Sonic: Lost World occasionally seems really good. It looks lovely, some of the earlier levels are pretty fun to speed through (they flip between 2D and 3D like Sonic Generations) and he doesn’t awkwardly smooch any humans like in the 2006 abomination.

But for every section where you think things might look up, there are two or three that make you wish he was roadkill.

There’s a hefty Mario Galaxy influence in the 3D levels, what with the spherical worlds you explore. Mario controlled perfectly, though, so you never felt like you could lose control of the little guy. Sonic? He’s a recalcitrant goon. More than once you’ll be tempted to chuck the gamepad at the TV screen. Sonic will automatically home in on stuff, even when you don’t want him to.

You could be aiming towards a bounce pad, but the game decides you want to attack the spiky enemy behind you, leading to the inevitable loss of all your rings and, of course, death. Then there’s the wall running and parkour elements, which, again, will sometimes not do what you want them to do and you’ll inexorably fall into some abyss. Or lava. There’s always lava.

The 2D levels fare no better either. Some of them drag on and on, and are filled with awkward stop/start sections that kill any momentum the game might be building.
Basically, with Rayman Legends being so good and the superb looking Super Mario 3D World’s release imminent, it’s harder than ever to tolerate yet another stultifyingly average, underperforming Sonic title.

It’s a shame, because there are parts that are genuinely excellent, like one level where Sonic is a giant snowball; awkward controls, a clump of dreadful levels (including insta-death grind-rail nonsense) and some horrendous, unfunny boss encounters, though, make you wish he’d genuinely get lost.

Game completed in 11 hours.

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I kinda expected this but I have to object at the "Mario controlled perfectly, though, so you never felt like you could lose control of the little guy" because even though recently NSMBU has returned Mario to his glory before all this 3D bollocks came along he has ALWAYS been a fickle bastard to control.

Anyway it's a shame they seem to have messed this up. Generations was excellent, all they need to do was add some new mechanics and a lick of paint to keep it fresh. Wasted opportunity.
Posted 15:02 on 18 October 2013
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pblive@ MJTH

That said. they gave Wii U Party 67%
Posted 11:04 on 18 October 2013
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MJTH@ pblive

When, it come to official Nintendo magazine, 8/10 is a bad score for a review of an exclusive. I like reading ONM reviews and previews from time to time, because I quite like seeing optimism occasionally. However I only trust their scores when they fall in line with my other trusted review aggregates.
Posted 10:49 on 18 October 2013
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Nintendo Magazine just gave it an 8/10. I think they'll be in the minority there.
Posted 10:23 on 18 October 2013
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Posted 10:17 on 18 October 2013

Game Stats

Out of 10
Sonic Lost World
  • Occasionally inspired.
  • Irredeemably awful grind rail sections.
  • Irritating level design.
  • Parkour/homing controls are dreadful.
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Release Date: 18/10/2013
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