Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Review for Xbox 360

On: Xbox 360

A downloadable prequel to Dead Rising 2.

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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero screenshot
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero screenshot

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… unless, of course, you're talking about a zombie outbreak. In that case, what happens in Vegas will slowly spread out across the surrounding area, re-animating the dead and resulting in thousands of painful deaths. Each chomped-upon victim will eventually turn into another shambling predator, a staggering corpse with an insatiable hunger for flesh. Sure, the military will eventually show up; when they do they'll eliminate any perceived threat that stands in their way - and that includes any poor sod who's taken a bite. They might stick you in quarantine, but more likely they'll just ventilate you skull with a few bullets, then drive off in a Humvee singing Minnie Riperton's "Lovin' You," in a strangled voice.

This is more or less the tricky position that Chuck Greene finds himself in at the start of Dead Rising: Case Zero. He's managed to escape Vegas, but on the way out his daughter took a bite, courtesy of Chuck's zombified wife. He's now trapped in the quiet little town of Still Creek, which is currently a little less quiet thanks to the presence of the hungry cadavers in the street. They moan, they stagger about in bad clothes, and they're stupid but dangerous - a bit like the audience of The Jeremy Kyle show. To escape Still Creek, Chuck will have to fix up an old motorbike by hunting down five missing parts; he'll also have to source some anti-zombification medicine for his kid, and perhaps rescue a few other survivors. Alternatively, he can just dress up in drag and spend the day chopping zombies in half with a big sword.

If this all sounds a bit familiar, it's because this scenario is almost identical to the one that Chuck finds himself in at the beginning of Dead Rising 2. The setting is different, but the basic gameplay - from the ticking real-time clock and limited saves to the endless toys and sandbox silliness - is practically identical. It's a clever ploy on Capcom's part: create a bonsai replica of the full game, throw in a few cross-over bonuses (XP and cash earned here will carry over to future Dead Rising 2 saves) and then sell it at a low price - a measly 400 MS points.

You might argue that Capcom are effectively charging people for a demo, and that this is a bit cheeky when we're all used to getting such content for free. This is essentially true, but rather than being a cut-down version of a forthcoming release, Case Zero is a custom-built scenario that ties into the plot of the true game; it's essentially a piece of DLC that's been released before the main course, rather thank after it. More importantly, it offers a commendably large bang for your buck.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Case Zero is the fact that it plays out almost exactly like a miniature version of the Dead Rising experience. It's not a single mission, or truncated slice of something larger: it's a full scenario, complete with side quests, multiple endings, and the endless temptation to mess around with the tools and weapons at your disposal. The core quest will take a couple of hours to beat, but due to the nature of the game it's highly unlikely that you'll get the best ending on your first attempt.

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User Comments

Bloodstorm's Avatar


Yea, thumbed down for opinion which populist *****s don't like.

I played it and it played exactly the same as the first and 400 points for a demo is showing you that people will really buy anything. Don't be surprised if any other company does the same.
Posted 11:30 on 03 September 2010
reynoldio's Avatar

reynoldio@ Bloodstorm

Joke how? Sounds pretty cheap to me for a full (if short) game!
Posted 22:33 on 02 September 2010
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Saw my flatmate play it today, didn't think much of it and 400 MS points for it is a total joke.
Posted 22:30 on 02 September 2010
reynoldio's Avatar


Sounds like an amazing deal, really wish I could get my hands on this! DR2 is on the Christmas list, but I'd love a little downloadable taster! Haven't yet played DR1 but always liked the sound of it. I guess there's no chance of a PSN version in a few weeks? Please?!
Posted 19:55 on 02 September 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


I've heard so much excitement about Dead Rising 2 all done to this XBLA game. So glad Capcom got it so right with this prequel thing; they've done exactly wht they intended to do, and without charging us £10. Amazing.
Posted 19:01 on 02 September 2010
player66's Avatar


I force-fed Dead Rising 1 when it was one of the few quality launch titles. After a couple of hours with Case Zero I wanted to put it down, but got through it all, just the same. Now that I've had a couple of days to think about it, I'm ready to jump back in and get all of the achievements for the "demo". Fun times!
Posted 18:10 on 02 September 2010
guyderman's Avatar

guyderman@ Clockpunk

It's encouraging to hear that someone else who didn't have much success with the original is having fun with this one. Fingers crossed that I find the same :)
Posted 12:01 on 02 September 2010
Clockpunk's Avatar


Having tried to play DR1 again recently, to not much success due to hard controls and unfairly crippling damage mechanics from gun fire which sets you in an infinite loop, I can honestly say the DR2 control scheme appears to be much improved. From a adventure/exploration point of view, the is fantastic trying to find where parts or bits may logically be, and then coming across something even cooler to use as a weapon.

But, we are all different, no matter how much some posters on these boards might want everyone to be vanilla-replicant-zombies of an archetypal gamer pattern. The formula isn't for everyone.

That tag is a fantastic way of putting it, Neon.
Posted 11:51 on 02 September 2010
guyderman's Avatar


I must admit that I was one of the few people that didn't like the original - the idea and the gameplay itself were great but it was the crushing time frame, moronic AI and terrible difficulty curve that destroyed the game for me and stopped me having fun with it. It was a shame as I really wanted to like it SO much.
I'm still going to DL this - as 400 points is pennies for me to have a go and I really want to try and like it!
Posted 11:46 on 02 September 2010
Karlius's Avatar


For 400ms points I think this is a must. Great review thanks Neon.

PS. The TD didn't come from me lol.
Posted 11:40 on 02 September 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


I dipped my toe in the water with this and really hated it. Good review all the same, but this ain't for me.
Posted 11:16 on 02 September 2010

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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
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