UPDATE: It's here. Take a look at it above.

ORIGINAL REPORT: The first trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight will release at 4pm GMT today, it's been revealed. At the time of writing, that's a little under half hour away.

Batman: Arkham Knight was leaked by UK retailer GAME earlier today and sees Batman take to his Batmobile in an "explosive finale" to the Arkham quadrilogy.

For more details, head through here.

Source: gameinformer.com

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Neon-Soldier32@ Bloodstorm

Conroy is voicing Batman.
Posted 07:57 on 05 March 2014


Its strange, I feel no Hype at all and I couldn't care less when it comes out. And that after watching a really, really good Trailer and Rocksteady is doing again and stuff. But I don't know.

After Origins and that hole "we don't fix it because we can't ask Money for Patches" I don't really want a new Batman Game.
And yeah, I know, thats not Rocksteadys fault. But its still the same Publisher wispering evil Things while sitting on the shoulder.

Anyway, that says more about me then about the Game. Looks good and all, I guess I just have become very carefull lately, that hole Videogame-Industrie has made me a very pessimistic and cynical Person over the last Years.
I really wasn't always like that.
Posted 20:52 on 04 March 2014

Cellemir@ Bloodstorm

Back when it was revealed that Conroy would not be in Arkham Origins, he said on twitter that he was working on a "new Arkham Game coming soon, not Arkham Origins coming this fall.” So unless there is another unannounced Arkham game, it must be this one. May be using fan logic here.
Posted 19:20 on 04 March 2014
Bloodstorm's Avatar

Bloodstorm@ Lalaland

Please don't, my heart can't take the idea.
Posted 18:27 on 04 March 2014
SPACED73's Avatar


That's a pretty awesome trailer
Posted 17:01 on 04 March 2014
Lalaland's Avatar

Lalaland@ Bloodstorm

Yes Conroy is the man! Film wise though I've always preferred Keaton, it's defo not him but what if...
Posted 16:35 on 04 March 2014

Grammartron@ Bloodstorm

Yeah me too. Origins guy was a fairly good impersonator, but nothing on Conroy.
Posted 16:32 on 04 March 2014
Bloodstorm's Avatar


No one is asking WHO is voicing Batman though, i hope it's Kevin Conroy.
Posted 16:27 on 04 March 2014


An incredible trailer. Something to truly be excited for!
Posted 16:20 on 04 March 2014

yellowsapphire@ Lalaland

Yes, we - the viewers - need that video in our lives! :D

I know what you mean, Jesus_Phish, but I'll be happy to take it if they keep the original voice actors the same. It's nice that a good few have stuck around from the Animated Series days.
Posted 16:17 on 04 March 2014
Jesus_Phish's Avatar


I can't wait for this game. Some of the characters look a bit "off" though in their new higher def versions. The face on Harley Quinn looks totally different and Penguin looks a bit off too.
Posted 16:12 on 04 March 2014


YUSSSSSSSSS. Batmobile. Batman. Bat-things.

Sounds like Scarecrow at the beginning too. Fantastic.
Posted 16:02 on 04 March 2014
Lalaland's Avatar


I demand VG film Simon Millers first look at the trailer, that much beef going "squee!" has to be seen ;D
Posted 15:44 on 04 March 2014

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