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The Conduit

Visually impressive FPS which promises to realise the full potential of the Wii. Score:


Our Verdict: The Conduit is nothing more than an occasionally attractive run of the mill FPS, backed up by a decent multiplayer mode that stands out due to the relative weakness the Wii has in this area.

Latest Articles for The Conduit

Conduit franchise lives on

Developer High Voltage Software promises Conduit-related news later this year.

1 Publish date Sep 10 2012

Conduit has life beyond Wii

High Voltage wants the franchise to be 'around for a long time'.

Publish date Feb 3 2011

Why Conduit 2 will be better than The Conduit

High Voltage Software explains why the sequel will improve in every department over the first game.

Publish date Apr 28 2010

High Voltage: The Conduit got repetitive

'Pedestrian' level design to be shaken up for sequel.

1 Publish date Apr 1 2010

Conduit 2 detailed in Nintendo Power

Wii sequel to feature 2-4 player split-screen.

1 Publish date Mar 31 2010

Conduit 2 in development?

Poster with Conduit-esque giant 2 spotted at GDC.

4 Publish date Mar 16 2010

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Conduit franchise lives on in Article Comments

MJTH's Avatar

Meh... Conduit has never really been that good of a franchise. The link to the other 2 games may bring any future release down if one were released for the Wii U. At least a spin off of sorts would...


High Voltage: The Conduit got repetitive in Article Comments

Bloodstorm's Avatar

Hopefully this'll mean shorter levels.

Conduit 2 detailed in Nintendo Power in Article Comments

MJTH's Avatar

Please be better then the original, the wii deserves more not on rail exclusive shooters, the only other good one is red steel 2, and most of the time you use a sword, pleases be good!!


Game Stats

Release Date: 10/07/2009
Developer: High Voltage Software
Publisher: Sega
Genre: First Person Shooter
No. Players: 1-12
Rating: PEGI 16+
Site Rank: 4,099 34
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