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Take control of your WWE career in a bigger, badder and better WWE universe.

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WWE '12 screenshot
WWE '12 screenshot

"Bigger. Badder. Better." So proclaims the text stamped on the back of the box for this year's WWE instalment from Yukes and THQ. It's a catchy enough tagline, designed no doubt to promote the game's merits in the same way the WWE would draw attention to, say, one of its new superstars or a pay-per-view event. As evidenced in recent previews, at least one of these self-bestowed accolades is absolutely true: WWE 12 is certainly bigger, and players can expect a veritable feast of content shortly after they boot up the game.

The creative and customisation options available to the player are massive. Yuke's has really pulled out all the stops for its Creation mode in the game, offering players all the fanservice they could possibly want. The array of options in just the Superstar creation is huge; players can tinker with practically everything including their physical appearance, ring-attire, gender, move-set, special abilities and attribute powers. They can choose how crowds react to their star, design their fan's signs, create their own finishing manoeuvres and even put together their own entrance video. They can even design their own PPV events, arenas, rings, storylines and highlight reels for each of their wrestlers. Then there's the option of sharing it with WWE 12's online community, as well as downloading any wrestlers created by other players that take one's fancy.

This, by the way, is all before players decide whether they'd like to tinker with the game's huge roster, alter any of its environments and delve into the WWE Universe, which is essentially a never-ending stream of match-cards. Players can battle through a list of WWE shows in varying match-types without having to sit through lengthy cut-scenes, which are dotted all the way through the single-player mode. There's also an online mode, which unfortunately, given the fact the game isn't released yet, I couldn't explore to its full potential. I can, however, report, that in about half of the online bouts I fought in, the gameplay was hampered by horrible lag and the latency between my input on the control pad and my wrestler's actions. Hopefully this is something Yuke's and THQ will have a look at before launch; if the lag is this bad when only two players are involved, I shudder to think what a Royal Rumble will look like.

Of course, all of this content depends on decent gameplay to back it up. Much has been made of WWE 12's Predator Technology, which, by all accounts allows for more fluid control, realistic collisions and special moves no longer automatically warping wrestlers into the middle of the ring. In practice, what it means is that the game has moved away from the thumbstick grappling system and returned to the face buttons with (on the Xbox 360 version tested) A initiating grapples and B for Irish whips. Y is mapped to signature moves and finishers, and in a new addition, it also occasionally offers players a massive second wind, allowing them to come back from an extended battering.

Players are also able to target specific parts of their opponents' bodies, which comes in handy when the time arrives to administer a submission move. Opponents begin favouring parts of their body when the damage they've absorbed has ripened them up for a figure-four leglock or sleeperhold. There are one or two hiccups in the control system; for example, tagging a teammate and mounting the turnbuckle are both mapped to a shoulder button, which means that sometimes attempting a tag can leave a player open to being hurled into the ring by the AI. On the whole, though, there aren't too many control features that fall into the deal-breaker category.

No, the real deal-breaker is wrapped up in the game's hideous counter system. At certain instances in any match, the player is likely to be on the wrong end of a confrontation and they'll have the opportunity to block a punch or reverse a grapple. An RT or A-button prompt will appear over their wrestler's head, signalling the instances where they're able to do this. They have a split-second to respond to this prompt, otherwise their wrestler will continue to be tied in knots by their opponent. Oh, and counters require laser-guided accuracy from the player in terms of their timing. Button-mashing the A and RT buttons doesn't help in the slightest – believe me, I've tried it!

In fact, it's hard to impress how horribly the counter mechanic impacts on the game without the benefit of colourful swear words. This is because, by and large, it leaves the player at the mercy of the AI, whose difficulty oscillates between completely brainless and utterly lethal. I lost count of the number of times I hammered an opponent to the point of submission, only to have them reverse my wrestler's signature move as I prepared to deliver the coup de grace. Because I don't have the reflexes required to pluck flies out the air with chopsticks, I then had to watch with my frustration mounting, as my opponent – who don't forget, was on the ropes a second earlier – administered a brutal and thorough beating.

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annacrasto's Avatar


keeping my fingers crossed for this event, i will definetely go and watch this. i am a huge fan of wwe.

wwe tickets
Posted 17:42 on 28 December 2011
Wido's Avatar


I think VG has put boots to asses to WWE 12. ;)
Posted 09:36 on 18 December 2011
Exnor's Avatar


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Posted 01:40 on 17 December 2011

Neon-Soldier32@ AirJohnson

Here's a summary of the above post: I wanted WWE to get a high score and since VG didn't, I'm going to cry about it and post how the reviewer is a moron. I hate to tell you, but Game Informer's reviewer is an even bigger button masher, giving the game a score of 55.

Oh, nice seeing you on Youtube btw;

YouTube Video
Posted 07:35 on 24 November 2011
AirJohnson's Avatar


Here's a summary of the above review: I can't time the reversals, I even tried button mashing. This game sucks.
Posted 07:06 on 24 November 2011
altaranga's Avatar

altaranga@ IndoorHeroes

Johnny 5 is alive!!
Posted 21:51 on 22 November 2011
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Good review.

Although the end made me chuckle...

"...strip out the game's flaws, and tinker some more with the gameplay, it could create a game that would certainly live up to the accolades on its packaging."

That is a proper lolz conclusion - "Yeah, basically get rid of the ***** bits and improve the gameplay and it could be good!"
Posted 21:42 on 22 November 2011
Daggerdean's Avatar


OK So i get that the campaign isnt up to scratch, even though ive heard other reviewers say they loved it... and it does suck that the difficulty cant be tweek'd in it... but who cares? i'll have it done in a week, universe mode is where its at and where all the customizable options come together to show off what the game can really do. I dont know about anyone else but im done buyng games for campaigns its a waste of money! longevity's wheres its at and universe 2.0 does exactly that, anyways the counter system is fine outside of RTWM :S
Posted 19:55 on 22 November 2011
Daggerdean's Avatar


Posted 19:48 on 22 November 2011

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WWE '12
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WWE '12
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