1. Portal 2

So - who saw this coming? If I was Gary Barlow, I would just say that Portal 2 is pure class and then knock off. Contractually, however, I am forced to keep typing, so I'll say that Portal 2 was magnificent - clever, creative, affecting and utterly unique. "A mere ten minutes here will yield more memorable moments than you're likely to squeeze out of the entirety of most other games this year. In all aspects of its design, Portal 2 is genius," said Jamin in his 10/10 Portal 2 review.

Coincidentally, Jamin does not think Portal 2 should be Game of the Year. The VideoGamer.com community, however, disagrees:

Altaranga: "Win, win, win from start to finish."

Rbevanx: "Game of the year for me and would recommend it to anyone of all ages to play if they still haven't with great humour from Stephen Merchant and a great soundtrack to go with some original and brilliant level designs, and sheer enjoyability when you finally discover the solution to a problem. Only took six hours to do the main game for me but this is truly quality over quantity exceptionally more so than the yearly FPS that we are drowned in. Portal 2 is fantastic and is a true classic in my view."

Dazzadavie: "Steven Merchant, that is all."

Vector33: "How Valve managed to better the almost perfect Portal I'll never know. Brilliantly funny with some very inventive new mechanics. A wonderfully crafted adventure based on perfectly tuned gameplay."

87Sarah: "While I did enjoy it and it is a 2011. I think if I had played more games from 2011 this one would be further down the list and may not have even entered the top 10 at all unfortunately."

Get2DaChoppa: "Was actually a very tough choice for this top spot, but I just think Portal 2 is one of the best single player experiences I've probably ever played. Fantastic script and voice acting, and just enough puzzling to call yourself a genius. Just loved it."

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draytone's Avatar


Would have been good to see Skyrim at the top, but hats off to Portal 2.
Posted 15:27 on 03 January 2012
Wolf_Spawn's Avatar


I personally think SR the Third should have been there, but a good list all the same!
Posted 15:10 on 01 January 2012
David_C's Avatar

David_C@ FantasyMeister

Thank you, from your description you may well have just stopped me buying a game I would absolutely hate!!

Games that are painfully unforgiving and a based on trial and error are games I do not enjoy at all, it takes me back to my text based adventure games on the BBC Acorn where a wrong decision resulted in death. You had to replay and make a different decision to progress, then likely die two minutes later. Repeat until the end of the game...aaaarrrrggggghhhhhhh!!
Posted 17:08 on 31 December 2011
WaterrDrinker's Avatar


I always wanted to get into an MMO, never been a big fan of star wars but I've heard good things about SWTOR.
It just seems so daunting to step into a world that huge.
Posted 18:33 on 30 December 2011
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ dudester

There are video games, and then there are MMOs, different lists.
Posted 11:41 on 30 December 2011
dudester's Avatar


Fm now you have played a large portion of it where would you put swtor on the list?
Posted 11:32 on 30 December 2011
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ David_C

Originally Posted by David_C
ps...If I like Skyrim, is it safe to assume I'd like Dark Souls?


In Skyrim, it doesn't matter where you stand or whether you miss with a few arrows or not, or use the wrong spell, or slash the air with your sword, eventually you'll bring that dragon down.

In Dark Souls, if you stand 3 inches out of place and use the wrong spell on the wrong arrow at the wrong time you'll die over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over until you work out exactly where you should be standing, which spell you should have used on which arrow at exactly what time.

Unforgiving is putting it mildly.

Back on topic: Two Worlds II should have been number one but I think:

a) I was the only one to have voted for it because
b) I'm the only one who played it


c) I'm nuts.
Posted 09:17 on 30 December 2011
David_C's Avatar


Wow, reading that list makes me realise there are so many games from 2011 that I haven't played on. 2012 could well be a year of catch up for me :)

I'm surprised Resistance 3 was so high (one place behind Zelda and above Forza), I didn't really get into that game at all, I couldn't get past the artisrty of the graphics, they seemed a bit grainy and I found them somewhat of an eyesore to be honest. It doesn't help that I'm not a huge fan of FPS when you're shooting aliens, yes Halo, I'm also talking about you...

I'm also slightly surprised to see MW3 above Battlefield, although enjoyable, I didn't see anything in Modern Warfare 3 that didn't exist in the first game 5 years ago! In my eyes that has to reduce the significance of this title greatly. Although I've not played a previous Battlefield title so appreciate this may be the case here as well. I do find Battlefield online to be very unforgiving though, my K/D ratio is pitiful, although thankfully there is more to the game than that. Would be nice to kill more than 7 people in a game though :(

My personal choice for GOTY, from what I've played is Skyrim. Since buying that at the start of December the disc hasn't left the tray, which is rare for me. I just become lost in the game and hours pass me by without realise. My coffee goes cold, my toast goes cold, but I don't care...I've got dragons to slay and nothing is going to stop me (except the necessary bathroom breaks...)

I do still need to pick up Uncharted 3 and Batman, but whilst I'm engrossed in Skyrim these can wait until my adventure is over, or the bugs strike down my game :scared: (which I pray the don't).

ps...If I like Skyrim, is it safe to assume I'd like Dark Souls?
Posted 22:41 on 29 December 2011
Wido's Avatar


Evening to all! (Might as well use this post to say hello, as I have been quite as of late.)

Entertaining read and I still stand by my comment regarding Battlefield 3 multiplayer. The online is perfecto! Back to Karkand DLC is the icing on the cake. I hope DICE continue to support BF3 all the way up till Bad Company 3 & Battlefield 4.

@munkee - Next year seems already that it will be shipping boat loads of what this year has accomplished. To name but a few that has my interest:

Mass Effect 3
Max Payne 3
Borderlands 2
Kingdoms of Amular
Luigi Mansion's 2
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Wii U
MGS: HD Collection
The Darkness 2 - Yes, Clockpunk. I'm slightly interested and I need to play the first game. Will be picking that up soon. :D

Tomb Raider
Far Cry 3
Uncharted Golden Abyss
PS Vita

Jesus.... It feels like I have already spent my money just thinking about those games/consoles.
Posted 21:56 on 29 December 2011
squidman's Avatar


Hi guys,

Sorry for the goofs in the formatting of this one - p0rtalthinker and munkee especially - and I'll fix them up when I can get on a computer that actually allows me to do so.
Posted 20:53 on 29 December 2011
MJTH's Avatar


Great list. Glad to that skyward sword only just missed the top ten in the grand scheme of things, however I am fairly surprised about minecraft's position, but I guess a good chunk of people who played it this year, played it last year as well when it wasn't out "officially" yet.
Posted 20:31 on 29 December 2011
p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Good list. I'm glad you decided to put up the 11-25 games on there to get a sense of where the community stands on other titles as well.

Very happy to see the Witcher 2 up so high (it was 3rd on my list of favorite games), but sad to see it just not quite make it on the official list. One of my absolute favorite experiences of 2011 by far.

I'm also surprised Bastion wasn't up as far as it is but hey, everybody has their own opinions.

Also: sorry to nitpick but do you mind if my name could be done without the capital P? Thanks :)
Posted 19:19 on 29 December 2011
SexyJams's Avatar


MW3 didn't deserve to be on the list. However, I enjoyed the choices.

Would have preferred Dead SPace 2 slightly higher.
Posted 19:11 on 29 December 2011
dudester's Avatar


Great to see witcher 2 make 11th even tho its only on pc expected much lower.
Posted 12:43 on 29 December 2011
Chaza_snake's Avatar


surprised forza didnt come higher
Posted 12:43 on 29 December 2011
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