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Take a look at any official video of Need For Speed Rivals and one of the first comments you'll see will likely be from a fan demanding a sequel to Need For Speed: Underground.

It's a request Ghost Games head Marcus Nilsson is all too aware of – and though the studio isn't actively working on a new Underground title right now, it's something he suggests the developer could act upon if the game was guaranteed to sell.

"Ultimately, we need to listen to our consumers," Nilsson told VideoGamer.com during Gamescom when asked about the possibility of developing Need For Speed Underground 3.

"If people would come to me and say, you know... make Underground 3 with Frostbite 3 with exactly the same features and you'll go back and sell 15 million copies, then yes, I would build that game. I would. But it's not that simple."

Need For Speed Rivals screenshot

Need For Speed: Underground first launched on PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and PC in November 2003, with a sequel following a year later. It's often regarded by fans as the best in the series, despite later titles receiving a greater critical reception.

But Nilsson believes that nostalgia and the car culture fantasy spurred on by the arrival of The Fast & Furious series is part of the reason why fans are so persistent in their request for a sequel.

"I think it's nostalgic," he continues. "I think there are elements in Underground which are very good. What you see with Rivals is, in some sense, a merge between what you like in the Criterion games – the physics, the camera work, the car – but looking back and flirting with the past with the narrative, with the personalisation.

"And yes, Rivals is not the over-the-top customisation and neon colours under the car, but maybe the reason partly is because that is out of hype anyway, because [of] Fast & The Furious in early 2000. But bottom line, I think it's a core pillar of Need For Speed to have [customisation] and we're going to go there."

He continues: "You will always have people who have different opinions. My job ultimately is to understand those feelings and build a game that I think is the best possible. I see the Underground comments, trust me, and it's not like we don't regard them."

Ghost's first title, Need For Speed: Rivals, launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on November 22. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions have yet to be dated.

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User Comments

wolfire's Avatar


How many copies of "rivals" sold, 15 million?
Posted 11:07 on 02 June 2015
Sourog's Avatar


For the love of god please please please release a underground 3 let's face it ! It was always the money maker and now that peopl are in to tuning cars jdm stance and all that other good stuff people will buy it ! Especially if you have tuners like Hondas acuras Nissan Toyota Mazda Subaru Mitsubishi and more ! Please just take your time with the game because honestly the need for speeds you guys have been making are pretty bad
Posted 10:16 on 02 May 2015
JackT1995's Avatar


In my opinion. The main reason I haven't bought any of the new NFS is that the Handling and Turning is completely different to Most Wanted and Underground. If they brought back the way the cars used to handle back then the games will be a hundred times better! And I agree with every ones else opinion about the super cars, but id like to see all the bodykits and neon lights. They were a serious laugh and good fun, or if they brought car shows into the game. It'll make the game alot better!
Posted 17:11 on 03 October 2014


If they start making those games with all the customisation tools for chavs again then I'm walking away from the series.
Posted 09:01 on 20 August 2014
Saalih's Avatar


Also another thinh is where have to go to the garages and style our cars plus there should be different coloured lights like in the second one-underground 2 -adding better graphics will make the game amazing
Posted 20:55 on 19 August 2014
Saalih's Avatar


I absolutely agree with everyone except the adding people walking on the streets, I miss the custimisation-neon lights,body parts- I also want to earn my cars nt jump in it- the whole thing is to start with a car then pimp the best u can, u can stil add super cars even better to custimise them too-another thing is that u need the old cars- nissan SKYLINE gtrMUST-jst please put an end to our miseries and if u r so stingy with ur money then atleast make a remake fot PS3 and other platforms-neon lights MUST
Posted 19:29 on 19 August 2014
myles1992's Avatar


its not just all the customizing you can do to the car that is missed . differentt types of races like drifting and drag racing , where you felt out of control of the car at time as you dodge in and out of traffice instead of s**t like evading the police as events and times trial its just boring.
Posted 04:36 on 16 August 2014
honda_element's Avatar


Basically what EA has to do is this following is all thats needed for underground 3:The customization from underground 2 not from carbon the auto sculpt was dumb,the graphics from the new need for speed,crash showings,bigger place or just do a remake of bayview city but bigger, a badass storyline, a lot of a cars all sorts of varities from tuners to muscles or exotics,also a really good soundtrack,and achieving parts for parts for your car should be bought or achieved like from carbon,and last of all plz i beg you like everyone else on this comment section just plz make underground 3 its kinda bull that you're saying that if it is guaranteed sell that pure bull you see all these comments you should know by then that us customers want underground 3 just plz make it we all beg you.
Posted 02:21 on 07 May 2014
D4rkShooter's Avatar


What can i say? I REALLY hope that they make NFS U3... but... if they screw it up... i REALLY say that... i will take all my NFS Games... and throw them down the balcony.

What i wuold love to see on NFSU3?

I Would love to see tha Underground 2 gameplay style. I Wuold love to see al the features that Underground 2 and Carbon had. I Would love to have a real first person view, with customizible interiors. I Would love to see the Bayview city "Reborn" and Expanded... I Would love to switch from Singleplayer to Multiplayer when I WANT TO, and not just... "Always connected multiplayer".

Do you remember the "Racing with other racers when they as to"? It was... AWESOME. Immagine that in multiplayer... you encounter another racer... and you can race with him... with the traffic and with even the other players. Cops? Hell yeah. I Would love them. BUT NOT as "Violent" as Most Wanted or Carbon cops... just that... when you do something REALLY bad,you become a pursuit.
You 'no? I think i might be even more happy if there is no cop.

Just immagine all that... my d*** is bumping around thinking about that, haha.

God... anytime that i think about it... a little tear comes down my face... i miss Need for Speed as it was. Fast racing, almost realistic gameplay, Just you, the road, and the other racers...

EA... please... do that for me... do that for US....
Posted 23:12 on 30 April 2014
Lalaland's Avatar


Wow did this article pop up on a sub-reddit? So many 1st time posters, so little punctuation.

Personally I never warmed to the 'street' aesthetic of Underground as it always seemed a touch too forced but I'd take this series over 'The Run' any day of the week.
Posted 18:17 on 23 April 2014
kgs24's Avatar


Need For Speed Underground 3 ideas - make the interior of the cars customizable as well as exterior like in Midnight Club Los Angeles with interchangeable and customizable steering wheels, roll cages, gauges, stereos, gear sticks and seats - all the types of races from Underground 2 plus pink slip races ( don't forget outrun races) - add super bikes into the mix of tuner, muscle, sport and exotic cars - the ability to upload your own music to the game like in the latest Most Wanted - even more unique perfomance and visual upgrades that can't be purchased in shops - free roam is a must - bring back hidden shops with colored lights that are visible at night - engine swaps - bring back the dyno tuning for ultimate precise and individual tuning - information about the vehicles such as weight, front, rear or all wheel drive ect - day and night cycles and a complete weather system with thunderstorms, snow, rain ect - a bigger list of vehicles old and up to date vehicles including slightly older classic vehicles like the honda civic, acura rsx, skyline gtr, lancer evolution, peugeot 306 ect - a new bigger and better city - bigger choice of body kits and all of the customizable parts of the cars from Underground 2 such as front and rear lights, side mirrors ect - bring back neons and customizable boot with speakers and nos bottles, amps ect - petrol stations around the city to top up your tank when running low after every couple of hours - offroad races with special offroad tyres for dirt and snow - special unlockable formula 1 car at the end of the game to race around the city in and also enter races in - better and longer carrer mode story - cop chases - basically combine underground 2 with most wanted and midnight club.
Posted 17:31 on 23 April 2014
ZinzO's Avatar


EA should release NFSU3 that's gonna be a great hit! With the same features as NFSU2, should include the Honda's type R the euro also, be able to put a front lip, foglights and many more like mugen or spoon you know make thing awesome exciting atleast over 300 or more to pick. Also the sound effect of an automatic trans. and a stick shift you know make it sound different. If the car is V-tec you know make it sound like its activated also with other cars. it would be awesome really. EA PUT UR HANDS TO IT!!
Posted 19:01 on 01 April 2014
Luks98's Avatar


NFSU3 should have lower graphics,like in NFS Undercover so everyone can play it
Posted 15:57 on 01 March 2014
D0RK9's Avatar


To add to what mike1211 say it's not just the physical car customization people love. It's also the tuning in the game that made such a big impact on a lot of are fellow gamers. I myself have play every NFS game there is out there exempt rivels. I don't feel like being disappointed all over again! I even own the original collectors pack for the ps1, those were very fun! But yes a NFSU3 would be a big hit in the market still to this day. I could start a petition on who would like to see a NFSU3 and prove that it's still a need for society today.

Therefor, if EA does make a Need For Speed Underground 3 it would have to be the whole package. No in between. Don't meet people halfway on it. The advancement in gaming today would make this game a want for everyone! If would be the rival to the new game The Crew. And if done right I think it would be the end to it as well!
Posted 22:23 on 27 January 2014
Mike1211's Avatar


I think that making an Underground 3 would be the best option for EA as far as the Need for speed series goes. .

I have played every Need for speed game so far (Except rivals, i'll explain why)

from Ps1 to PC to ps2 to Ps3, the PS1 nfs's were really great fun although lacked much connection with the cars, which is why I was mind blown by Underground 1 and 2

It was all the detail you could go in to with it, undercar neons, engine neons, trunk neons, customizing the trunk to put a cr*p load of speakers or nos bottles. Spinners, hydraulics , nitros purge with the colours of the freaking rainbow to choose from, changing the colours of the lights to different colours, customizing your front and rear lights and changing the window tint ..

What's not to love? it was amazing, so much fun with it... but none of the new ones are the same ( especially the new Most wanted, that was shocking )

I will say the last really great NFS game was Carbon, I thought that was epic too, loved the changing the shape and style of the body kits to be certain size and shapes, that was a great touch, and not to mention the perfection of drifiting( down the mountain on carbon is so much fun )

I think underground 3 should be Exactly how underground 2 was, with a couple of the feautres of Carbon with the extra customising. Also have a wide selection of cars and not just lamborghinis and Bugatti, I mean starting from the bottom with a Peugot 106, Vaxhaul Corsa and Nissan 240sx ... working the way up to the top, it shouldn't be a week long process and the game is over, it should be challenging , it should be long, it should take time and effort and care with how you spend your money, it needs to get the players drawn into the game and be connected completely

I have bought every game up until this last one, rivals.. Because I refuse to pay £40 again and be let down after 3 days of playing because Im bored or have already completed the game.

granted though, each game in the past 5 years you've released have been stunning visually, just lacking in the fun gameplay

I haven't lost faith in EA, I just wish that they do redeem themselves and spend all their time and effort making Underground 3, I think it can outsell all your previous PS3/360/PC released of Need for speed games, I truly do .
Posted 23:50 on 19 January 2014

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