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A major and fair criticism of recent Mario games has been their inclination to keep things rather familiar. Whereas Galaxy introduced new ideas, the likes of New Super Mario Bros U felt like extensions of what had come before – retreads, almost. Super Mario 3D World is Nintendo's answer to that.

Instead of forming the game's core around one idea, 3D World decides instead to continually throw new ones at you. Arguably the most varied Mario platfomer in years, the start of every level is met with a sense of anticipation as you wait to see what's next. Recognisable trends are certainly in place, and it keeps its style in tune with the 3DS equivalent, but it never falls into a pattern.

It's a wonderful technique, and used near perfectly throughout 3D World. I can't think of a single level that wasn't entertaining in some way – the sheer ingenuity that Nintendo has introduced is, on occasion, nothing short of genius. From stages that feature a jump-less Toad, to smaller, timed obstacle courses, you're never sure what to expect. A case in point is the last boss, potentially the funniest in the franchise's history.

The real question, then, is how this all translates in terms of challenge. I could guarantee that 3D World will make you smile for almost the game's entirety, and I'd be fairly confident that most will also be surprised by how difficult events become. It doesn't show its teeth until its later stages, but Mario's return to the Wii U has some unbelievably tough tests that often end with the thought of hurling the GamePad across the room. It's a welcome, almost forgotten hurdle, though, reminding you that when Nintendo wants to turn it on, it can do so effortlessly.

With a secret world so good it'll make long-term fans (and me) squeal with glee, and how easily it oozes personality and skill, Super Mario 3D World is the best entry the series has offered up in years. It may not hit the highest of highs that the plumber has done in the past, but it's awfully close.

Finished in 13 hours.

9 / 10

  • Is incredibly intelligent and varied.
  • Wonderfully entertaining from start to finish.
  • Funny, charming, wonderful, lovely, addictive, beautiful...
  • Co-op is on-hand to make it even more fun.

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User Comments

MJTH's Avatar


Who needs a PS4 and XB1, when games like this, Tearaway and A link Between Worlds are coming out?

Honesty though, I'd be rather envious anyone who can fit all 5 in their life.
Posted 09:59 on 20 November 2013
dav2612's Avatar


I want to play this more than any of the launch games on PS4/Xbox One. Perhaps one day I'll get round to a Wii-U but not yet.
Posted 09:08 on 20 November 2013
AManCalledBob's Avatar


Damn you, that is another £50 I'm going to have to spend.
Posted 23:01 on 19 November 2013


Nintendo wins! :D

Nice to see another must have Mario title. Now as long as Nintendo don't sit on their laurels and can pull out a few more big hitters a bit quicker over the next year (with help from other developers) they might get the Wii U back into the mainstream perception.
Posted 20:56 on 19 November 2013


Jesus Christ, Nintendo is really going all in right now.

And btw. looking at all the Scores, it seems the 9/10 you (and some other) gave this Game is the lowest Score on the Internet. Thats crazy.
Posted 20:39 on 19 November 2013
Manguy17's Avatar


Damn, with every day the ps4 creeps closer to my door, and with everyday I find another reason to wish it was a nintendo machine instead.
Posted 20:18 on 19 November 2013

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Super Mario 3D World
Out of 10
Super Mario 3D World
  • Is incredibly intelligent and varied.
  • Wonderfully entertaining from start to finish.
  • Funny, charming, wonderful, lovely, addictive, beautiful...
  • Co-op is on-hand to make it even more fun.
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