New images of what appears to be an Alien title have surfaced online, days after the first alleged artwork for Creative Assembly's unannounced title Alien Isolation leaked.

The images were posted in a series of tweets by Twitter user Lifelower, and though the leaker doesn't offer any hint as to what software the images belong to, the appearance of the motion tracker suggests that they could be related to an Alien game.

SEGA has yet to formally reveal Creative Assembly's Alien title, which is rumoured to see player character Amanda Ripley battling with a lone alien aboard a space station. has contacted SEGA for comment.

Source: @lifelower

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Visit plz
Posted 21:23 on 15 December 2013
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Anselm@ Tereus

To be fair... Colonial Marines was entirely on Gearbox's head. It COULD have been good, but they lied, stole money from Sega, put it off further and further for other games...
Posted 17:21 on 13 December 2013
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I am of the opinion that if you want to make a good Alien game (not Aliens game) that you need to take from the original Bioshock however I feel that ammo and guns should be sparse. If I had to give an in depth breakdown of the way the game might play out, it would probably be something along these lines.

Backstory: In the last 72 hours, all contact has been lost with the Research Space Station; 'Fahrenheit', with the last transmission being some-what incoherent but one term made apparent in their last garbled transmission is the phrase 'Xeno-morph'.

Exposition: Your rag-tag band of engineering misfits, (for lack of better names) David (Electronics Tech Specialist), Simon (Mechanics and Piloting Specialist), Chris (the science officer) and your 'glorious' leader; Matt are sent in to re-establish contact with the personnel aboard the space station. However, as a precautionary measure you are accompanied by an escort of five Wayland-Yutani security officers, including seasoned commander; Lieutenant Kane, armed with semi-automatic weapons (so no run and gun FPS action with pulse rifles).

Recently, WY (Wayland-Yutani) have introduced the new regulation that any outfits; ranging from Engineering teams to Colonial Marines regiments, are required to have an artificial person present. No reason for this is given except that failure to comply would result in a penalty of total forfeiture of shares, or for the layman; no money.

Your Android chaperon is the newly released Bishop 341-B artificial person, who is mirrored upon the WY CEO; Bishop Wayland (as we all know - seeing as how the Mass Effect Franchise is finished, Lance Henriksen needs to get some voice-acting work somewhere)

The game starts out with your drop-ship caddying alongside Fahrenheit. Scans reveal that both the interior and exterior doors have been welded shut, meaning that David and two of the Wayland-Yutani security personnel (who will be referred to as marines from here on out) have to put on EVA suits and cut open the outer airlock before an umbilical can be attached.

Upon cracking open the airlock, all 3 perish in an explosion coming from inside the airlock as the members of Fahrenheit had set up makeshift booby trap using an oxygen canister and a flare on a double tripwire, which is explained by Bishop upon your further examination (Using a game mechanic similar to the Arkham series' detective mode - a GM that would be very useful later on for scavenging resources akin to the Dead Space franchise, seeing as how you're part of a group of mechanics) . The airlock sustains minimal damage and once the umbilical is fixed, the expedition begins.

You make your way through the space station, the air in the artificial atmosphere very stale, the 'scrubbers' running on backup power as priority, meaning that emergency lighting and your flash-lights are the only thing illuminating your field of view.

Throughout your travels you come across barricades, which have to be inspected for traps and have to be broken through using your tools, all the while, the distinctive sounds of the alien franchise come from your surroundings, all the time you're trying to break down these barricades but the tension builds as your companions go through dynamic conversations reacting to the random sounds that can range from hissing sounds to distortions in the hull that mimic impact sounds or visa versa.

It comes to a juncture where you need to go off in separate directions which dictates how the game plays out for you, however you do not get to decide who accompanies you as it isn't something you would get to decide. You, Simon, Kane and one of the marines decide to either go to engineering or the central hub of the research platform (you could call it the Bridge or Controls for lack of better terminology), while the other team, consisting of Chris, Bishop, Matt and the other marine head to the destination you did not choose (initially).

If you go to engineering you lose communication with the other team, while plunging in the nearly boiling hot depths, it is only later you find this out however. You do however discover the unique xenomorph secretions, at which point the nameless marine starts to freak out, even after being put in his place by his CO, Kane. He is told to accompany you to the main release value (plot device to restore power) and as soon as you've cleared away the secreted resin covering the value and restored power, the lights come up and the nameless marine is hoisted upwards with a spike protruding through his chest, with the recognisable vertebrae of the xenomorphs tail extending from a shadowy recess, where you pick up your adjustable wrench and try to make a mad dash back the way you came to your companions, but it becomes blocked off due to jets of steam being vented, your other course takes you further into this nest created by the lone xenomorph drone where you find the half eaten and mangled bodies of the skeleton crew that occupied this research station, but you only catch brief glimpses of these corpses as you hear the scuttling of the creature behind you on the metal grates, which stops once you near Kane and Simon.

You find out at this point that your comms are useless so you need to make your way to the central hub where the other group are which means you need to go through the Med Bay. After you confirm this, Kane gets nabbed from beneath the grates (Hudson style) who empties a magazine of his weapon into the darkness beneath him, to the sound of the bullets hitting nothing but metal beneath him. In one swift jerk, he's pulled beneath the grating, dropping his weapon. This is the first firearm you get access to however you only have access to a single round in the chamber (perhaps slightly more ammo for lower difficulties) so it is seemingly wise to conserve that ammunition.

So now armed with your socket wrench and a semi-automatic weapon, and Simon with a makeshift melee weapon from his array of tools you make your way towards the Med-bay.

This time Simon takes the lead while you wield the firearm to cover him, as he volunteers to cut doors and disarm traps. The game could now present you with another choice where you can either wait for Simon to continue cutting the doors and disarming various traps with you helping him or you can take the airducts.

The airducts don't have any traps but you have a very limited field of view which causes you to get claustrophobic (like the madness mechanic from Amnesia) but in order to slow the approach of the xenomorph you have to close the airducts behind you at various checkpoints (quicktime 1st person event i.e. press X/spam X/enter button combo) while using the classic motion tracker to find out if there's anthing in range. This also means the xenomorph has to find another way to find you and kill you.

The doors on the otherhand, while a longer route, have various traps that need to be disarmed. These traps can then be salvaged and reused to keep the xenomorph at bay while it again finds an alternate route. The airshafts would be quicker but you don't get any salvage like you do when you take the corridors so it's a trade of between time and loot. Risk vs. reward.

Once you've made your choice you proceed through either the door or the airduct entryway. Once you do the xenomorph presents itself, and the quarantine systems kick in and you're cut off from Simon, where you then hear him basically duking it out with the alien using a beastly adjustable wrench (similar to Yaphet Kotto did in the original film) in order to buy you some time.

Once you proceed it's very rare you come across checkpoints to disarm traps/close checkpoints so as to help build suspense. After this section you get to the Med-Bay where you are met by Bishop. Cutscene time.

Your character is somewhat cautious because of his apathetic (emotionless) reaction to the deaths of your entire team. He informs you that once the central hub and restored the stations systems, he was locked out of the central hub. Same thing would've happened to him in engineering if you had gone to the central hub instead.

It is only when you inform him about the Xenomorph that he shows you the specimen that he has been studying and a log that a dock worker bringing aboard a shipping container of minerals had been found with a facehugger which had begun its gestation period. It was 48 hours after this event the chestburster had erupted but had done so while quarantined to his quarters. This had allowed the chestburster to grow into a drone and had picked a large amount of the crew. It resulted in those remaining fortifying the central hub but it had found a way in.

If you had gone to the central hub you would have found the signs of the massacre and then had a similar alien reveal as you booted up the main systems after finding out power had been restored. You would have then had to cut your way out of the central hub while Kane and the marine tried to nail the xenomorph but fail as you escape and then would have been given the same or a similar choice on how to progress to the Med-Bay.

After this series of events have unfolded, You are confronted by Matt who bursts into the room, bloodied and bruised (either using the airducts or after cutting through a barred door - he would use the opposite to what you do) wielding a firearm (same as yours) and points it at Bishop, rambling about how all Synthetics are the same.

Once you manage to get some sense into him he explains that Chris was actually an Android planted by WY and had killed the 2nd nameless marine after they had managed to decrypt the captain's video logs which showed the xenomorph (or had killed the nameless marine after discovering the dead bodies of part of the crew if they had gone to engineering).

Bishop's further investigations show that the WY container brought aboard that resulting in the initial infection/outbreak/infestation wasn't listed and suggests that it be investigated as that may contain more than a single egg.

It turns out that Chris had pursued Matt and results in Bishop and Chris having a battle of fisticuffs while you and Matt proceed down to the cargo bay. One of you still has the initial booby trap that was a timed proximity mine, a plan is formed that you use that.

I personally would proceed with having another choice as to what route you take to the cargo bay, whether it be airshaft or corridor to allow choice but you could implement a forced choice that what ever manner you chose not to take before is not available. If you went via corridor, the cutter could be obsolete now due to overuse/lack of utility, and if you went through the airducts, because Matt cut through the med-bay door, all the ducts out of that section of the station were sealed with a re-enforced alloy that could not be cut.

So making your way down to the cargo hold you hear Chris on your heels. You get to the cargo bay and discover that the crew did not just get taken to engineering, but some had been brought here.

They are alive and conscious. The Captain calls you over and a cutscene ensues.

He tells you that it's over for them, as he had awoken and seen his wife just as a chestburster ruptures from her chest cavity, motioning across the room. Exposition about how he had woken and in the resin and facehuggers, like the creature in the lab, had torrented from the supposedly nonexistant WY salvaged cargo container. You open the cargo container up and see hundreds of eggs.

Matt is grappled by a somewhat damaged Chris, unfortunately he is no match for the Android and goes out in a unique fashion. (That I couldn't possibly decide). After Chris has monolgued about the purity of the creature (a lá Ian Holm style) in a rather bizarre twist of events, the xenomorph towers behind Chris and a battle ensues, giving you opportunity to arm a device. However you decide to use it on the cargo bay doors. End of Cutscene.

You only have so long to arm the device but you don't get a timer, you have to keep looking back to see whether the Alien or Chris have won their battle and is coming to kill you. Once you have armed the device you have so many seconds to escape. As you escape it causes the evacuation of the airlock, where you can see Chris is crushed by a rocketing cargo container as the ribbed metal begins to melt away what with the eggs bursting (these eggs were obviously sandblasted in the states) and the acid blood ripping through the sheet metal like tissue paper.

However you now need to escape via the dropship you came in on. You have to make a mad dash to the ship as it turns out, blowing up the cargo bay doors isn't good for the overall structural integrity. Its a relatively straight dash to the finish line which is the umbilical to your ship but once you get there and are sealing the door, you get the half-charred xenomorph in your face.

One way or another you have to kill that xenomorph with minimal damage to the umbilical. Should it's blood cause ruptures in the umbilical, you would both get sucked out into space, where the creature would survive but you would not. During this entire encounter you can hear the lots of banging and clanging, mostly from the self-destructing space station.

So; it's a case of balancing 3 things.
Keeping the Alien from fully entering the Umbilical.
Repairing any ruptures.
Killing the Alien which would happen after various stages of you closing the door on the Alien's head.

As you close the door on it's head, which takes a while, all the time sealing up ruptures, you sever the head of the alien as you make a mad dash to the ship but you get to the door of the dropship and it's sealed. You have no way to get it open and you keep hitting your fists against the door. Tears streaming from your character's eyes and just when she's about the give up, the door opens with somewhat shredded Simon, hanging from the locking mechanism. You now have to close the door before a full rupture and once you've done that you have to fly your dropship out as you negotiate debris and small explosions before the Station explodes. Then you get the ending cutscene which could vary depending on difficulty.

End of Game. Now that's just something I came up with over the course of 4 hours or so, and there's bound to be some mistakes here and there but that's just my idea of a decent alien game. Less run and gun, more suspense, tension and a few puzzles.
Posted 16:17 on 13 December 2013
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After Colonial Marines I am going to be sceptical that there will ever be a good Alien game again
Posted 13:20 on 13 December 2013
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