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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Review for Xbox 360

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Tiger's back, once again giving players all the courses and tools golf fans want.

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 screenshot
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 screenshot

As a series, Tiger Woods tends to increment with gentle putts rather than hefty swings - and it has become even more apparent with the last few iterations. As the series' little Wii sibling continues to dazzle with progressively fancier MotionPlus controls, the 360/PS3 version is starting to feel a little old hat by comparison.

Still, Tiger 11 proves there's some life left in the old dog, and PS3 owners will be interested to know their version of Tiger 11 will eventually support PlayStation Move. That's still a bit of an unknown quantity at the moment, though, and it won't be until Tiger 12 that it becomes the highlight of the back-of-the-box feature list.

What Tiger 11 does proudly display on the back of the box is its True Aim mode, which ruthlessly strips the game of its fancy suite of assists and plonks you in an all-manual game of virtual golf. There's no accurate birds-eye view of the ball's destination in True Aim, just a GPS scene of the course with a few distance markers as your sole guide.

It's clearly a mode for the most dedicated players, and its difficulty will definitely deter most, but the strict back-to-basics approach will appeal to those who've found Tiger relying far too much on flashy gimmicks in recent years.

Those people might not be too enthralled to find out the other big addition to Tiger 11 is the Focus mode, a flashy new gimmick which adds an ostensibly videogamey element to the perfect drive. A bar of finite (possibly magical - it's never stated) golf energy sits in the bottom left of your screen and can be used to add extra power to your swing or an accuracy boost, or the trusty putt preview. Putt preview has been changed from a one-time deal to something you can employ as long as you've got focus meter, though it absolutely rinses it. Not using any Focus on a swing recharges your supply.

Despite sounding like a bit of a weird gimmick, Focus adds a much-needed tactical edge to play. It forces you to consider courses in their entirety instead of a collection of single holes: I can't do the ninth hole on Sawgrass to save my life, for instance, so it's imperative I keep a fair chunk of Focus in the bank from the seventh and eighth. It's clearly a bit unrealistic, but then this is the series that allows you to add spin to a golf ball while it's flying through the air.

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draytone's Avatar


Are there any side quests? Like going to bars and chatting up blondes then taking em back to your motel why the wife looks after the kiddies? Only joking Tiger! Looks like another golf game I can utterly suck balls at.
Posted 09:43 on 16 July 2010
Goofy-Gooberson's Avatar


Good review!

One update though. The game has just been patched for Move support. The loading screen now has Wii like warnings about strapping the controller on properly and giving yourself plenty of space.

Would be useful to get an updated review when Move is launched
Posted 09:04 on 16 July 2010

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
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