Human Head deliberately stopped work on Prey 2 over contract issues

Work on the game stopped in November, another big project being developed at studio.

Publish date 9:44am at 20 Apr 2012

Wii U to retail at no less than $300

The Wii U will retail at no less than $300 when it launches later this year, sources closely involved in manufacturing Nintendo products have revealed.

16 Publish date 10:00am at 10 Apr 2012

Further rumours of PS4 specs reveal quad core 2.9GHz processor

The PlayStation 4 will utilise graphics and processing chips based on AMD's A8-3850 APU and Radeon HD 7670 GPU, sources have revealed.

2 Publish date 10:04am at 05 Apr 2012

Wii U release date leaked by Japanese retailer?

Nintendo's Wii U will launch in North America on Sunday, November 18 and in Japan a week later, according to information from a Japanese retailer.

Publish date 9:17am at 03 Apr 2012

Sony to launch PS4 ahead of the next generation Xbox?

It's believed that most developers will be filled in on PS3 "by the end of this year," with some invited to reveal events taking place in the US in May and June.

Publish date 2:51pm at 02 Apr 2012

Credit card details can be obtained from wiped Xbox 360 hard drives, claims report

A report that it is possible to obtain credit card details from a wiped Xbox 360 hard drive is unlikely to be true, Microsoft has said.

Publish date 12:32pm at 02 Apr 2012

Xbox 720 to feature two GPUs?

Multiple sources have confirmed that the new console will include two GPUs, described as being "like two PCs taped together".

6 Publish date 12:02pm at 02 Apr 2012

PS4 to feature newer graphics card than next Xbox?

Sony's successor to the PlayStation 3 will launch during the 2013 holiday season, be called Orbis and feature an AMD CPU together with an AMD Southern Islands GPU - the 7000 series.

4 Publish date 5:14pm at 28 Mar 2012

Elder Scrolls Online reveal this May?

The rumoured Bethesda MMO, Elder Scrolls Online, will be revealed in just a few months time according to an industry source.

1 Publish date 9:46am at 16 Mar 2012

Xbox LIVE Arcade titles to get Gamerscore boost

Xbox LIVE Arcade games released June 1 onwards must feature a base Gamerscore of 400 with a maximum of 30 Achievements, up from 200 points and 20 Achievements.

4 Publish date 1:00pm at 12 Mar 2012

GTA: Vice City Nights and more coming to PS Vita?

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights is a new game coming to PS Vita, according to a supposed listing on which has since been removed - or perhaps never existed.

1 Publish date 2:56pm at 07 Mar 2012

Sony set to abandon Cell for PlayStation 4?

Sony will drop its Cell processor technology in favour of using an AMD part in its PlayStation 4, industry sources have claimed.

7 Publish date 12:15pm at 01 Mar 2012

Xbox 720 to use Blu-ray and new version of Kinect

More Xbox 720 rumours emerge, this time focusing on Blu-ray and anti-used-game technology.

10 Publish date 10:07am at 26 Jan 2012

Next Xbox and PS4 to spoil Wii U party at E3 2012

The next Xbox and the PlayStation 4 will both be shown at E3 2012, reports UK trade publication MCV.

3 Publish date 9:27am at 06 Jan 2012

Xbox Team source confirms 2013 release for next Xbox

The successor to the Xbox 360 will be released in 2013, a source on Microsoft's Xbox Team has revealed.

5 Publish date 1:25pm at 15 Dec 2011
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