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An interactive performance-based video game, inspired by Michael Jackson.

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Michael Jackson The Experience screenshot
Michael Jackson The Experience screenshot

All dance game reviews require a quick sentence from the writer about how much of a tit they looked whilst playing the game. It's a quick admission of the fact that, "Yes, I've played the game, but I also have enough self respect to realise I looked ridiculous."

When playing Michael Jackson: The Experience, I found myself on my knees in a dingy living room, swiping a gloved hand across the floor as the sound of Earth Song filled the air. I was singing, too. Belting out the pretentious lyrics of the song, all whilst imagining the world around me was being torn to shreds by vicious gales of wind. "What have we done to the world!" I wailed, "Look what we've done!" Rising to my feet I thrust my hands into the sky, imagining, like Jackson himself, that I was somehow healing the world with my performance. I was getting slightly too into things.

So while Just Dance might indeed make you look like a tit, Michael Jackson: The Experience takes things to a whole new level. The moment I accepted the game for review, I had to cast my dignity to one side. This wasn't all too hard given my love of MJ's music.

The first thing to realise is that it's pretty much Just Dance 2. I could probably point you here, mention the weird glove accessory and a few tracks I like and be done with it; it'd get the same message across. Truth is, though, it's a big license and deserves a few more words thrown its way. Even in death, Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. His music transcends age, sex and musical taste, and is incredibly closely tied to the medium of dance. He's therefore the perfect artist to lend his name to a dance title, and Ubisoft has wrapped the license around the established Just Dance mechanics.

If you've played Just Dance then you'll know the drill. You stand in front of the screen, rhythmically waving a Wii Remote about in an attempt to replicate the moves of the onscreen dancer. In this case, of course, it's a Michael Jackson look-alike, dressed in the iconic costumes he wore during the original music videos. His gloved hand shines and effervesces with sparks; an on-screen guide as to what you should be doing with your own hand. As always, the game only registers movement of the Wii Remote itself, failing to reward any impressive hip gyrations or fancy displays of footwork. Embrace the slightly sloppy tech, however, and there's a surprising amount of fun to be had with the game, especially when the odd alcoholic beverage is thrown into the mix.

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Hah, loved the review. Great work. I'll stick to Just Dance 2 and Dance Central and hope they release a few of the hits on there too.
Posted 17:41 on 24 November 2010

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Michael Jackson The Experience
Out of 10
Michael Jackson The Experience
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  • Thriller is a highlight
  • Lacks responsiveness
  • Dance School is pointless
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Release Date: 26/11/2010
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