The Walking Dead – A House Divided Review

You’ll be especially thankful for the “Previously on…” introduction in this second episode, as it’s been bloody ages (read: three months) since Telltale introduced their slightly older, slightly stronger Clementine and her new companions. With plenty of one-on-one time with each plucky survivor this time around, you’ll be able to remember their names and that’s a weakness that Telltale will look to exploit. A House Divided doesn’t just put plonk them in harm’s way but also tests your loyalties in some really underhanded ways, in the process creating one of my favourite episodes from either season.

It’s an odd realisation, but after making difficult decisions in this universe for two years now, I need more than I once did. I’ve become accustomed to gifting life or death to those I call my friends and this new cast hadn’t yet filled the emotional shoes of Lee’s party. Those final moments in ‘All That Remains’ (save A or B?) had me worried that the format was losing its impact.

Thankfully, Episode 2 has a few clever tricks up its sleeve. Recalling demons from our past and introducing us to a brand new one in the form of Carver, a superbly voice-acted villain(?) with past ties to our group. As is often the case in these games, it’s the strained conversations with these new and unknown characters that have you sitting on the edge of your seat, rather than anything involving the ceaseless hordes of undead at your doorstep.

That said, Clementine continues to be pro-active on the zombie slaying front. Armed with a pistol or a claw hammer, she holds her own surprisingly well when the QTE presents itself. As the player, it can sometimes be difficult to believe just how capable she has become and I was always aware of how small she seemed in comparison to the walker she was bludgeoning. It’s something you have to get used to, and it’s great to see the other characters in the group struggle with the same concept.

A superior episode, then, and one that bodes well for the rest of the season.

Version Tested: PC. Played for 2 hours.

9 / 10

  • Carver is a fantastic adversary.
  • Makes you care and then splits your loyalties.
  • Clem continues to be a great lead character

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User Comments


just caved and played this.

Crikey they are not afraid to get their hands bloody are they? A much better episode than the first but I was more frustrated than saddened at the ending and it has made me, for the first time, want to play it through again.

I know what you mean about her small stature but I think sometime it can be quite striking beong in control of someone so small. That moment at the top of the ladder eg.

I know this was written ages ago and no one will respond now but i just need to talk in to a void about it.

Oh and it ran like balls on 360.
Posted 03:36 on 11 September 2014
fimbo's Avatar


An improvement on Episode 1 for sure. Never thought that picking a table to sit at would be so nerve racking! Cannot wait for Episode 3...
Posted 16:58 on 06 March 2014
Bratterz's Avatar

Bratterz@ laticspieman

From the Telltale blog: "PlayStation 3 (Europe) - to be confirmed soon, stay tuned for the official date!"

Doesn't sound good for a release today, I'm afraid. It wouldn't be TWD if it had a clearly defined release schedule!
Posted 13:55 on 05 March 2014


I hope Carver works well. Larry filled a kind of antagonist role in the first season, but they made him so ridiculously over the top it was just infuriating.
Posted 13:51 on 05 March 2014
laticspieman's Avatar


Good to hear! Hopefully it will be released today on PS3 in Europe and we won't have to wait like we usually have to!
Posted 13:15 on 05 March 2014

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The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Two – A House Divided
Out of 10
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Two – A House Divided
  • Carver is a fantastic adversary.
  • Makes you care and then splits your loyalties.
  • Clem continues to be a great lead character
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