Worms Battlegrounds Review

Listen, it’s a Worms game. It’s the same as every other Worms game. It has exploding sheep and comedy regional accents. That’s the joke, take it or leave it. It’s the gaming equivalent of Peter Kay – impossible to hate, but equally impossible to love, and whenever it pops up and does something you can’t help but be surprised it’s still going.

Imagine a world without Worms games. It’d be exactly the same, except without Worms games. If you woke up in an alternate reality tomorrow, a universe which didn’t have Worms games, it’d take you at least a decade to notice.

You’d say “but I remember playing this, you had teams of little worms, and they had exploding sheep and comedy regional accents, it was brilliant”.


“Well, not brilliant. It was fun for a bit. In the 90s. Don’t you remember?”

“No. Oh, by the way, I need that report on my desk by 5pm.”



You’d wonder if you had imagined Worms. It may occur to you that you had somehow woken up in a parallel universe. Life would continue as normal. You’d have the same house, the same job, the same clothes, the same TV, the same parents. Barack Obama would still be president. Roller Derby still wouldn’t be a televised sport. Human civilisation would still be blissfully hurtling toward an extinction-level apocalypse of its own making. Your grandchildren will still be forced to murder each other with sharpened twigs for the last thimble of clean water in the northern hemisphere.

The sheep still explode, the airstrikes are still mildly satisfying, you can still do that double-tap backwards jump, the tacked-on single player stuff is still a pointless load of bollocks - this time narrated by a weird Lara Croft parody which completely fails to land. The press release reliably informs us that it runs in 1080p at sixty frames per second, which is nice.

It’s a Worms game.

Version tested: PS4. Played for 3 hours.

6 / 10

  • It's a Worms game!
  • It's a Worms game.

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User Comments


Great Review, but Peter Kay is impossible to hate? You're a more tolerant man than me.
Posted 17:23 on 29 May 2014


Single player missions were often enjoyable too. Some of them were rock hard. They were fookin demons with the grenades. Youd have ones where you're all on little platforms, ones where the land was sinking, where you started on 1 hp. And when you put all the codes for the levels together it told a little story. "Once upon a time there were some small worms..." etc etc

It was always mint too, to go on ninja rope expeditions across the map, swing let go so your worm is free falling a shoot another one out just in time.
Posted 17:28 on 28 May 2014


and those little videos were always rather humorous

in the recent XBLA they didnt fly as far. Like the worms were made of lead or something
Posted 17:24 on 28 May 2014


Worms 2 was great I remember wwe used to fully customise the weapon sets so we had a prod that sent ou flying miles across the map, or a minigun that obliterated the entire thing, the same with a concrete donkey. The physics were really funny.

Also we made a team of terrorists/dictators, we were like LOL terrorism is funny isnt it?
Posted 17:22 on 28 May 2014


I have to say that I really love the line "If you woke up in an alternate reality tomorrow, a universe which didn’t have Worms games, it’d take you at least a decade to notice."

That being said, it has been a while since I played a worms game. At the time I remember them being quite a bit of fun, but the format seems to be stuck in a bit of a dead end. Not totally sure what they can do to revitalise it, if indeed it needs revitalising at all.
Posted 16:31 on 28 May 2014

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Worms Battlegrounds
  • It's a Worms game!
  • It's a Worms game.
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