Splosion Man

It's all about splosions.

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Our Verdict: 'Splosion Man is a remarkably simple idea that's been turned into a truly devilish platform puzzler, and it's full of charm and humour without coming across as cheesy.

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Microsoft acquires Splosion Man developer

Microsoft has acquired Austin, Texas-based developer Twisted Pixel, the studio behind Splosion Man and recent Kinect title, The Gunstringer.

Publish date Oct 12 2011

Trials HD to make retail debut in May

Part of a new Triple Pack which also features 'Splosion Man and Limbo.

Publish date Mar 28 2011

Capcom responds to allegations of 'complete theft'

Capcom Mobile 'saddened by this situation'.

4 Publish date Jan 14 2011

'Splosion Man dev accuses Capcom of theft

Capcom's new iPhone game is a copy of the hit XBLA game, claims Twisted Pixel.

4 Publish date Jan 12 2011

Ms. Splosion Man 'splodes into autumn 2011

Dev team didn't want to make 'Splosion Man 2.

Publish date Dec 3 2010

'Splosion Man tops Xbox Live Arcade chart

Black Friday deal helps Twisted Pixel's platformer 'splode all the way to the top.

Publish date Dec 2 2010

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Capcom responds to allegations of 'complete theft' in Article Comments

pblive's Avatar

Perhaps the title of this news article should read 'Capcom try Jedi Mind Trick...and fail'? Honestly, did they think that saying 'this is not the Capcom you are looking for' would work? But they...

by pblive

'Splosion Man dev accuses Capcom of theft in Article Comments

chelskiboy247's Avatar

I have to agree, this basically looks like a worse version of 'Splosion Man. Even the soundtrack reminds me of 'Splosion Man!

Portal XBLA Deal of the Week in Article Comments

rbevanx's Avatar

Well some people would have bought Half Life 2 on the first Xbox, the expansion packs are rubish tbh and then theres Team Fortress (Not into multiplayer stuff). So it's a good option tbh.

by rbevanx

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Technical Specs
Release Date: 01/06/2009
Developer: Twisted Pixel Games
Genre: Platformer
No. Players: 1-2
Rating: PEGI 7+
Site Rank: 1,560
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