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Dancing for everyone in their living room.

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Just Dance 2 screenshot
Just Dance 2 screenshot

Just Dance 2 will make you look like a tit. Especially if you're drunk, though this is exactly what most people will need to be in order to even contemplate having a go. In the sobering light of the morning it's far too hard to get somebody willing to step up as your dance partner: the average member of our team would rather have a gurning image of Alan Sugar tattooed painfully onto their stomach, for instance.

Still, the game is pretty good fun if you can muster up the slither of courage required to give it a go. That's probably why last year's effort became a sleeper megahit, shifting seventy three gazillion copies and encouraging every other launch title for this year's much-hyped Kinect to solely focus around dancing in your living room like a loon.

If Just Dance 2 can sustain the retail momentum of its original, then, Ubisoft will have enough disposable income for Michel Ancel to continue not making Beyond Good & Evil 2 for another 15 years. To put it bluntly, it's kind of a Big Deal, and Ubisoft has clearly been working away to ensure it stands a solid chance in today's perilous, recession-stained moneypocalypse.

Which all means production values have been suitably improved for the sequel, aided in no small part by the original's success. Backgrounds are more detailed than the tacky last-minute Photoshop gradients of the original, and the on-screen displays have siphoned off a bit of Strictly Come Dancing's excess pizzazz. The screen is also less cluttered, with the game able to convey the same information as before without taking up half the screen with long vibrating bars and a pair of sunglasses (my favourite icon) having an epileptic fit at the top.

All the same technical MacGuffin's from the original make a merry reappearance. I don't know how the game manages to assess your full-body dancing moves with just a single Wiimote sitting in your right hand, but I couldn't fool the game by just waving one arm in the air. On the other hand, though, the game's a real sod for completing ignoring some of your moves even when you've done exactly whatever ridiculous action the on-screen dancers are getting up to. It's passable, basically, but high-score junkies should stick to Through the Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero 3.

Those on-screen dancers are still good, too; better at dancing than you, probably, unless you're the dude who plays Mike Chang in Glee. For those who didn't play the original: saturated neon dancers are your on-screen partners, and you'll be spending most of your time looking at them (trying to copy their moves) rather than the real-life friend to your side. They're all dressed up in suitably flamboyant costumes, too, peaking in the hilarious neon-rave outfits worn during Walk Like and Egyptian.

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squidman's Avatar

squidman@ dudester

If enough people want an extended play we might be able to do one...
Posted 10:49 on 21 October 2010

User Comments

dudester's Avatar


still on strike!
Posted 16:01 on 22 October 2010
rbevanx's Avatar


EXTENDED PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 17:28 on 21 October 2010
dudester's Avatar


Am going on strike will not read another review until the extended play is put up
Posted 17:27 on 21 October 2010
TomPearson's Avatar


lol, picture in picture would be amusing
Posted 17:19 on 21 October 2010
sonic_freak's Avatar


Extended play MUST HAPPEN! :D
Posted 17:18 on 21 October 2010
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ squidman

Originally Posted by Gaston
If enough people want an extended play
Posted 11:46 on 21 October 2010
Karlius's Avatar


Extend the play now!
Posted 11:16 on 21 October 2010
dazzadavie's Avatar

dazzadavie@ squidman

Not seen your review yet, but the extended play has to be a must!
Posted 11:12 on 21 October 2010
squidman's Avatar

squidman@ dudester

If enough people want an extended play we might be able to do one...
Posted 10:49 on 21 October 2010
dudester's Avatar


wheres the extended paly vid for just dance 2???? :D
Posted 10:47 on 21 October 2010
CheekyLee's Avatar


VG have been drinking the awesome juice this week. Some excellent reviews, and that punchline was sublime, Gaston! I'm tempted, I'm actually tempted...
Posted 10:01 on 21 October 2010
RecoN's Avatar


"You'll look like a tit." <--- Enough said hahaha
Posted 09:28 on 21 October 2010

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Just Dance 2
Out of 10
Just Dance 2
  • Great party game.
  • Diverse song selection.
  • Imprecise.
  • You'll look like a tit.
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