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Star Ocean: The Last Hope screenshot
Star Ocean: The Last Hope screenshot

What games spring to mind when you think about Square Enix? Final Fantasy? Dragon Quest? Probably. Both games are massively popular both in the west and the east. But you'd be leaving one franchise out of that memory list, and that's Star Ocean, a JRPG series that's getting its "next-gen" debut with the Xbox 360 exclusive The Last Hope. Here, in an interview with, famed Star Ocean producer Yoshinori Yamagishi, a man who's worked for Enix for a whopping 21 years, dives into Star Ocean's Star Trek-inspired innards and returns with an inventory full of answers. Why did you decide to make Star Ocean 4 a prequel? Was it so that newcomers to the series wouldn't be confused by not knowing what had gone before?

Yoshinori Yamagishi: That was not our intention in fact. The Star Ocean series was completed when number three came out, so story wise it was finished. After that the development staff had this urge to inform our users across the world how the Star Ocean universe was created. That was why we set the time before Star Ocean 1. What are the main evolutions from Star Ocean 3 and 4? What's new?

YY: The basics of the game, there is no change. We didn't want to introduce any drastic changes because that would confuse our fans. But if you take a look at our battle system we've input a few new systems. One of them is called Blindside. And also a few new combo attacks have been added. Because of the capability of the Xbox 360 hardware the graphics are a lot better as well. Particularly the expression of light is a lot more impressive, and also this time we have been lucky enough to collaborate with Visual Works (in-house CG studio) for the movies, so that's a great plus factor as well. This is the first time that Star Ocean has been on the Xbox platform. How has the team found development on the 360? Are there any advantages or disadvantages compared with development on other platforms?

YY: I spoke to the actual hands-on developers and basically they say the Xbox 360 allowed them to produce anything they wanted to, given time and money. They were able to create really beautiful expressions that are really high quality, so that was a plus point. As opposed to that, it required a lot of effort and technique and time and all the rest of it. I would hesitate to say it was a bad point because it's a good point in a way, but the requirement was enormous. In Star Ocean: The Last Hope you can only save at specific save points. Why can't we save whenever we want to in Star Ocean?

YY: Technically speaking it would have been perfectly possible to make it possible to save it any time in the game, but it is actually a bit of a Star Ocean tradition to have to save at certain points. We opted for this option this time as well not to confuse our fans. Star Ocean 4 went in at the top of the charts when it was released in Japan and it looks set to become the highest-selling Xbox 360 game there. Did it exceed your expectations? What was the reaction from the team?

YY: Every single member of staff is overjoyed. Obviously they put in so much effort and they had a really tough time during development so to be number one on a particular platform is really great. Are there any role-playing games on current consoles that you like?

YY: I personally have been playing only action games, like Halo and Tomb Raider on current gen consoles, so I don't really know!

Star Ocean: The Last Hope screenshot The Last Remnant was released at the same time all over the world. Why hasn't Star Ocean: The Last Hope been released at the same time all over the world?

YY: To be frank, we would have really wanted to release it simultaneously all over the world. The trouble is, as opposed to The Last Remnant, this game is available in quite a few languages, so obviously it took time for us to localise the game into languages, and also translation had to be done at two different stages. Translating into English first and then European languages, which took up quite a lot of time. So this time around we were not able to release it simultaneously. Maybe I'm making a mistake but I read somewhere in an interview that you wanted to make erotic games. Is that true? And is there any eroticism in Star Ocean?

YY: I'm impressed that you actually dug out such an old story! This is actually a quotation from a conversation I had when I was still talking with Enix before the company merged with top management people. I said yes, maybe one day I would like to try something more adult content. That's true! But that's not to say that we wanted to create something erotic and ended up with Star Ocean: the Last Hope. That's not the case.

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Star Ocean: Til the End of Time is right up there with my favourite RPGs of all time, meaning that my anticipation for The Last Hope is at fever pitch right now. From the sounds of things, I'm going to enjoy this one just as much as the last.

Great interview though, interesting stuff.
Posted 18:48 on 10 March 2009

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