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An evolution of the core Call of Duty concepts rather than a revolution for multiplayer shooters as a whole, Titanfall feels, in a way, like a hyper-budgeted mod that will only truly see its aims realised in the inevitable sequel. This is not necessarily a negative: it's a tremendously enjoyable game, and one that both expands upon, and strips back, some of the excesses of its spiritual predecessor.

Whereas Call of Duty is bloated and wobbling towards death by gluttony, leaning on cheap gimmicks (Michael Myers?), Respawn – and Zampella – know what the real appeal is. 6v6 is a smart move, allowing for (stupid) bots to keep you killing while giving the titans room to manoeuvre. It's a game of trade-offs, discarding the vogue for Yet More Unlockable Bullshit and instead confronting players with obvious choices: strength or speed, light or fast, yet still asking them to adapt to change when the hardware is called in. Unlike killstreaks, everyone gets a titan, choosing from three available types: how you plan for that eventuality is all-important.

As is how you decide to tackle the environment. Titanfall may be almost identical to CoD in terms of gunplay: ADS, pull trigger until someone falls over. But by introducing proto-jetpacks and parkour – and intricate running routes that can be exploited – Titanfall is even faster and more strategic than Activision's shooter. It's a game that prizes player agency and clever planning, with your mech often being used as a proxy or guard dog, and it encourages natural teamwork, even in defeat with the excellent dropship extraction 'epilogue'.

But for all its strengths, its reliance on tried and true modes and rigid maps stops Titanfall achieving its full potential. Capture the Flag, Attrition, and Domination are the best gametypes, but none of them show the same invention that's occurring elsewhere in the title, leading to a feeling of natural fatigue. Some of the maps also feel too similar to each other, lacking in distinction, and campaign multiplayer is sadly non-dynamic. A very good first instalment then, but the best is yet to come.

Version Tested: Xbox One. Played for 9 hours.

8 / 10

  • Fast and addictive.
  • A nice evolution of the Call of Duty formula.
  • Maps aren't distinct enough.
  • Game modes showing their age.

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User Comments

Sharonturn123's Avatar


This is a great game. Just wish it wasn't pay to play.
Posted 08:46 on 26 March 2014
tvr77's Avatar

tvr77@ Neon-Soldier32

Sorry it was meant as a bit of joke. I just noticed with a lot of your posts lately you seemed to be a criticising a lot, im sure it was just coincidences. I don't read everything on the site.
Posted 22:37 on 19 March 2014
cashonsteroids's Avatar


Unbelieveable graphics
Posted 00:58 on 18 March 2014
Karlius's Avatar


I first read and hated the opening sentence "An evolution of the core Call of Duty concepts rather than a revolution for multiplayer shooters as a whole" as I though that I disagreed with the statement.

My thought process was. If it's like Call of Duty because it has guns and you shoot people then yep no sh!t Sherlock. But there is a gulf between the two games as far as game play goes and it's just a lazy ass comparison. The same will be said about Destiny and Halo and ultimately it'll be a load of balls.

Then I followed on and my thoughts on that opening statement changed I had read between words and come up with my own conclusion. It wasn't the same lazy ass comparison that others had drawn. What's different is your review shows off your Bipolar by classing it COD like and then explaining the differences and as you say it is an evolution up until the point where the game types are drawn where they are all too familiar. (Hopefully we'll see more creative types in the future)

The result one of my favourite reviews of the last two years.

I need this game in my life but it'll have to wait until next week (Cash Flow). I've not had such a "One more (last)game" feeling for a game since Gears of War 2. It may not be perfect but boy is it fun.

Out of interest I'd like to know where you rank this in relation to BF4. Obviously I can work out you think it's better than the latest COD as you reviewed that.
Posted 15:13 on 13 March 2014
altaranga's Avatar

altaranga@ tvr77

I agree with TVR, NS32. Well the first few lines up to but not including the negative soul bit. Let it go. I agree with you that imposing a 300 word limit on the reviews is bonkers and a lot of the time the reviews suck balls, but I would urge you to do what I did and that's move on. Trust me, you'll feel better for it.
Posted 10:49 on 12 March 2014


Good to know this is still looking like a solid game. I'd already made up my mind from the Beta to be honest :)
Posted 10:11 on 11 March 2014
Endless's Avatar


I kinda liked the review. It told me everything I needed to know WITHOUT going into the detail that i feel I only need after I've decided if the game is worth looking in to.
Posted 00:16 on 11 March 2014
UrzuSix's Avatar


Great Game, but is not the reason to buy an Xbox one
Posted 23:51 on 10 March 2014


I couldn't agree more with this review. When i played the BETA all i found was a solid FPS multiplayer game. The game modes that were available were fun yet very much of what we are used to with other online FPS games, there was nothing that made me think the game was treading new ground for the online FPS genre; but despite all that i still found myself having fun. 8 is overall a fair score in my opinion and reviews are just that, opinions! If titanfall has enough about it to keep me going for 6 months i'll be a very happy man.
Posted 21:59 on 10 March 2014
TenBensons's Avatar

TenBensons@ johnbbeta

Lol John. Now tell me all your dnb production secrets :p
Posted 21:51 on 10 March 2014

Neon-Soldier32@ tvr77

Really? How come? (To the negative soul part)

The 300 word count does work for some reviews - mobile, indie etc. But for this review it didn't. Too much time was spent waffling about how it isn't gimmicky, how it's not quite CoD. I mean, this is 2014, we know how a FPS works by now, so there's no need to waste the word count about going ADS in a 300 word - or any - review. Instead it could have elaborated a little more on the 'campaign' element, or how much teamwork matters etc.

For me the opening paragraph could be condensed down to, 'It feels like a mod that improves CoD's multiplayer.

Also, did VG base it's review on playtime on private servers as other websites did?
Posted 20:43 on 10 March 2014
tvr77's Avatar

tvr77@ Neon-Soldier32

Seriously dude! i think its time to get over the issue of 300 words not being enough, it seem like its here to stay and in my opinion it does just fine, if you need a more in depth view the internet is your oyster. It seem that you have become quite the negative sole of late neon-soldier
Posted 19:40 on 10 March 2014
BritishWolf's Avatar


I think an 8 seems about right
Posted 17:24 on 10 March 2014
MJTH's Avatar


Nice read Mr Burns. I'm not getting this at launch (for multiple reasons), but if I have some extra cash next month near the time I get my new PC, I'll definitely will be picking this up for PC.

On an some-what related note, will VG get round to doing an revised review of the 360 version when it comes out later in the month? I'm interested in the differences.
Posted 17:16 on 10 March 2014


Interesting read. Can't wait to play this.

How does it look, though? Isn't this supposed to be the first big third party post launch game? I want to know if it's been cleaned up since the beta at all and of it looks better than other current gen games. Also, Is net code stable? Does it work to make you play as a team? Hoping this promotes more team spirit than COD.
Posted 16:46 on 10 March 2014

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Out of 10
  • Fast and addictive.
  • A nice evolution of the Call of Duty formula.
  • Maps aren't distinct enough.
  • Game modes showing their age.
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