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It's another Lego game! Beyond a new setting and some minor tweaks, it’s the same old 'smash everything in sight until something important jumps out' gameplay, mixed with lovingly-crafted Lego interpretations of the source world and ironic humour.

In many ways Traveller's Tales hasn’t lost the ability to tap into the heart of a series and give it a Lego-style spin that seems perfectly suited to it – almost as if Tolkien had intended small block people to become the ultimate representation of his timeless characters. Ever since Lego Star Wars established the formula, TT has stuck rigidly to it and safely let innovation appear in pockets of gameplay inspired by the source material.

You’ll journey through Bilbo’s grand adventure, making your way across the sizable map, opening up replayble areas as you go. It's standard series fare, but the Dwarfs provide an added twist by being able to craft items; which means you’ll spend most of your time chasing down individual materials as well as the studs. That said, seeing as you discover these in exactly the same way – by smashing stuff – it's hardly game-changing, and is indicative of Traveller's Tales playing it far too safe despite offering some serious production values.

The series has seen some tweaking over the years, with the Lego hub world becoming something of a standardised feature. But whereas Hogwarts’ tight corridors and recognisable locations lent themselves to that style, having the whole of Middle-earth – from Hobbiton to The Lonely Mountain – seems a bit much. And it feels empty; fetch quests are all well and good but after the impressive voice acting and general spectacle of the main adventure starts to fade, you’re left with an altogether dull world in which to roam.

Version Tested: PS4. Played for 8 hours.

6 / 10

  • Typical Lego appeal.
  • Middle-earth is a bit empty.
  • Misses out on the last film.

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User Comments

Shinning's Avatar


No way this game is a 6, I've been playing it for hours and it's a lot of fun. You looking at the same middle earth as me? There's tons to do
Posted 14:07 on 12 April 2014
TabbyCat's Avatar


I've been loving this game so far (well over 20 hours in and far from 100%). One of your points was that 'Middleearth is a bit empty'. I've found it packed with stuff, and ever evolving too. When I completed one thing, another thing popped up somewhere else, things that only show up at night and lots of hidden caves, forest clearings, house interiors to find.

You say: 'Its the same old smash everything is sight until something important jumps out'. I've played all the LEGO games so far, except for LEGO movie one, and I've found there are always new game mechanics added, this game is no exception, yet you've made no mention of these in your review. The dwarves can do 'dual' attacks by approaching one and linking up and controlling both at the same time doing cool super spin moves. Another big change that I've not seen in a LEGO game before is the loot you can collect (wood, metals gems etc.) its just as addictive as collecting the studs and you use it to craft items and build massive LEGO models. I also found cool little riddles written on stones dotted about Middleeath which I've not seen in the games series before. You've not mentioned any of what makes it different in your review, so I don't think its particularly comprehensive. I'd expect more from a game review site.
Posted 16:24 on 10 April 2014
DRogers's Avatar


Given the 8 hour playtime, how you managed to decide that the world is ‘empty’ is a bit of a mystery to me – it takes at least that long to finish the story alone. Aside from the quests (of which there are well over a hundred, and vary greatly from just ‘fetch quests’) there’s a great deal of puzzles and collectibles to find in the hub. I can only assume you were blasting through the game in order to get this review written. Considering VG gave LEGO Lord of the Rings (which had a similar overworld but less content) an 8/10, a 6 seems an overly harsh score for a game that offers a lot more.
Posted 16:04 on 10 April 2014

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LEGO The Hobbit
Out of 10
LEGO The Hobbit
  • Typical Lego appeal.
  • Middle-earth is a bit empty.
  • Misses out on the last film.
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