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TRON: Evolution Review for Xbox 360

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An epic adventure across a massive digital world filled with disc-based combat and advanced light cycles.

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TRON: Evolution screenshot
TRON: Evolution screenshot

Tron: Evolution is Prince of Persia but more neon. There are neon frisbees, neon bikes, neon tanks, neon suits, neon baddies, neon skyscrapers and neon laser beams. Sadly, all this glowing gas can't make up for some sloppy controls, repetitive combat and a limited multiplayer mode. Tron of Persia had potential, but it feels like a knock-off that doesn't make nearly enough of its quite brilliant licence.

Set between the first film and the events of the forthcoming sequel, Evolution tells the story of the supposed murder of computer program Tron and real life programmer Flyn (played by Jeff Bridges). Your character, Anon - a faceless, voiceless hero - joins forces with Flyn's surrogate daughter, Quorra (played by 13 from House), as you attempt to protect the system from corruption.

You might think it's a bit harsh to label this as a knock-off, but Propaganda's third-person action adventure feels like a less refined version of Ubisoft's game with added projectile attacks. Anon can run up and across walls, leap from ledge to ledge, wall jump and generally get about in a very nimble fashion. He's also a dab hand at combat, using his disc to dish out devastating attacks.

Initially Anon's attacks are limited to the basic heavy disc, but soon other variants are unlocked, including bomb and stasis versions; the former does exactly what you'd expect, while the latter slows down enemies when hit. Each disc comes with a variety of moves, carried out by using three of the face buttons and the triggers. You can perform some pretty nifty-looking moves by the time you've ranked up Anon to level 12, but never does the game feel like a great hack 'n' slash. You mash buttons and make sure you're using the right disc for the enemies facing you, but an incredibly basic counter move and the complete lack of a dodge prevent Tron from being anything more than competent.

So what of the platforming elements, then? Well, at times it's very good, with Anon able to nip about the environment, leaping over obstacles, running across walls and latching onto glowing orange orbs. But things can get annoying very quickly. It's far too easy to miss your launch point when trying to vault onto a handhold, meaning you'll likely spend a lot of time plummeting to your death time and time again. It's not that the platforming is hard, but that Anon is quite easy to walk off the top of a platform. You need a run up to successfully use a vaulting point, but unless you're careful you'll make him dash straight off the end of ledges, to his doom.

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guyderman's Avatar


CTV compared it to Arkham Asylum and called it "the best game of the year":


I had it on rental last week on the PS3 - after 2 hours I was bored of it. It was pretty at first but very, very repetative with some simply terrible platforming sections.

Trust me this is no Arkham Asylum and in a year that has been very strong for games it is no GOTY!

In a year that I've also not 100% agreed with a few reviews on VG - this is actually one review that I felt was pretty spot on the money!
Posted 08:17 on 10 December 2010
JamesTRON's Avatar

JamesTRON@ SexyJams

I actually went hands-on with the Wii version a while back (I work with Disney Interactive and they brought me in to preview all the TRON games) and I came away pretty impressed with it! I'm a huge interface junkie so the most important thing to me is how a game controls, and IMO Battle Grids really knocked it out of the park with how intuitively it handled - for instance, in the light-cycle parts, you tilt to steer, pull up on the Wiimote to jump, and L/R on the d-pad for 90-degree turns (same for the Move controls in the PS3 game, btw). Propaganda also got a WHOLE lot of graphical juice out of the Wii, too! Definitely one to keep an eye on if you're a Wii gamer.

That being said, there have been some positive reviews of the next-gen TRON: Evolutions too - CTV compared it to Arkham Asylum and called it "the best game of the year":

The legendarily-strict Eurogamer reviewed TRON: Evolution too and found lots to like about it:
Posted 23:22 on 09 December 2010
rbevanx's Avatar


I played this today in HMV on the PS3 and the review is spot on. I was impressed at first with the graphics and "Oh my God it's Trom Legacy and it looks like the film".

The game is very repetitive and I would only suggest it to a hardcore fan of Tron.
Posted 20:02 on 08 December 2010
SexyJams's Avatar

SexyJams@ Ghost_Dog

Well I haven't seen any movie reviews, but I've seen a fair bit of disappointment over this game. It actually looks as though the Wii Battle Grids game is better.
Posted 19:54 on 08 December 2010
Ghost_Dog's Avatar


The movie has also received a lukewarm reception.

Seems like this is a perfect tie-in.
Posted 17:03 on 08 December 2010
draytone's Avatar


YouTube Video

Going to read this now, just wanted to post the vid up.

hmmm.... heres url.
Posted 16:56 on 08 December 2010
IamBugged's Avatar


Oh why couldn't Neon do the review for this one? That would have been perfect... :p
Posted 16:53 on 08 December 2010

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TRON: Evolution
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TRON: Evolution
  • Combat is initially quite stylish
  • Soundtrack is very cool
  • Easy to fall to your death
  • Becomes repetitive very quickly
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