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Sequel to Insomniac Games' alien invasion FPS.

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Resistance 2 is a solid FPS but it's flawed in number of key areas
Resistance 2 is a solid FPS but it's flawed in number of key areas

Resistance 2 is a solid FPS but it's flawed in number of key areas

Insomniac is an incredibly talented development studio, responsible for one of the PS3's best games in the form of Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, but developing the PS3's premier FPS is something else entirely. With the console war more heated than ever before certain games are held up as talismans - a reason to buy one console over another - and Sony simply hasn't had an FPS to compete with the might of Microsoft's Halo. It tried first with Killzone on the PS2 and failed, and now Resistance flies the flag for the PS3. Although the original game proved to be a stellar launch title, is the sequel the system seller FPS Sony needs?

This sequel picks up where the last game ended, with hero Nathan Hale an exhausted, almost beaten figure of a man. The alien race known as the Chimera, which focussed its assault on the UK in the first game, is this time attacking the East and West coast of the US, so it's up to you as Hale and a special Sentinel task force to stop them. Things are hard enough, but Hale is also always having to contend with the Chimeran virus that gradually takes hold of him throughout the campaign. Once again the alternate reality history means that the world in the 1950s is very different to how it actually was, with more advanced weapons and technology at your disposal.

One of the key differences to the original is the diversity of the campaign levels, with Hale being taken to all manner of locations, from run down cities to swamps and alien space ships. This has allowed Insomniac to move away from the many hues of brown that more or less defined the original. Diversity is good, but Resistance 2 struggles to tie everything together, with the campaign feeling quite disjointed. The storyline in the original failed to make too much of an impact on us, mainly due to the lead character's lack of likeability. Insomniac has worked on making Hale a more rounded character (who actually speaks this time), but even after two games we struggled to feel a connection to him as the hero.

This doesn't stop the core first-person gameplay being solid and from time to time quite exhilarating. The majority of fun stems from the weapons you'll get access to, with many old favourites returning (the homing bullet Bullseye and through wall shooting Auger being two of the best) alongside a load of excellent newcomers. Your own play style will determine which you prefer, but at times it's incredibly hard to decide which two you want to carry - sadly Insomniac has adopted a Halo-style two weapon approach. Our favourites of the newcomers include the superb Marksman, a long-range battle rifle; a brilliant Magnum revolver that allows you to detonate bullets on secondary fire; and the Wraith gattling gun, complete with shield on secondary fire. Top these off with some brilliant grenades and you've got an arsenal every FPS would be jealous of. Insomniac has always excelled at creating brilliant weapons and Resistance 2 is no exception.

Visually it's all over the place, with certain levels looking great and others rather poor.

Visually it's all over the place, with certain levels looking great and others rather poor.

This is all well and good, but good weapons need great levels and enemies, or they're useless. Resistance 2 has a bit of both, but isn't nearly consistent enough to take it into classic status. Enemies come thick and fast, are big and small, and generally behave intelligently - although from time to time they seem intent on killing you instead of the many team mates that stand in between. A few of of the large battles are great, but there are too many generic levels that could have come from any FPS of the last five years, and a number of cheap kill enemies that really serve no purpose other than to inject some unfair difficulty.

One new enemy, the Predator-like Chameleon, comes at you cloaked and makes the screen shake due to its heavy footsteps. This could have made for some brilliantly tense gameplay, with one or more of these beasts hunting you down, but what you get is a few moments where a handful come at you in turn, with you either shooting them dead in half a second or you being instantly killed. It's essentially a great enemy (although not exactly original), completely wasted. A water-based beast is equally strange, in that it will instantly kill you if you get near it, but you can't kill it. Even if you pump bullets into it while stood on dry land, just feet from it, it won't die.

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Kiroquai's Avatar


1) The site is based in the United Kingdom. A .com domain doesn't necessarily mean that the site is American.

2) Er... what on earth?

3) If you were being satirical, I apologise and bow down to your comic skills.
Posted 15:10 on 11 November 2008
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Another poor review from america, as soon as i see .com at the end of most review websites you automaticly know that a PS3 game will have a slagging, wouldn't supprise me if you didn't play the game. Enough of these xenophobic attacks just because the ps3 is from japan, sorry if another country creating something better than the richest company on the planet is so offensive to you. would be nice if we could have some honest reviews.
Posted 14:18 on 11 November 2008
HammersUK's Avatar


i don't won't to sound like a fanboy but come on. A 10 for gears 2 (its great but far from perfect), a 9 for banjo 3 (demo bored me to tears) a 10 for halo3 (witch also has a "dissapointing" camapign) 9 for viva pinata 2 (its hardly changed) a 9 for ninja gaiden 2 (its good but VERY flawed). But then only a 9 for LBP witch the 360 has nothing thats like it and a 9 for MGS4 witch to me is the game of 08 now and now only an 8 for resistance 2?

Don't get me wrong there not bad scores but things they complain about in those ps3 exclusives are also apparent in those 360 excluisives i named above. Gears 2 has slow matchmaking and 10 player lag while r2 doesn't lag at all with 60 player. I don't really want to say that they are bias but gets me wondering, would MGS4 have got a 10 if it was on the 360?
Posted 12:21 on 11 November 2008
ProjectPat's Avatar


Karlius what are you 12? Gears of war is a third person shooter. Resistance 2 is a first person shooter. This game is above and beyond the level of gears 2. Both are good games but you can't have a war with 5 vs 5. I'm sorry xbot fanboy but you will never play a 30 vs 30 match on p2p with lag.
Posted 01:32 on 11 November 2008
Epic!'s Avatar
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Epic game! (That word is what R2 and GoW2's maker have in common). That's all I need to waste here.
Posted 21:38 on 10 November 2008
Karlius's Avatar


As i stated a long time ago this is a poor mans Gears of War. It needs a lot more development i guess Epic has been creating this type of game for years and without the large amount of shooters out there i guess this would be a stand up game. Sadly we are swarmed with them and this just sinks into the background overshadowed by COD4, HALO 3, GEARS 1 + 2 and so on! The multiplayer is good but still this isn't a saving grace. Sorry PS3 fans you'll have to wait for your first great EXCLUSIVE shooter. Or just save your £40 - £50 and put it toward a 360 with Gears 2!
Posted 21:35 on 10 November 2008
hahahahahahaha's Avatar
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wow um. really? i mean seriously. really? has this guy even played the game? or did he just read reviews and pick the bad stuff out of it? the first levels suck until chicago? what? i personally loved blowing up the goliath and taking on swarms of grim in the dark. the utah level was garbage but the rest of the levels before chicago were great. and how could you give the gameplay an 8? um 60 people all gunning for each other. o yeah thats an 8. 8 people backed up against a wall with 100 chimera coming at you. thats an 8. the only thing about this game thats an 8 is the campaign. that wasn't perfect. i didnt like some of the bosses. they were scripted. i can see how you can take off for the non coop thing but still an 8? all i have to say about the graphics is 60 people. no lag. im getting more lag on my computer typing than i do on r2. and sound? how is that even a category? either way they just put 8 just because. and i love how EVERY PERSON IN THE WORLD admits that this is better than the first except this dumb ass
Posted 20:45 on 10 November 2008
WWII's Avatar
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you're telling me that the new Banjo game is better than R2? don't make me laugh... even the team xbox site rated Banjo with a 7.
Posted 20:25 on 10 November 2008
Wido's Avatar


Reasonable review for a reasonable game, as I'm still to get through Fall Of Man and I do like the first resistance. But the main thing what is going to carry this game onwards for the PS3 owners is the multiplayer as of the co-op and the 60 player online.

I shall be getting it after christmas as COD5 and Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe are my top 2 games before christmas and Banjo & Kazooie :)
Posted 19:35 on 10 November 2008
Blimp's Avatar
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Hey El-Dev have u not played it? it does have a "steroid fuelled sh*t talking american" called nathan hale, but what does that matter? its still enjoyable the only thing that really disappoints me is the lack of a coop campaign, something which i still cant believe they dont have!!
Posted 19:20 on 10 November 2008
El-Dev's Avatar


If only this game had a steroid fuelled sh*t talking american then it would have been an instant classic, still it looks pretty good. First one was decent if not inspiring.
Posted 18:11 on 10 November 2008
dav2612's Avatar


Will we ever get past reacting to the number at the end. It's all a personal opinion and as long as the reviewer justifies the score he/she gives then what is the issue?
Posted 16:49 on 10 November 2008
DethDevil PSN's Avatar
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DethDevil PSN

Videogamer at it again, So Brothers In Arms HH and Dark Sector are as good as this.I have GoW2 and This and Gears is better, R2 is no 8
Posted 15:15 on 10 November 2008

pblive@ vagos

Originally Posted by vagos
I liked the phrase "what is thought to be the most powerful console on the market" No matter what they write about it for 2 years now, they still think it's more powerfull. How can a console that is constantly second in comparison, is thought to be first?

Well, it may or may not be. The barriers are software based. It's like saying that a Ferrari is not as good as a Corvette when the Ferrari is driven by an old lady and the Corvette is driven by The Stig...

If we can get just one developer to get proficient enough on both platforms then we will be able to tell for sure.

The important thing is that owners of both machines are kept happy by the software they have available. It's not like there isn't room in the market for 3 consoles anyway, and unless one console has nothing to redeem itself, the only thing people have to worry about is if they've chosen the wrong console to suit them really.
Posted 14:55 on 10 November 2008


It's a review and therefore subjective.

Some reviews are giving this the same score as Gears 2, others...aren't. The only way you're going to find out is to try it yourself.
Posted 14:51 on 10 November 2008

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Resistance 2
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Resistance 2
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  • Some superb weapons
  • Visually inconsistent
  • Campaign varies wildly in quality
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