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LEGO Fortnite is a sandbox survival game developed by Epic Games. The game was first teased during The Big Bang event and released on December 7, 2023. It is available on all devices compatible with Fortnite, including last-generation gaming consoles and mobile phones. "LEGO Fortnite is the ultimate survival crafting LEGO adventure. It introduces vast, open worlds where the magic of LEGO building and Fortnite collide. Designed for people of all ages to enjoy together, the game will encourage creativity, experimentation and collaboration through play," is how Epic Games described the game.

This is the first long-term digital collaboration between Epic and The LEGO Group. The two companies collaborated in the past, but the sandbox game is the first major partnership between them.

LEGO Fortnite Setting

LEGO Fortnite features a vast open world that is procedurally generated. The world has three biomes, which have different difficulties, as well as a day and night cycle. The player starts by setting up their camp, known as a Village, before crafting weapons and tools to help with world exploration.

LEGO Fortnite Gameplay

LEGO Fortnite is a perfect mix of exploration, combat, and building. The game allows players to build prebuilt structures, such as houses and fences, in the world. However, it also has many smaller parts that can be used to build anything that a player desires.

What makes this game different from other sandbox games is the inclusion of LEGO. Furthermore, players can use their Fortnite outfits while playing the game, as each outfit has its LEGO style.

Building structures is essential for progress, although this cannot be done without acquiring materials first. Raw materials can be acquired from the world, but some buildings and equipment require processed materials, which need to be refined with specific tools and stations.

The world of LEGO Fortnite has many [[LEGO-Fortnite:Creatures|creatures], including hostile skeletons and bosses. All of the creatures drop loot, but beating them may sometimes be challenging, especially early in the game. Due to this, it's important to craft weapons, such as Longsword and Recurve Bow to take enemies down more easily.