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The sequel to the 12-million selling FPS title.

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I felt like I needed a rest after I finished the single-player campaign in Modern Warfare 2. Such was the onslaught of in-your-face gameplay, explosive set-pieces and "OMG" plot twists that I was mentally exhausted. It was hard to process what I'd just played through. The campaign more or less follows the formula set out by Infinity Ward in its previous two games (CoD2 and CoD4), but it's one hell of a ride. Hopefully I'll recover soon, as I've got months of multiplayer and Spec Ops to play.

Modern Warfare 2 will receive criticism for all of the things I said above. At times the campaign is so intense, so intent on throwing things at you, that it's hard to take it all in. The plot will leave some wondering what's going on as it switches from soldier to soldier, moving all over the world and beyond through the course of a six-hour experience. Some of the story will have players wondering if certain scenes were necessary and if certain moments really make sense in the grand scheme of the story that spans CoD4 and Modern Warfare 2. You'll also still find yourself battling against wave after wave of enemies, and some gamers will no doubt feel that this scripted gameplay is a bit old-fashioned now.

These things aren't going to convince CoD haters that this is the kind of game they want to be playing, but if you've been taken in by this formula in the past, Modern Warfare 2's campaign delivers the goods and then some. Even talking about one brilliant moment will potentially spoil one of the best parts of the experience, so let's just say that you should expect plenty of variety in gameplay, mission types and environments. There's absolutely a feeling that this is a direct follow-on from CoD4, but that's no bad thing when that is quite rightly regarded by many as one of the best shooters of all time.

Six hours (add a few more if you play on one of the harder difficulty settings) might not sound like long enough for the campaign in the biggest game of the year, but it's unlikely you'll feel short changed. There's really very little in the way of filler, with Infinity Ward putting together a superbly paced experience that stumbles so irregularly that the one sticky point I encountered, towards the end of the game, came rather out of the blue. A siege on a large house sees you pinned down as you fend off what seems like hundreds of enemy soldiers, and this is the only point in the entire game that I felt things weren't bang on in terms of difficulty.

The level variety is great

The level variety is great

Anyone who's played a CoD will be familiar with the basic controls. On consoles the left trigger will aim down your gun's sight, snapping your aim to the closest enemy - something PC gamers with their mice needn't worry about. The shoulder buttons throw out grenades, eliminating the need to manually switch to them from an inventory, while the d-pad activates special weapons or night vision goggles (when available). Thrown grenades show up on the screen as easy-to-identify icons, and you can chuck them back if you're quick enough. Finally your knife or other melee weapon can be instantly used at the click of the right stick.

Infinity Ward has introduced a few fresh ideas, including a handful of great new weapons and pick-ups (the riot shield comes in very handy at times), but it hasn't fiddled too much with what works. The biggest new addition to the game isn't actually in the campaign at all: Spec Ops is a brand new single-player or two-player cooperative mode that presents you with more than 20 short missions, each with set objectives that need to be accomplished as fast as possible. Many of these take place in environments lifted from the campaign, but when played with the right person (and thankfully there's two-player split-screen in the console games as well as online), these can be even more fun.

Cooperative play was previously absent from the Modern Warfare experience, quite notably so since other genre heavyweights have implemented it so well, but Spec Ops should satisfy your co-op hunger. The missions on offer have been designed expertly with co-op in mind throughout, making them far more enjoyable than a bolted-on campaign mode would have been. You really need to work with your partner to achieve success, and when you do the sense of achievement is incredible. It's probably easiest to describe these levels as more elaborate scenarios that follow the same instant action formula as the bonus plane mission unlocked at the end of CoD4, although many of those included here last upwards of 20 minutes. Even if you only get six hours from the main campaign, you'll get that and more from Spec Ops.

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LOL! - We better be glad that this guy isn't a member or this thread may get really weird!

YouTube Video
Posted 13:03 on 16 November 2009
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I go away for a week and woodwork attracts fanboys like flies round *****.

Now I'll be in the corner quietly if anyone wants a proper discussion on games. Just for the record mw 2 could get a million 10's from a million sites I'm still not buying it anytime soon thats just own view.
Posted 11:21 on 16 November 2009
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Well we can all agree on one thing at least.

This is the most talked about game of the year.
Posted 10:57 on 16 November 2009
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Yeah so i've been playing MW2 multi on XBL all weekend and it has been AWE... wait for it... SOME! If anybody wants to join our group and probably play against some VG editors (at least Seb, poissibly Neon) then feel free to join -
Posted 10:40 on 16 November 2009
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Ghost_Dog@ Karlius

I certainly agree with such a process.
Posted 10:28 on 16 November 2009
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Ghost_Dog@ dwanewil

Originally Posted by dwanewil
Play your PS3 with the 3 people on-line on the, "I am loser network" and just go away.

Oh... I'm sorry, next time I wont have an opinion.

I fail to see why you see fit to declare me as a PS3 fanboy for preferring Uncharted 2. It is a sentiment shared by many other players and critics.

I also never denounced your beloved Modern Warfare 2 as a bad game. I only stated that I preferred Uncharted 2 and that graphically, Modern warfare 2 was not as advanced as Uncharted 2.

Modern Warfare 2 is still a good game in my opinion, in fact I would only rate slightly below Uncharted 2.

Now if you wouldn't mind, please go troll elsewhere. Your kind aren't welcome here.
Posted 10:27 on 16 November 2009
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Oh Dear i'm sure this site should endorse an approval process for new members or something. "You have written five utter rubbish posts you are rejected" and "Your IP is banned for 1 month". Any following breaches from that IP and you get the message "Don't you learn Retard nobody wants to hear your trolling view"
Posted 09:20 on 16 November 2009
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Posted 08:08 on 16 November 2009
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CheekyLee@ dwanewil

Call of Duty has always had the 'infinite respawn until the checkpoint is reached' mechanic. Some would call it dated, but I actually found it to be less intrusive in this one than any of the others. The only time it bothered me was in Favela, and that was because I got lost!

Your second post was unnecessary, though.
Posted 07:52 on 16 November 2009
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dwanewil@ Ghost_Dog

Play your PS3 with the 3 people on-line on the, "I am loser network" and just go away.
Posted 06:17 on 16 November 2009
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This is a good game and very fun to play. But I have to ask, am I the only one that gets frustrated with, "spawning AI" as you progress? I found, more times I care to mention, as my troops and I move forward, clear out rooms, etc.... then without reason the AI, "spawns" resulting in shooting me from behind from the area which was just cleared! Okay, I get it! Enemies can come from alternate points. BUT my team (AI) refuses to kill the, "ghost" spawning enemies. I die.........left looking up at my squad member shooting aimlessly (sp?) after my death. FRUSTRATING! Am I alone with this experience? I have experienced this SO many times playing this game.
Posted 06:13 on 16 November 2009
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rbevanx@ guyderman

Yeah I will get it if the Sabouter gets a bad review on this site. It's just the Sabouter looks like my type of game and there have been loads of Call of Duty and Modern Warfare games tbh
Posted 09:54 on 15 November 2009
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Back to the game itself - Just finished playing the SP on Veteran and this has uped the playtime to 7 and half hours - it's definatley the way to play it - adds a lot more intensity to the fire fights. (and rewards you with a lot more gamerpoints/Trophies).

So my word of advice is don't do what I did and ruin the game for yourself by playing through on Regular first of all - ramp the difficulty straight away - it's a lot more rewarding.
Posted 09:50 on 15 November 2009
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VideoGameMan636@ rbevanx

Well, he said sorry. Whether it's joking or not. And how you can you tell over the internet?

I think I've had enough of teh dramaz at this point.
Posted 21:18 on 14 November 2009
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Mr_Ninjutsu@ Karlius

Lol ok ;)
Posted 14:19 on 14 November 2009

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