thoughts that it could be seen as misleading. It certainly wasn't meant to, and I apologise if it seems that way, but yeah, Hines' comments in the second part of the article are obviously speaking in much broader terms.

To be honest though, I'm still not sure of what I make of it all. I'm not sure the Wii really missed out by not having Bethesda support it. But if a major third-party publisher is already uncertain of whether it's going to get behind the console, is the writing on the wall? Personally speaking, I'm quite looking forward to Wii U, but I'm also hoping to see some additional third-party announcements at next week's press conference.
Posted 20:09 on 07 September 2012
MJTH's Avatar


Sorry, what I just meant is that when I read the article I just felt that whilst Hines does mention quickly how Bethesda are not sure whether or the Wii U fits their strategy, for the majority of the article he focuses on the next gen as whole in general.

The problems he talks about, for most of the story, can be applied to any future console. I just felt that the headline doesn't completely reflect what he was trying to get across in most of the conversation, but focuses on the couple sentences that starts the discussion. I just feel that 'Bethesda warns that next-generation "comes at a price" ', would of been a better headline over all.

Sorry if I offended you Dave. The raging Nintendo fan boy in me also gets quite cross when bad news about the Wii U comes out. ;)
Posted 18:20 on 07 September 2012
VG_Dave's Avatar


@MJTH Not sure I follow, MJTH. You've just described the article headline in your description of the story.
Posted 17:55 on 07 September 2012
MJTH's Avatar


I think the article title is quite misleading, he talks about Wii U for a couple sentence at the start saying that they haven't determined whether they will support Wii U. Then for the rest of the article he is talking about the next gen in general stating problems that all the new consoles will have....
Posted 17:35 on 07 September 2012
Woffls's Avatar

Woffls@ mydeaddog

Modern engines are much more scalable, so maybe it comes down to offsetting investment against how difficult the architecture is to work with.

That said, Bethesda struggle to get their games working on established platforms, not to mention new ones, so I actually don't think they'll make any big games for Wii U at all.
Posted 12:25 on 07 September 2012
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ stealth

Well if you don't count games that came out long ago like Mass Effect 3 and Batman Arkham City then you might be right...

I'm still waiting for the line up of games to be confirmed in the UK until I consider buying it. The console rumour price of minimum 180 quid is a good starting point for me.
Posted 12:17 on 07 September 2012
stealth's Avatar


"Nintendo has seemingly struggled to find third-party support for Wii U."

Not even remotely true

this article is just game journalism tabloidism and its getting sad
Posted 12:11 on 07 September 2012
mydeaddog's Avatar


Probably "if" more than "when".

If Fallout 4 is a next-gen title, it's hardly likely to squeeze onto the Wii U, is it?
Posted 12:06 on 07 September 2012
Woffls's Avatar


Translation: "We're gonna' sit back and let everyone else build the user base then jump in later when we can make money from it."
Posted 11:47 on 07 September 2012
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