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The snow's melted and has left behind a host of new environments.

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Lost Planet 2 screenshot
Lost Planet 2 screenshot

I look back on Lost Planet quite fondly. I remember the great boss battles, the stunning visuals and the cool use of mechs. It's funny, though; at the time the fact that it was rock hard (unfairly so at points) had a terrible save system, a crap grappling hook and a cheesy plot were all enough to make me want to tear my hair out. So, has Capcom made significant changes to Lost Planet 2 in order to make it the quality third-person shooter it had the potential to be, or have the changes not been made in the right places? If you wanted co-op Lost Planet without the snow, you're in luck. If you wanted a more forgiving game, well, you better order some Rogaine now.

10 years have passed since the end of the first game, the planet E.D.N III has thawed, revealing a mixture of environments like we have on Earth: lush jungle, barren desert and stiff urban settlements. Rival human factions are battling against each other to get hold of Thermal Energy, and they'll all having to contend with the hulking great Akrid – an alien race of insect-like monsters that dwarf the puny men and women of the planet. The story, as in the original, is largely forgettable, but serves to bring together a series of separate episodes that form the campaign as a whole. All you really need to know is that you'll be shooting things, all the time.

By far the biggest change to the Lost Planet gameplay is addition of four-player co-op. This isn't a single-player game with the ability to play through with friends. It's a cooperative game that you can play through alone. It's an important distinction, as your experience with the game will vary wildly depending on how you play it. Alone, with three AI buddies helping, is decent fun, but every one of LP2's flaws seems magnified. With friends, where everyone is working together, using the tools the game gives you, the flaws are still present, but they become tolerable, letting the many great things shine through.

As before, you play as a human (well, numerous different humans, but they essentially play the same way) able to equip a range of high powered weapons and use a number of nifty Vital Suits (VSs). These are mechs by another name and provide you with more destructive power and the option to take flight. Generally you'll need to activate data posts scattered around each level and then progress through to the end of the area. There's nothing complicated about it, but with armies of trigger-happy enemies and rampaging Akrid all after your blood, you're going to die. And die. And die.

Lost Planet 2 screenshot

Gameplay is relatively slow compared to the lighting pace seen in the likes of Modern Warfare, but it's certainly still action packed. Disappointingly you'll be fighting off a lot of human enemies, who seem to spawn out of nowhere, when you'll really want to be blasting chunks out of the Akrid nasties. Encounters against human foes just don't have the impact of the battles against the disgusting aliens. Whether you're gunning down spiny creatures the size of horses or taking on a boss that's bigger than an aircraft carrier, these guys steal the show. They all have glowing weak spots, but unless you're careful your life will be drained in a few deadly strikes.

Life, and the preservation of it is a key component of LP2. Thermal Energy, collected by killing Akrid, human enemies and various explosive objects, can be used to recharge your health, by way of a new device known as the harmonizer. You can also give your allies some Thermal Energy if they're running low, use it to open up chests that contain better weapons and even power certain weapons – such as an excellent plasma rifle. This system works excellently, but the game's biggest problem arises from another new addition: the Battle Gauge.

The Battle Gauge is both a great idea and a bloody nuisance. By activating data posts you fill it up, and each time you die you can re-spawn so long as the gauge hasn't been depleted. Everyone on the team shares this gauge, and initially it works very well. The re-spawning system is essential for a co-op game like this, but it's what happens when you can't re-spawn any more that makes for the ultimate hair-pulling moment. LP2 is split into episodes, which are split into chapters, which are in turn split into missions. The game only saves when you complete a chapter. So, if for example, you've just battled through a few missions, only to die and have no battle gauge juice left, instead of starting that mission again, it's back to the start of the chapter for you. The original game had a quite archaic save system, and this is no better, despite the clear attempt to make something quite new and fresh. Quite why you're not simply returned to the start of the mission is beyond me and will be a reason many gamers simply give up after repeated tries to get through the same few missions end in failure.

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User Comments

draytone's Avatar


Posted 08:20 on 03 June 2010
guyderman's Avatar


I was looking forward to this game A LOT! - can't believe that the SP is reported as being so poor - I'm anti social and often have to play strange hours with limited time so I don't like to have to depend on other people playing a game in order to play it. Capcom should be shot for allowing this too happen - Co-op should be an additional feature not the leading way to play a game - Christ even L4D can be played SP and still be enjoyable!
Posted 12:41 on 14 May 2010
TomO's Avatar

TomO@ Ghost_Dog

We got it on both platforms actually. I don't know which platform, if any, was the lead. Both look similar to my eyes.
Posted 17:45 on 06 May 2010
dudester's Avatar


Wasn't fan of the 1st not seeing anything to make want to play the second.
Posted 17:41 on 06 May 2010
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ Ghost_Dog

Probably not.

Watched the preview video of this when it went up and it didn't really look that good. Will be staying clear of this.
Posted 17:07 on 06 May 2010
Ghost_Dog's Avatar


Lower than I expected. Thought this would be an 8 or 9.

Might pick this up when the price goes down.

As the review code was for the PS3 version, was it the lead platform?
Posted 13:53 on 06 May 2010
Karlius's Avatar


I lol'd at a recent SMS suggesting VG had sh!t the bed or something lately as they have two reviews out before release date. I found it funny.
Posted 11:53 on 06 May 2010
eotscott's Avatar


id want this for the co-op factor :P agree with karlius though get it when it is cheap after reading this review
Posted 09:46 on 06 May 2010
Karlius's Avatar


Oooo was waiting on reviews before committing to this i'll pick it up but when it gets to the v.cheap stage. If all reviews match this then maybe sometime in 2 weeks after release when it's sold for £15.
Posted 09:23 on 06 May 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


God I'm sick of this advertisement.
It's not even optional, it auto pops up, so annoying.
I wasn't going to buy this game anyway, but that damn ad put me off even more.
Posted 08:32 on 06 May 2010

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Lost Planet 2
Out of 10
Lost Planet 2
  • Incredible boss fights
  • Good 4-player co-op
  • Battle Gauge system is flawed
  • On your own it's not great
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