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Battlefield 3 screenshot

EA is at war. Everybody knows this, of course, as an unrelenting year of hype and a multi-squillion marketing budget has made sure of that.

Like all wars, it's the people caught in the crossfire who suffer most - and in this instance that's the player. Battlefield 3 is often a giddying experience, but as an overall package it's marred by an insistence on some very unsavoury additions. Instead of focusing on what makes Battlefield such an iconic experience and refining it further, DICE became obsessed with its pursuit of Call of Duty and devoted time and resources into an unsatisfying campaign, the frankly needless addition of team deathmatch, and a woeful co-op mode.

It should tell you all you need to know that DICE has titled the multiplayer DVD as disc one. This is with good reason, as when you hit your stride in multiplayer Battlefield 3 is simply phenomenal - it's an incredibly satisfying experience unlike anything else on the market, and in these wonderful moments of bliss the game's myriad problems simply fade away. The requirements for this giddy happiness might be too high for many, however, as I would say you need at least a full squad of you and three other friends to really get the most out of your time.

There is also the rigmarole of a lengthy initiation process players will have to endure. Your basic equipment lacks any attachments, and you'll need to be playing for a few hours before you're able to properly customise your loadout in any meaningful way. The breadcrumb trail is widely spaced, and while there is plenty to unlock across the game's four classes you'll have to invest plenty of time to get access to it all.

You'll find yourself, for the most part, fighting at longer ranges than Bad Company 2 or Call of Duty, meaning bullets have to be fired in the most precise bursts seen since Counter-Strike, and a basic scope will be an absolute necessity for many. The weapons themselves have a fierce kick, wide bullet spread, and the game takes a good long while to look down the sights of your rifles.

Four classes are offered to accommodate a variety of tactical styles, with Battlefield 3's most significant roster change coming from its decision to blend the Medic's resuscitating abilities into the aggressive Assault class - which makes perfect sense, seeing as the Medic in Bad Company 2 was a frontline killing machine.

Also making a return from Battlefield 2 is the Support class, who lugs a machine gun and can be absolutely devastating when used to disrupt cheeky snipers and suppress enemies behind cover. This new mechanic causes the screen of players to blur when exposed to nearby fire, which can completely disrupt both attacking and defending teams when used in combination with a competent flanking force.

Combine this with the laser sight and flashlight attachments, which can be used to completely blind players - including your own team - at close range. A pair of charging attackers can obliterate an encamped group of defenders with judicious use of these attachments.

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User Comments

InvalidUser's Avatar


If COD is the "Industry Standard" Gaston this has equaled it in SP and in MP left it for dust.

No comparison. Pfft 8/10
Posted 16:59 on 30 October 2011
draytone's Avatar


Dude, nothing is worth standing about in the freezing cold at midnight for. Pre-order? ShopTo? You could have been playing it today!
Posted 09:42 on 28 October 2011
Batmamerc's Avatar


Disapointed in this review as it doesn't match the score that goes with it, all the way through the review was negative except for the multiplayer, so Is it a multiplayer game with single player bolted on or vice versa. I expected multiplayer to be the main focus as that's the only way to beat cod. But is it a worse campaign than cods cos if it is that's bad news as cods are not exactly great. I was planning on going to the midnight launch for this but now I'm getting second thoughts on wether to buy it all. So is it worth the late night and £40ish or shall I wait till after cod wen it's gone down?
Posted 20:49 on 27 October 2011
draytone's Avatar


Strange how Blacks Ops got a 9. I think its the weakest COD yet.
Posted 10:33 on 27 October 2011
clangod's Avatar


Just received my PS3 copy in the mail. 226mb update and installing now. Took no time at all.

Sucks that I have to work today though...
Posted 01:11 on 27 October 2011
altaranga's Avatar


An excellent review Martin "Rising Star" Gaston. Given how much time I sank into BFBC2's online mode it looks sounds like this game is a winner for me, despite your damning of their campaign mode.
Posted 23:12 on 26 October 2011
p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Call Of Duty: Black Ops Gets a 9, Battlefield 3 gets a 8. Conclusion: COD is better than Battlefield! :p

Haha but no seriously good in depth review Martin. Enjoyed hearing your opinion, as always.
Posted 22:55 on 26 October 2011
Wido's Avatar


Good review Martin, nice read which I enjoyed. I think I will get this come Friday, simply because of the multiplayer aspect. I did however liked the story in both BC1 & 2, but then it's me, who also likes Judge Dredd on the Megadrive, which the staff (ages ago now) hated it. :laugh:

Made my decision on getting BF3 after reading this. It's one of them games that I will like to play when I cannot be bothered to play anything else.
Posted 20:03 on 26 October 2011
dudester's Avatar


If you get a review copy will the pc version be reviewed separately?

Also longing it out for that Martin really? :D Nice review even tho battlefield won't be something I will be picking up anytime soon.
Posted 14:29 on 26 October 2011


How people will react to this review:


A good review though, Martin.

A similar question to what I asked on the U3 review; if it didn't have single player / co op would it have been a higher score? How could DICE have improved the mp is the sp and co op weren't in this package? Finally, is BF's mp better than previous MPs offered by CoD?
Posted 14:04 on 26 October 2011
MrGloomy's Avatar


I find most 'modern warfare military shooter single player campaigns' (what a mouth full) a bit dull and repetitive anyway. I've enjoyed both MW1 and 2's campaigns and Bad Company's single player campaigns, but they have never stand out for me to play them more than once. MP is my main interest so your review sums it up perfectly as far as I'm concerned.
Posted 12:49 on 26 October 2011


Excellent review Martin. Worth waiting for (heheh).

I only tend to get Battlefield for multiplayer anyway, so it sounds perfect for me.
Posted 10:51 on 26 October 2011
dazzadavie's Avatar


Great review Martin

What I expected really SP was always going to be hit or miss. Most buy BF games for the online, The battlefield moments that only comes with that game.
Can't wait to jump online and master the choppers.

Martin do you think if the game followed the core BF titles and was just MP would of it gotten a better score, or a worst one?
Posted 10:39 on 26 October 2011
InvalidUser's Avatar


The previous caller sums it up far better than me.

"Battlefield 3 isn't quite the Call of Duty killer many were wanting, then, and it's especially jarring to view EA's 'above and beyond the call' marketing brouhaha in light of the fact Battlefield 3 falls to its most damning lows when it's trying hardest to compete with the latter."

Summed up nicely mission complete Gaston roll on the weekend can't wait.
Posted 10:37 on 26 October 2011

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