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Editor's note: our accompanying feature, with online play and the controversial microtransaction mechanic under the spotlight, has gone live. Check it out at the bottom of the review.

There are 101 Mazdas in Gran Turismo 6. Why? I honestly don’t know.

The numbers have phased into insignificance at this point, but Gran Turismo 6 is unparalleled in its number of cars, tracks and intricate options for customisation. With over 1200 vehicles and 100 courses, there’s no denying the sheer level of content here, but Gran Turismo 6 is merely an expansion, not an evolution. Released just weeks after the PlayStation 4 on a now-inferior system, that’s not a particularly enticing proposition, especially considering the series’ stature.

From the very start, Gran Turismo 6 feels dated. Its menus are convoluted and make little sense. For example, the button that means ‘continue’ is actually called ‘exit’, and is hidden past lots of needless options. When buying cars for events, you have to manually check what type of vehicle you need, then head to the dealership – there’s no way to simply view and buy eligible vehicles for particular championships. With 101 Mazdas to sort through, it’s nonsensical and frustrating.

Driving itself is solid, even therapeutic, but ultimately soulless. There’s no doubting the tech wizardry that’s going on beneath the bonnet, but none of that impressiveness really comes through to the surface. The career is vast but never compelling, and any special events dotted in between feel like yet more superfluous distractions. The controller offers barely any feedback – something that feels essential after Forza 5. The AI ranges from passable to lifeless, rarely infusing races with excitement.

Gran Turismo 6 ends up feeling stubborn to adapt to modernity. Its myriad landscapes are barren and unexciting, while the music sounds like it’s been ripped straight from a Ron Jeremy compilation VHS. There’s an age old argument that simulation racing games are ‘just cars going around in circles’ – Gran Turismo 6 has no retort.

Played for 11 hours. Drove quite a few Mazdas.

6 / 10

  • A lot of varied cars and tracks.
  • Driving is solid.
  • Feels archaic.
  • Racing is soulless.

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User Comments

mrgarrettscott's Avatar

mrgarrettscott@ HallicHicks

The only thing Forza 5 has going for it next generation graphics and Forzavista. Including ONLY 14 tracks is worth at least -1 point maybe even -2 because it screams DLC. Don't doubt for a minute that missing tracks are coming soon. That why I'll keeping play the best racing games of previous generation, Forza 3 and Forza 4
Posted 04:46 on 23 December 2013


I concur with most of the thoughts shared here and can add a few of my own thoughts.
One of the key things is that the game is somewhat of a paradox.
On the one hand, the game is pushing the graphical abilities of the PS3 to, and somewhat beyond, it's limits.
If you play the game at 1080p, it will render at a very impressive 1440x1080 and looks really rather good...

On the other hand, it is not a consistent 60fps.
Indeed, the cockpit view of a premium car is consistently below 60fps when used in 1080p with nasty slowdown whenever particle effects, such as dust from going slightly off the track, appear.
Reflection quality is also very low and whoever it was at Polyphony that rendered the wall on the Goodwood Hill Climb should be ashamed. Rather than a smooth curve, it is made of about 4 abrupt angles that was cause of serious frustration when trying to get gold trophies.
You also have those standard cars. Only about 20% of the cars are up to premium standard (though a lot more than GT5 of course and as many cars as are in GT5).
A mix of new cars and ones the were previously standard ones.
All of the new cars are premium spec.
Yet despite the looks, (almost) all those cars still handle in a very believable way, which takes the game more towards the area of older PC racing sims that still have a following for eschewing graphical glory for physics and feel.
While they are undoubtedly poor, they have at least all been improved somewhat from GT5.

There are still aspects of GT that are far in advance of Forza, such as racing strategy. Fuel consumption in particular has been broken in Forza for some time, which took us to that interview earlier in the year where Dan G told us that Forza isn't for "Hardcore racing fans".

But yes, the games UI leaves a lot to be desired, although it is a lot less convoluted than GT5s.
Used cars have also bit the bucket. While cheap(er) cars are no longer an option, at least now you can buy the bulk of cars from the dealerships without spending days or weeks hoping the one you want appears randomly while you have the credits to buy it.
To go with the apparent drop in reward credits, its also worth pointing out the cost of cars seems to have shot up.

2 of the Ferraris will cost an absurd 20,000,000 credits.
Bear in mind that £39.99 will only net you 7,000,000

Some final points is that the game has, as is increasingly becoming the norm, been released incomplete.
Despite a whopping 1.2gb Day One patch, there are still a number of features completely missing, such as the B-Spec mode.
Posted 11:30 on 10 December 2013
Christie's Avatar


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Posted 03:03 on 07 December 2013
Manguy17's Avatar

Manguy17@ HallicHicks

From what I've seen, Forza is simply a more polished and fun game. The two negative bullet points describing this as "archaic" and "soulless" are exactly what springs to mind whenever I have seen this being played. As "Mastorofpuppetz" mentioned having a wheel seems near essential for GT, and it may well be better than Forza for Motorsport enthusiasts but for the majority Forza seems to simply be more "fun" (vague descriptions woo).

That said, I haven't actually played either...sooo...maybe I should stop typing.
Posted 18:37 on 06 December 2013
Greshhy's Avatar


'Played for 11 hours. Drove quite a few Mazdas' - ahah, reminds me of Skyrim, played 60 hours, killed quite a few draugr...
Posted 15:50 on 06 December 2013
HallicHicks's Avatar


Not saying this game didn't deserve a 6 or maybe a 7 because after reading some reviews, it certainly looks like it has its fair share of flaws, but the fact that Forza, that has a fraction of the content plus the same micro transactions gets a 9 is quite frankly mind boggling.
Posted 15:38 on 06 December 2013

Woody_802@ VGSteve

Cheers Steve, I should of read the editors note properly. Look forward to reading the in-depth review. Granted this game looks boring, just needed more to go on. I should've been a bit more patient, keep up the good work VG.
Posted 09:15 on 06 December 2013
VGSteve's Avatar


Hi Woody, thanks for the comment. As stated in the text, we'll be following up on Monday with an in-depth feature on online play, microtransactions, and the points you mention.

The reason said feature isn't up now is due to the aforementioned patch, and Sony sending code out at a particular time. Rest assured we'll go into the depth you want, but as the game is out we wanted to give you our overall feelings on it today, and then expand later.

We'd have preferred to have the feature up now, but given the circumstances we wanted to test parts of the game in the 'real' world.


Posted 08:58 on 06 December 2013


As much as I like the new 'shorter' reviews, it really doesn't work for motorsport games. As a big motorsport fan I need alot more to go on than 'the driving feels solid', needs explaining. Also, I have a brother who doesn't get motorsport, he quite often says while I'm watching or playing F1 "its just cars going around in circles". If racing lines, apexes ect bore or don't interest you, you're playing the wrong game. In my opinion it sounds like to get higher than a 6/10 GT6 needs powersliding, 'crazy tracks', aggressive AI and explosions. This review is flawed much like the F1 2013 review. Sorry guys x
Posted 08:38 on 06 December 2013
YGBjammy's Avatar


Everything about this game that I've seen and read just seems so bland.
Posted 08:35 on 06 December 2013

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Gran Turismo 6
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Gran Turismo 6
  • A lot of varied cars and tracks.
  • Driving is solid.
  • Feels archaic.
  • Racing is soulless.
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