Blue Toad Murder Files for PS3

On: PS3
Blue Toad Murder Files

As one of the famous Blue Toad detectives you solve puzzles, interrogate suspects, use your powers of observation and investigate clues to uncover the strange goings on in this quaint and sleepy village. Score:


Our Verdict: While Blue Toad's first two episodes won't keep you entertained for long, they're both good fun for all the family.

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xboxlive's Avatar

Aint been play that much xbox 360 this week due to the sunny days and my xbl getting cut off.

Blue Toad Episode 3 to be free in Article Comments

Neon-Soldier32's Avatar

I think that this is a good piece of marketing, I presume that they are doing this because Blue Toad wasn't recieved that well, so this is a good way to boost sales.

Blue Toad Murder Files Review in Article Comments

strickers66's Avatar

Bought the first one but haven't played it yet.Got Pixeljunk Shooter at the same time(which is great).As for value,9 hours for 36 quid is not that bad by todays standards providing it has a good...

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Release Date: 17/12/2009
Developer: Relentless Software
Genre: Adventure
Rating: PEGI 12+
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