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The Trials series increasingly faces a common creative challenge. Just how should it innovate when it has established an acclaimed, adored template founded on simplicity? Tinker too much, and that carefully fostered purity is sullied. Yet the alternative of delivering more of the same – however brilliant – is bait for those with an insatiable appetite for change.

Fortunately, this problem has been addressed with great care.

The core offering of Trials Fusion will be a familiar one for those that have given the series any time previously. Fusion presents some 60 2.5D levels, each an increasingly complex assembly of ramps and ledges that must be passed on two wheels. Some are looping and graceful; others more rugged, technical affairs that demand players know when to attack the course, and when to yield to it.

Fusion is a Trials with a gentler learning curve than seen in the previous two console outings, but it climbs elegantly, with stages that arrive in perfect synchronicity with your blossoming skills. Through level design and timing Fusion constantly pushes you to play at your limits, and it is that that makes the game so satisfying, and so maddeningly morish. Success is only ever one more try away. At least, that’s how it feels.

The freestyle motorcross – or FMX – tricks introduce Fusion’s most significant new feature. Many acrobatic stunts are available, and while they can be pulled anywhere it is only in specific stages that using tricks becomes a necessity. These levels are occasional enough to keep trick riding fresh, the additional controls simple enough to make FMX riding a welcome change in the gameplay’s rhythm, without impacting the core experience.

There’s also an increased emphasis on the user-generated content that debuted in Trials Evolution. Now the track design tool is more elaborate, if slightly bewildering, and significantly Fusion’s players are rewarded through XP for completing stages crafted by fellow users.

Fusion lives up to its name. Perhaps it wasn’t intended, but as a melding of the established template and something just new enough, RedLynx’s creation is a wonderful thing.

Version Tested: PS4. Played for 9 hours.

9 / 10

  • All the nuance, purity and thrills of the series’ best.
  • PS4 pad works well in the series' PlayStation debut.
  • New features debut without upsetting Trials' purity.
  • At worst the track editor is rather fiddly.

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User Comments

dav2612's Avatar

dav2612@ mralexhead

It gives you a chance to get some practice in before getting competitive.
Posted 14:46 on 18 April 2014
mralexhead's Avatar

mralexhead@ dav2612

You're right, just seen the quotes. All very vague, but I'm glad somethings coming along in the future.
Posted 12:02 on 18 April 2014
dav2612's Avatar

dav2612@ mralexhead

I could be wrong but I believe online multiplayer is coming.
Posted 13:51 on 17 April 2014
mralexhead's Avatar


Would've been nice to mention the fact that there is no online multiplayer, I got this yesterday and am hugely disappointed I can't play with my friends. We're spread out across the country, got kids, it's not an option to get together more than a couple of times a year. I just assumed there would be online multiplayer, as Evolution had it.

I'm not blaming the reviewer, I should have done my research. I'm pissed at RedLynx though, and I wouldn't have bought this if I'd known.
Posted 13:36 on 17 April 2014
dav2612's Avatar


I got this yesterday (thanks VG) and whilst I am enjoying it, I still think Trials HD is the best of the bunch. I'm not so keen on the tricks though but perhaps I will warm to them the more use them.

The leaderboard is quiet at the moment (perhaps I need more 'friends') but I'm sure it will liven up a bit once Tom Orry practices some more :) I've beat him in all events he has played bar the stupid bail off the bike event which I've never been any good at.
Posted 10:16 on 17 April 2014

Game Stats

Trials Fusion
Out of 10
Trials Fusion
  • All the nuance, purity and thrills of the series’ best.
  • PS4 pad works well in the series' PlayStation debut.
  • New features debut without upsetting Trials' purity.
  • At worst the track editor is rather fiddly.
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Release Date: 16/04/2014
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Developer: RedLynx
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