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The story unfolds with Batman's greatest foes escaping from Arkham Asylum and creating mayhem throughout Gotham City. Tracking criminals, including The Joker and The Penguin, players will utilize Batman's gadgets as well as build and operate vehicles.

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First it was Star Wars, then Indiana Jones. Now it's Batman, the caped crusader himself, who's been given the Traveller's Tales LEGO treatment. Great! Who doesn't like Batman these days, or the idea of running around a LEGO-fied Gotham City as a cute LEGO Batman, and LEGO Joker, and LEGO everyone else from the vast DC Universe? This can't possibly be anything other than awesomeness on an epic scale.

TT's LEGO titles have always scored well here on From the very first LEGO Star Wars game, through to LEGO Indiana Jones, via LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy and LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, each title has provided innocent but fun cooperative (for LEGO Batman with the computer or a friend on the same console only - no online co-op) combat, platforming and puzzle solving fun for all the family.

And so, TT has clearly taken an 'if it 'aint broke then don't fix it' approach to the game's design. LEGO Batman follows the tried and trusted TT LEGO formula religiously. It's got tons of cute, LEGO-fied Batman universe characters to play as in 30+ levels, thousands of bits and bobs to collect and unlock and loads of easy as pie but cool to solve puzzles, just like all of the other LEGO games. If you've played the Star Wars LEGO games, or the Indiana Jones LEGO game, and enjoyed them, you're guaranteed to enjoy this. But this time there's a crucial difference.

Because it's not based on a film, the cut scenes aren't as good to watch.

Because it's not based on a film, the cut scenes aren't as good to watch.

One of the best things, perhaps even the best thing, about the LEGO games is watching the cut scenes. In previous games they've directly followed the story of the films they're licensed from, but with a LEGO twist. These cut scenes have been key to the series' charm, and appeal to more adult gamers who are first and foremost fans of Star Wars or Indiana Jones. There's something oddly compelling about watching the boulder scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark in bright LEGO-vision, or seeing a LEGO Darth Vader step off of his shuttle and onto the Death Star for the first time. That TT has added in its own family-friendly humour to these cut scenes only made them better.

Because LEGO Batman isn't based on a movie, or a series of movies (the recent Dark Knight films are obviously too, er, dark for a LEGO game) TT has had to conjure up its own story and cut scenes to fill in the gaps. Somewhat inevitably then, the effect is that we have less interest in the cut scenes, and less interest in the story overall - perhaps tellingly, the plot is a wafer thin affair where all the well-known criminals break out of Arkham Asylum and it's up to Batman and Robin to stop them from realising their dastardly plans.

TT has spoken of the benefits of being free from the shackles of a specific film license, but it appears the move has had a somewhat negative effect. We're not criticising TT directly for this - it seems like an inherent problem given the situation. But it's one worth noting.

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Bruce Pain

You must buy this game if you liked the other Lego titles. This is the best yet and much more than just a reskinned version. The game is massive, jam packed with awesome unique characters, brilliant puzzles and new mechanics, and wicked vehicles. I love this game. For me this is the best Lego game yet, LSW saga 2nd and Indy 3rd
Posted 20:15 on 26 September 2008
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@ NinetiesKid

It's early because we're awesome ;)

And because it's out in the US already.
Posted 19:23 on 26 September 2008
NinetiesKid's Avatar


Hey why is this review so early? Game's not out for another couple of weeks... or is it because it's out in the USA already?
Posted 18:46 on 26 September 2008
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Heads you get it, tails you dont......sorry.
Posted 15:54 on 26 September 2008


I'm in two minds whether to get this (no two-face jokes, please!).

On the one hand I love Batman and liked Lego Starwars/Indy, but on the other it's just going to be the same thing with different set pieces and characters.
Posted 15:41 on 26 September 2008
wyp100's Avatar


He does indeed!
Posted 15:40 on 26 September 2008
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Ahh yea, i see your point.

Can you confirm if two-face makes an appearance?
Posted 15:26 on 26 September 2008
wyp100's Avatar


@ Bloodstorm

For me, it's a bad point, since the thing I loved about the LEGO games is watching classic movie scenes in LEGO. With this, there's no classic movie scenes to watch because it's not based on a movie.
Posted 14:26 on 26 September 2008
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Shouldn't the "Not based on a film" cross be a tick?
Posted 14:23 on 26 September 2008
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Dark Knight

Boot the mirrors edge pop up its annoying as ****
Posted 14:22 on 26 September 2008

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