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Sony has seen a dramatic change in fortune in the move from the PS2 to PS3, with the former market leader finding its current generation console being outsold by both the Wii and Xbox 360. It's a position which has led many to call upon the platform holder to introduce a price cut on the PS3, something Activision CEO Bobby Kotick believes is a must. Without it, Activision says it may be forced to cease support for the console.

“I'm getting concerned about Sony; the PlayStation 3 is losing a bit of momentum and they don't make it easy for me to support the platform," Kotick told The Times. "It's expensive to develop for the console, and the Wii and the Xbox are just selling better. Games generate a better return on invested capital on the Xbox than on the PlayStation.”

He added: "They have to cut the price, because if they don't, the attach rates are likely to slow. If we are being realistic, we might have to stop supporting Sony.”

And we're not talking five years from now. Kotick concluded: "When we look at 2010 and 2011, we might want to consider if we support the console - and the PSP too.”

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guyderman's Avatar


Killzone2 > COD

which is why COD4 still retails at virtually full price nearly 2 years after release and you can now pick up kZ2 for £24.

What he is saying is that because the PS3 is more difficult to program for they are having to spend more time in developing the games, but the amount of sales they get in return are starting to not make it a viable profit return when they can use just one development team and get a larger return - it's called good business sense.

All he is asking is that Sony stop being so stubborn and help themselves as well as help the companies that develop for them and increase their customer base.

Wether you perceive KZ2 to be a better game than CoD comes down to a matter of opinion - but if Activision were to stop developing for the PS3 it would be a massive blow and would do nothing but help increase the 360's customer base even more.
Call of Duty as a 360 exclusive would not be good for Sony.

The other concern would be that if a company like Activision were to go ahead with this move it may make other companies who may have similar feelings, but have not had the balls to come forward, follow suit.

As it's been discussed on here many times the PS3 needs a price drop - it's a great console with some great games that is being held back by a large price tag and it's a shame.
Posted 08:36 on 20 June 2009
ghostdog25's Avatar


Killzone2 > COD. Nuff said. Also... I could care less if they stop making those games... I STILL OWN A 360.
Posted 04:35 on 20 June 2009
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ El-Dev

1.) Valve turned their back on the PS3. They seem to be doing ok.

2.) Guitar Hero 3 is the highest grossing game of all time. Profits and sales are two entirely different things.

3.) The people you know represent about 5% of the market. They are NOT indicative of what will sell on any given platform.

Like I said, I don't believe him. But Sony have no choice but to listen to him.
Posted 18:32 on 19 June 2009


Also does it not seem funny he is asking for a price drop, the same company who are charging us a fortune for Guitar hero games? Practise what you Preach and all that lol xD
Posted 17:37 on 19 June 2009


On another note, Sony really do sadly need to wake up. I am a huge fan of Sony and all they do. But like a lot of you have sad Acti are the biggest Publisher in gaming. So im sorry sony but I am taking the same stance as a lot of people, Sort it out, because you think a price cut will hurt. Well this will hurt more.

Losing Call of Duty Guitar hero and others and lets not forget if Blizzard ever come to consoles. God forbid you miss out on that deal.

But maybe sony could bring in more First part devs, and we can see a console that relys almost 100% on its own games? Who knows, sony do have a lot of Dev studios.
Posted 17:34 on 19 June 2009


Well us PS3 owners have some many exclusives we dont have time for your Call of Duty Mr CEO KIllzone > CoD online at least. Though i always love Cods Single player, but what do i care i have a Pc :)
Posted 17:27 on 19 June 2009
nch2k1's Avatar


Nothing more than an empty threat, perhaps this Bobby Kotick just wants his name mentioned in forums. As El-Dev mentioned, they'd be idiots to turn their back on so many potential sales.
Posted 17:20 on 19 June 2009
El-Dev's Avatar


Haha, people actualy take this as a serious threat?

Activision turning their back on 22m customers is pretty poor decision making.

I wonder if this announcement has anything to do with the vacant post at MS after someone left for EA?

Nobody buys guitar hero on PS3? That's because it's a pile of f***ing sh*te! PS3 gamers do appear to be somewhat more selective of what games they buy and a lot that I know wouldn't go near GH as it is balls.
Posted 17:00 on 19 June 2009
jakeistheman's Avatar


if activison say no more cod for the PS3 i would go out n buy a 360 cod4 a year sub to live and start unpluging my PS3 sony u better make a price cut cause now im a little afraid.
Posted 16:36 on 19 June 2009
Wido's Avatar


Sony lose Activison well.... I will simply lose faith in Sony. At least I still have my 360 if it does happen :)
Posted 15:48 on 19 June 2009
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ guyderman

Heh, I completely forgot about that one. Probably because I don't care about the franchise!
Posted 14:39 on 19 June 2009
guyderman's Avatar


I would've though the threat of no more CoD would be one of the scariest prospects!
Posted 14:37 on 19 June 2009
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ renegade

I suspect it is some kind of bargaining gambit. However, every single suit-wearing executive at Sony NEEDS to pay attention. Activision are big boys, their games are the games that sell consoles. You and I may prefer Rock Band to Guitar Hero, and skate. to Tony Hawks, but you and I are not the people that a console needs to convince to buy in order to survive.
Posted 14:24 on 19 June 2009


Interesting. Now does this coment have any meaning, or is it more of an Empty threat to sony?
Posted 14:11 on 19 June 2009
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