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Gotham City Impostors Review for Xbox 360

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FPS from Monolith set in an overrun Gotham City.

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Gotham City Impostors screenshot
Gotham City Impostors screenshot

More so than any of Batman's various forms over the ages, Gotham City Impostors seems to harbour most of its influences from the Adam West era, with slapstick noises, goofy humour and corny dialogue taken straight out of the 1960s. I'm actually surprised "Pow" and "Thwack" aren't plastered over the screen when you hit somebody, though with the way Monolith and Warner Bros have assembled their goofy creation I imagine there's already plans to flog that down the line as premium DLC.

Sold for a skimpy 1200 Microsoft Points, Gotham City Impostors' initial charge is clearly intended to be your first of many. But can an unpalatable focus on shaking its players until money falls out be enough to completely cripple a six-versus-six online shooter? The answer (it's yes, by the way) won't surprise you. The core idea behind Gotham City Impostors is wonderful, and there's plenty here that tickles my fancy, but it's hard to get behind a game that seems to be designed with such utter contempt for its players.

The biggest problem is that this is an online FPS designed around the traditional breadcrumb trail of swag and unlocks, but it's a far too miserly when it comes to doling out XP. Gotham City Impostors denies you nothing provided you've got unlock points to spend, but earning these tokens - you get ones to unlock new gear, customise your weapons, buy perks and so on - is entirely dependent on what the game dishes out as you level up, and if you blow your precious points on something you don't really like (there is no try-before-you-buy, and certainly no refunds) it can be an extremely long and painful wait until you're awarded another chance. Please, sir, I want some more.

A sense of being a bit too stingy is a problem the game never manages to recover from. And that's a real shame, because there's also a lot of joy to be found in Gotham City Impostors. I particularly like the game's unique take on lateral movement, forcing you to look at the skies (is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a profanity-spewing teenager with a heavy bodyset dive bombing you!) thanks to an abundance of grapple hooks, jump boots and gliders. It's something FPS developers have been desperately trying to include in their games for yonks now, from the jetpacks of Halo: Reach to the multi-storey maps of Call of Duty: Black Ops, but Gotham City Imposters might actually be the most successful attempt at vertical map design in years.

Out of the box you've got three staple modes, Team Deathmatch and One-Flag CTF alongside Fumigation, which adds a spin onto your usual Domination formula. There are five maps out of the box, and while the gaudy glitz of Amusement Mile or Ace Chemicals, a slightly zanier take on the plant from Tim Burton's 1989 flick, are thoroughly enjoyable, it's much harder to care about the wholly generic Docks or the bland walls of Gotham Power. Somewhere in the middle you've got the iconic Crime Alley recreated with an abundance of off-putting green mist.

The ace up the game's sleeve is not where you play, however, but how. Each player carries their own gadget, and each is a crude riff of one of Batman's own - instead of a high-tech grappling hook, for instance, you can cart around with a homemade solution complete with the comedic squeak of a rusty winch. Then there's roller skates, jump boots or the strap-on glider - each of these little toys help the game shine, and the maps become virtual playgrounds where you're pushing the limits of your low-budget gear.

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User Comments

BC_Animus's Avatar


So... stick with Team Fortress 2 then?
Posted 09:18 on 21 February 2012
squidman's Avatar

squidman@ EverTheOptimist

To be fair, I've not had any problems like that on the 360 version. I've heard the PC version is nightmarish too, though.
Posted 17:21 on 20 February 2012
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ EverTheOptimist

There is a LOT to like, and it is such a shame that the act of getting into a match takes longer than most matches do. Because this was always going to struggle to be more than a Flavour of the Month anyway, but fighting against ITSELF is never a good way for a game to go. Matchmaking patch is of the highest imaginable priority.
Posted 17:18 on 20 February 2012
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


Downloaded and 'played' this last night for the PS3. I say 'played' because it crashed every time there were enough people in a lobby and it was about to launch. I love the look of this game but unless I hear it's up and running properly I won't be buying it or even re-installing the broken demo.

It's a big shame because, as Martin points out, it looks like there's a lot to like.
Posted 17:11 on 20 February 2012

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Gotham City Impostors
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Gotham City Impostors
  • Nice premise
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  • Wonky matchmaking
  • Miserly progression
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Release Date: 08/02/2012
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