Watch Dogs screenshot
Watch Dogs screenshot

Ubisoft has hit out at accusations that Watch Dogs' visuals have been downgraded since its initial E3 reveal, claiming that “it is impossible” for the game's graphical fidelity to have been toned down.

"It is impossible," Ubisoft Benelux PR and events manager Tessa Vilyn tweeted, responding to a fan asking if the game had been toned down since E3. "Of couse [sic] it is not downgraded at all."

"I love graphics," she added, "its because i know they look good i'm bummed they think differently about it... its a true next gen game for sure... for sure.."

Claims that Watch Dogs' graphics had been downgraded appeared following a new video released yesterday, which spawned a fairly damning GIF that suggested the game doesn't look quite as good as it once did.

"Believe me the game is not downgraded," Vilyn later said, "that would just be a bit ridiculous."

Vilyn's comments follow similar words from creative director Jonathan Morin, who told last year that "there's no scale down in quality, especially the next-gen versions.

"It's pretty much the opposite," he said. "What we showed at E3 2012 in a lot of respects was less good. I think it's in the details. So no, there's no scale down."

Source: @UbiTessa

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Wulfgar1's Avatar


I just got caught up on this. From what I can see though it looks as if the gamma and contrast were cranked up on this machine. Everything is washed out but all of the graphic fidelity is the same. All games look terrible when washed out. The weird artifacting on the washed out gif also leads me to believe this was a PC version of the game. So Gamma washout bad contrast can most defiantly account for this. If you don't believe try upping the Gamma and lower the contrast on the Witcher 2 on the PC. It looks like it should be from the PS2 era.
Posted 19:28 on 31 March 2014
Manguy17's Avatar


Having a look at the e3 2012 gameplay ( it still looks pretty impressive, but more for the amount of things going on to create a "living world". Probably down to them simply taking a very carefully chosen portion of game to highlight the absolute it has to offer.
Posted 22:42 on 07 March 2014
Goonerandy35's Avatar


Sorry but can't believe that gif compare at all. It looks like *****e, that's not downgrading that's stripping the walls. If that is true my copy will be going straight to the trade bin. However, I don't believe for 1 moment a next gen console game could look as bad as that at all..........unless it's on the xb1 maybe
Posted 19:12 on 07 March 2014
BrainStew's Avatar


I trust the lady named "villain"!
Posted 17:25 on 07 March 2014
CharleSketch's Avatar


"I love graphics." Yeah, she doesn't know what she's saying and is just on damage control.
Posted 16:33 on 07 March 2014
tbuxton42's Avatar


To be honest, what interests/concerns me more than the quality/fidelity of the next-gen graphics right now is how the 'current-generation' (i.e. 360; PS3 etc., though I realise that's a bit of a tenuous term now that the One/PS4 have arrived) edition of the game will hold up. At present, I own a 360 and a Wii, and am thinking of upgrading to a PS4 and WiiU (the former choice due to Microsoft's fledging first-party exclusive line-up/their misjudged marketing strategy and TV-centric focus, the latter due to the emergence of the likes of Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD etc.), but I'm still considering just *when* I want to upgrade. Certainly, I intend to save up for and own a PS4 in time for Batman: Arkham Knight, Kingdom Hearts III and Star Wars: Battlefront III (plus Assassin's Creed V if there's going to be separate next-gen/current-gen storylines this time around), yet I'm now debating whether to save for the PS4-Watch Dogs bundle in May if the 360 version is going to be a significant downgrade both aesthetically and (more importantly) technologically.
Posted 15:39 on 07 March 2014

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