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battlefield 4111111111 -

A DICE presentation obtained by NeoGAF has revealed EA is working on 15 new titles developed using the Frostbite 3 game engine.

It makes sense for EA to make full use of its powerful in-house game engine, but the knock on effect on Wii U could be catastrophic. Wii U is not a supported platform for Frostbite 3, meaning these 15 titles are unlikely to be released on Nintendo's struggling console.

"[Frostbite 3] has never been running on WiiU. We did some tests with not too promising results with [Frostbite 2] and chose not to go down that path," Tweeted DICE technical director Johan Andersson.

So which games will the Wii U miss out on? EA has announced Battlefield 4, C&C Generals, Dragon Age 3, a new Mass Effect, Star Wars titles and Need for Speed all on Frostbite 3.

In addition, EA Sports is working on a next generation sports engine to power FIFA, Madden and NBA Live, and with Madden 14 not coming to Wii U future EA Sports support on Wii U is in doubt.

Source: NeoGAF

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Reading between the lines. Essentially, Nintendo need to pick up sales in a big enough way, to persuade EA and DICE that maybe trying to optimise the engine for Wii U "is a path they would like to go down".
If frostbite´╗┐ 3 can work on the 360 and PS3, then obviously the fact the engine doesn't run sufficient enough on Wii U, is most likely because it's not a worthy enough investment at the moment to make the engine work better.

I know there is a chance my theory isn't the case, but I've got to stay optimistic. I REALLY WANT, Rogue Squadron 4, or at least some sort of Dog fighting spaceship Star Wars game on Wii U.
Posted 20:47 on 09 May 2013
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