2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Review for Xbox 360

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The official video game of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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I am distressed. Team VideoGamer.com flies out to Los Angeles for the behemoth that is the E3 trade show on Saturday June 12. That day, as anyone who's ever kicked a football knows, is the day England open their World Cup account against the USA. I'm not sure of the time zones, but I will probably miss the game.

I'm so distressed that I'm considering simulating the game in EA Sports FIFA 2010 World Cup, with mates round and beers and everything, because that's about as close to the real thing as I'm going to get. Sniff.

Let's be honest, FIFA's no substitute for the real thing, just like watching a game on telly's got nothing on watching from the stands. But the brains behind these different experiences do their utmost to make them as authentic as current technology allows. This is as true for EA Canada with World Cup as it is for the production team behind Sky's Super Sunday.

So, what does this mean for the game? Well, it means that it looks and sounds like the World Cup. As players walk onto the pitch, more confetti than you've ever seen in a video game fills the air. Fireworks shoot out of stadium rafters. Fans are dancing, because, you know, that's what fans do at the World Cup. The mind-numbing buzz of countless vuvuzela horns drowns out team sheet announcements. And, of course, you're bombarded with all the proper World Cup branding, including that annoying kiddy font and Zakumi, the mascot with attitude.

Is this, fellow football fans, what we should expect from the World Cup? Face painted fans boogying to some inane, endless beat; streamers and who knows what else cluttering our view of the action; and, of course, the vuvuzela horn drilling a hole in our brains? FIFA is, after all, an authentic simulation of the beautiful game, warts and all. Maybe missing the odd game or two isn't such a bad thing after all…

From menus to in-match graphics, World Cup looks the business.

From menus to in-match graphics, World Cup looks the business.

You do get the feeling, however, that EA's team at Vancouver has over-egged the festival of football feel ever so slightly. The game cuts to shots of the managers - the first time all of them have been represented in a video game - so often, that you quickly get sick of them and the way they hold their hands up to their faces. There's so much confetti that you start to worry that fans will suffocate. The fans themselves look ridiculous: they sport silly Mohawk haircuts and garish face paint. They also dance, like, proper dancing, not just jumping up and down doing that boing boing thing. Even England fans bust a move, which is ridiculous, because England fans do not dancefloor dance at football matches. Or wear extreme Mohawks. Or do anything other than stomp up and down and call the ref a trucking banker.

The vuvuzela horn, though, is about right.

Thankfully, you can turn the dancing fans, confetti, streamers, fireworks and vuvuzela horns off leaving you free to get on with the good stuff: playing virtual football. If only you could do the same to match broadcasts with your telly remote.

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eotscott's Avatar

eotscott@ GlitcH

yeh do everything you possibly can to get member of the month even if it means saying things you dont believe or think! totally agree with quaddra you want a club and management mode you just buy the fifa game that comes out every year
Posted 09:48 on 26 April 2010

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bcruise's Avatar


I think final match will be played with greamny and Brazil and most probably Germany will go on for the cup.
Posted 20:43 on 04 July 2010
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ El-Dev

I do think that Lucio is a great defender but he is portrayed in this game as the optimal mix of The Incredible Hulk + Usuain Bolt + Zidane.

Well at least Fifa have got him right lol.
Posted 21:43 on 14 May 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


My thoughts on this game are as follows;

Still haven't fixed the diamond formation problem.

Referees are rubbish.

Lobbing problem hasn't been fixed at all, it's just impossible to chip the keeper.

Penalty system is rubbish.

Whoever compiles the player stats should be made to watch a football match. I do think that Lucio is a great defender but he is portrayed in this game as the optimal mix of The Incredible Hulk + Usuain Bolt + Zidane.

Players have some balance in real life, they don't trip over themselves and the ball every time there's more than 2 of them within 5 yards of each other.

Keepers can catch crosses too easily.

Heading is rubbish.

Keepers are still spastics, in fact the general player AI is woeful.

EA have a good system of fixing one thing that is broken in Fifa09 and breaking something that was working fine in the previous title.

While I do think the game is good these flaws really do get annoying.
Posted 21:29 on 14 May 2010
torres17's Avatar

torres17@ GlitcH

Hi , cool picture profile. any chance you have a link for the hot chick above???
Posted 00:03 on 27 April 2010
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ WhoIsThePresidentNow

First of all an interesting read as per always.

It's all about trying to gain the World Cup experience that is lost 2-3 months after the World Cup. No doubt EA had to give an arm and a leg for the World Cup License so this quantifies a full price release without adding all the additional developments and features.

Its free thinkers like Quaddra that offer a true opinion and an honest perspective that deserve to win the MOTM prize. His view is more interesting than uneducated fan boy rants or rim jobbers. This way of thinking with its interesting view point used to be the true meaning of the prize. If everyone agreed on every point the site would be dull. I don't 100% agree with Quaddra but he is almost there I'm 90% behind his view you shouldn't expect something that is out of scope of the title.

It's like buying a "cheese baguette" and getting p!ssed off cause there is no onion.

@mandableman Wes is pretty decent at looking at the comments section of his reviews and responding to questions etc so he will probably get back to you. He is among the best on the net for this. If not post a question on the back on topic thread or send him an email via the contact us function.
Posted 23:35 on 26 April 2010
WhoIsThePresidentNow's Avatar

WhoIsThePresidentNow@ mandableman

No idea sorry dude.

Never really played the FIFA games online but offline there was never that problem.
I would give EA an email and see what they say


I have never understood people who pay full whack for a World cup game. They go down in price 2-3 months after to 15-20 quid like.
Posted 20:26 on 26 April 2010
mandableman's Avatar


Ok I might get it but I have one question that will absolutely swing it for me.
Does anyone know if I can play through the world cup online with a friend on the same side? co-op stylee? This feature has never been included in pes or fifa so im not hopeful but there were hints in wes' preview that it could be included here.
Can the ever vigilant VG community let me know puhleeaase?
Posted 20:16 on 26 April 2010
eotscott's Avatar

eotscott@ GlitcH

yeh do everything you possibly can to get member of the month even if it means saying things you dont believe or think! totally agree with quaddra you want a club and management mode you just buy the fifa game that comes out every year
Posted 09:48 on 26 April 2010
Wido's Avatar

Wido@ renegade

If you're getting the game for free then you can't grumble. I just think they could of done this via DLC. I personally think they would of gain more of a profit via DLC then a fully licensed game.
Posted 18:58 on 25 April 2010

renegade@ Wido

Can you imagine how much it costs to buy the rights to the biggest sporting even on the planet? its not cheap. The reason Sony dropped the F1 is because it costs so much.

I'm sticking with Ea on this, but then again I'm getting the game for free ^^
Posted 15:34 on 25 April 2010
Wido's Avatar

Wido@ renegade

I have been playing FIFA games since 97. Sure its 'FIFA' but I do recall at one stage that PES was better than FIFA in terms of gameplay. Since FIFA 08 arrived. Football games changed, FIFA 09 majorly improved from 08 and FIFA 10 easily the best football game.

£30-40 for a world cup game? Ridiculous! I doubt very much this cost EA that much money at all. They have made their money from FIFA and other games. They could of easily of added this as DLC and with the new world cup game coming airing out the faults in FIFA 10 and improving on them. Updates could of happened through FIFA 10.

Look on both sides of the coin. I rather spend £10 than forking out £30-40 for a game which is no different than FIFA 10 but just countries instead.
Posted 23:03 on 24 April 2010


Im calling a stop to this should of been DLC sh*t.

Devs spend a lot of time makings games and I for one think its worth the full price, its FIFA you always get your moneys worth, if you are that into football then this is a must buy. If you dont like football or Fifa then its easy to look at it and call for it to be DLC.

Should it be cheaper? Yeh, It should be like SSF 4 and be at around 25 quid, but like most Fifa gamers I know I will get my moneys worth from this gem of a game.

Good review Wez, I do have a problem with the no manager mode or club teams comment, I mean its like it was a feature you felt should of been there. In a way its like moaning that the FIFA world cup does not play a bigger role in Fifa 10.
Posted 21:42 on 23 April 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


During captain your country if you get sent off is there a mini-game involving nipping back to the hotel to shag your team-mates bird?

Probably won't be picking this up, though I would like to give it a going over at some point. Have the fixed the hideous flaws in Fifa10, such as the diamond in midfield being impossible to break down and playing 5 players upfront with one midfielder being impossible to beat because of stupid counter attacks?
Posted 17:09 on 23 April 2010
GeNeCyDe1993's Avatar


I dont think this will warrant a full price purchase for me, ill have to wait for it to come down in price, or i get bored of FIFA10 and trade it in....which will never happen!
Posted 17:02 on 23 April 2010
Wido's Avatar


I agree with Dav. A game which is priced at £35-39.99 which they could of add DLC to FIFA 10 for £10 or 1200 MS Points. I somewhat will not buy the game whilst its at this price. I may get it, though saying that, I will borrow it from a friend who already is gunning for it.

Nice review though.
Posted 15:08 on 23 April 2010

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2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
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2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
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  • 2010 World Cup Online mode is great
  • No club teams or manager mode
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