Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for PSP

Monster Hunter Freedom 2

Sequel to the wildly successful PSP original with sees gamers hunting monsters.

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Monster Hunter spin-off for PSP

No details on Monster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Airu Village.

Publish date Oct 26 2009

Sony rewards successful titles

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is the runaway winner.

Publish date Dec 4 2008

Resident Evil series is Capcom's biggest

34.5 million units of the survival horror series have been sold.

1 Publish date May 27 2008

Monster Hunter helps PSP sell big

Capcom's PSP title moves closer to 1.5 million sales.

Publish date Apr 11 2008

Monster Hunter 2nd G reaches a million sales in 6 days

The third of Capcom's PSP Monster Hunter titles has gone flying off store shelves in Japan - fastest in series history.

Publish date Apr 2 2008

Monster Hunter could be huge in North America

Capcom believes with the right marketing the series could be almost as big in North America as it is in Japan.

Publish date Mar 25 2008

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Sony rewards successful titles in Article Comments

VG_Staff's Avatar

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is the runaway winner.

Hope for Western Monster Hunter MMO release in Article Comments

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1 monster hunter commercial would grab half the gaming community here. thats all they need. I don't recall ever seeing even 1 MH1 commercial on TV.. EVER. how about spending a little bit of that...


Resident Evil series is Capcom's biggest in Article Comments

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its very good to see this website

by syed sajid

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